FM15: Ten Years with Spartans FC

When FM15 was released I needed to decide what type of save I will play. During FM14 times I played in Serbia for FK Žarkovo for more than fifteen years but I wanted to change location. I chose scottish club Spartans FC because they have „Sparta“ in their name.

The main goal of this save was to produce so many own players through own academy as we are capable. I played for ten years with the Spartans and below you will find where we come.

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FM15: How to defend corners

There are many ways how to defend corners. And this way I use in Football Manager 2015. Required attributes Players with top-rated attributes Marking, Anticipation, Concentration, Positioning, Jumping Reach and Strenght should be set as “Man markers”. From this group of players, you should select players with better aerial presence and instruct those man makers to … Read more