FM21 | My counter-corner ballad

There were times when I almost every second day shared the message starting “One for FMSamo klaxon” in the Football Manager Slack. It meant I scored a counter corner goal. It was really often and we enjoyed scoring these goals. It’s really great to see the simple counter with a rippling net at the end. … Read more

FM20 Short Throw-in

I wrote about the short throw-in routine several times in the past as it’s my favourite routine due to several reasons. And I tried to create the short routine in FM20 again. But it’s not easy due to some reasons and also due to a bug in the game. More below. Thanks to some circumstances … Read more

Far Post Free Kick in FM20

How I am trying to beat opponents thanks to the far post corner kicks, you already know. I would like to share also my far post free kick routines from my FM20 save with you. Mainly because my central defender was crazy in the Clausura 2025/2026 and scored a lot of goals. The better worded, … Read more

FM20 | Conceding from the Set Pieces

Conceding from the set pieces can be very frustrating. I know there are many people who don’t pay attention to set pieces and they let all the routines as default. I can’t do it. Even despite the fact I’m not happy how the set pieces and the set pieces editor/creator works in the game for … Read more

FM20 Far Post Corner | Tweaking the good old trick

FM20 Far Post Corner is here. The fifth season of my Football Manager 2020 save in Mexico is well underway and I failed again. I mean, I wanted to add make the most from set-pieces to the club culture/vision. But there was a not option to do it between the seasons. So, I decided I … Read more