EdsFM – Bodø/Glimt – Season 4: A Summary, a Groan and a Loan

These blogs have been coming thick and fast in line with my sheer determination to sacrifice sleep in order to play FM – it is truly an addiction and I am unashamed. Yes, it’s another blog to summarise ANOTHER season played but there are a few differences this time around and I’ll muse towards the … Read more

EdsFM – Bodø/Glimt – Season 3 & The ABT

There comes a time, thankfully in every version of FM, where I’m so desperate to carry on my save that it can be somewhat all-consuming. I’m lucky to work from home during these strange times we live in, my setup is usually my work laptop sitting on my desk with my PC rigged up with … Read more

FM21 & GAIS | Gre-No-Li

Gunnar Gren, Gunnar Nordahl and Nils Liedholm. Gre-No-Li. These three Swedish footballers are known mainly to two groups. Swedish and AC Milan football fans. This attacking trio was the main reason why Sweden won the Olympic tournament in London in 1948. They were also the reason why AC Milan fans like to remember the 1950’s. … Read more

Intro: A season with Leverkusen

With a broken laptop that won’t be fixed until later in December, I’ve managed to sweet talk my better half into letting me install FM21 on her laptop to keep my urge to play FM at bay. I’ve decided to manage Leverkusen for one season before I can get back to my Lille/Boavista/Mouscron multi-club network … Read more

FM21 | Göteborgs Atlet- & Idrottssällskap

There were a lot of possibilities where I would spend the main part of the Football Manager 2021 cycle. I considered almost all continents and a lot of nations, leagues and clubs during recent weeks. The final decision was made shortly after I wrote the post about Searching the right club in Football Manager. I … Read more