EdsFM – Bodø/Glimt – Seasøn 6: Abøve & Beyønd

Welcome back loyal Bodø fans. Season 6 is done and dusted, apart from the Champions League of course as that rolls over to Season 7 if I make the knockout stages…spoiler alert? This season was our best yet, 6 seasons in and we are still able to improve year and year which is just great, … Read more

EdsFM – Bodø/Glimt – FM Analysis – GRAPHIC CONTENT (Season 5)

I should start this blog by clarifying that the graphic content held within is, sadly for some, not images from my latest OnlyFans stream, rather they’re reference to some wonderful graphs kindly put together by @FMAnalysis – welcome to my real-life-but-not-because-it’s-FM-analysis blog. My last blog detailed how I’ve evolved and eased the restrictions I set … Read more

FM21 & GAIS: The first testing season

Predicted to finish at the 9th place, overachieved, finished third and lost in the promotion playoff against Helsingborgs IF. That’s probably the shortest summary of the first part of my save in Sweden with GAIS. It started in May 2020 so I didn’t play the domestic cup as the group stage is scheduled for the … Read more

Pros & Cons and thoughts about FM21

The beauty of the Football Manager (and other things as well) is that we all play the game differently. We all prefer different features and we all noticed the new/old/fixed/still bugged/newly bugged parts of the game in a different manner. Someone likes to go straight to some screens to check what is/not new or fixed. … Read more

FM21 | El Fortín | No Buenos Aires

Hello and welcome back to “El Fortin”, our journey as manager of Velez Sarsfield. After what seems like a long time between completing our last blog post we are back. Mainly thanks to a hectic period at work in the run up to Christmas my playing time was very limited and add to that I’ve … Read more