FM21 | Next match only

Do you consider tactical changes for just one match when you know you’re underdogs? Or you just have some feeling it won’t be your day? I’m the same, especially after the promotion to the top tier in my current save with GAIS. It’s not about the complete tactics overhaul in my case. I like to … Read more

FM21 & GAIS: The simple tricks and the promotion

It looks one month of a real-life is enough to finish the one season in the virtual world of the Football Manager 2021 for me. I recently ended the 2021 campaign with GAIS and we earned the promotion to the Swedish top tier at our second attempt. The game didn’t make it easy for me. … Read more

FM21 & GAIS: The first testing season

Predicted to finish at the 9th place, overachieved, finished third and lost in the promotion playoff against Helsingborgs IF. That’s probably the shortest summary of the first part of my save in Sweden with GAIS. It started in May 2020 so I didn’t play the domestic cup as the group stage is scheduled for the … Read more

FM21 & GAIS | Gre-No-Li

Gunnar Gren, Gunnar Nordahl and Nils Liedholm. Gre-No-Li. These three Swedish footballers are known mainly to two groups. Swedish and AC Milan football fans. This attacking trio was the main reason why Sweden won the Olympic tournament in London in 1948. They were also the reason why AC Milan fans like to remember the 1950’s. … Read more

FM21 | Göteborgs Atlet- & Idrottssällskap

There were a lot of possibilities where I would spend the main part of the Football Manager 2021 cycle. I considered almost all continents and a lot of nations, leagues and clubs during recent weeks. The final decision was made shortly after I wrote the post about Searching the right club in Football Manager. I … Read more