FM21 | El Fortín | Rickety or Rock Solid?

Introduction Welcome back to the blog! The first season of our FM21 save in Argentina has come to a close. What happened in Liniers during the 2020/21 season? Let’s take a look and find out. Tactics In my opening post, I talked briefly about the tactical style that I wanted to introduce to Velez Sarsfield … Read more

FM21 Beta | Avoiding the catastrophe

The beta version of the new FM edition is usually an ideal way to try the new things, get used to the new features (if there are some) and just play. And report the bugs, of course, if you are not lazy. My first idea was to play in Poland during the Beta version with … Read more

FM21 | El Fortín | Vélez Sarsfield

Choosing which team to manage in any iteration of the Football Manager series has never been easy for me. However, this year seemed an even more onerous task. Especially as I had to consider how much time I would realistically have to play, as not to end up in the situation where I never managed … Read more