EdsFM – Bodø/Glimt – Seasøn 6: Abøve & Beyønd

Welcome back loyal Bodø fans. Season 6 is done and dusted, apart from the Champions League of course as that rolls over to Season 7 if I make the knockout stages…spoiler alert? This season was our best yet, 6 seasons in and we are still able to improve year and year which is just great, … Read more

EdsFM – Bodø/Glimt – FM Analysis – GRAPHIC CONTENT (Season 5)

I should start this blog by clarifying that the graphic content held within is, sadly for some, not images from my latest OnlyFans stream, rather they’re reference to some wonderful graphs kindly put together by @FMAnalysis – welcome to my real-life-but-not-because-it’s-FM-analysis blog. My last blog detailed how I’ve evolved and eased the restrictions I set … Read more

EdsFM – Bodø/Glimt – Easing Restrictiøns & Tactical Tweaks

If you haven’t quite noticed yet, I’m playing a lot of Football Manager. Please understand that I am sacrificing sleep to do so, not sacrificing time with my family (well, not all of it anyway). Addiction is a seductive mistress – it’s nearly 2am. I wanted to write something a little different than my usual … Read more

EdsFM – Bodø/Glimt – Season 4: A Summary, a Groan and a Loan

These blogs have been coming thick and fast in line with my sheer determination to sacrifice sleep in order to play FM – it is truly an addiction and I am unashamed. Yes, it’s another blog to summarise ANOTHER season played but there are a few differences this time around and I’ll muse towards the … Read more

EdsFM – Bodø/Glimt – Season 3 & The ABT

There comes a time, thankfully in every version of FM, where I’m so desperate to carry on my save that it can be somewhat all-consuming. I’m lucky to work from home during these strange times we live in, my setup is usually my work laptop sitting on my desk with my PC rigged up with … Read more