My name is Ondrej but I use the pseudonym FM Rensie within the Football Manager universe. I’m 35 years old, I’m from the Czech Republic and I’m a father of two boys.

My CM/FM history is quite long, same as my community involvement, mainly within the Czech Republic until 2015. That was the year when I decided to start writing in English, in a different language than my native one. It helped me a lot during the last years in terms of writing and reading.

And most importantly, I can say I found a couple of great friends during these years despite we didn’t meet each other personally. That’s also one of the main reasons why I’m here at CoffeehouseFM. Because it’s a great place to be with friends who love the same thing.

You can find here my most recent posts as I didn’t move everything from my website – fmrensie.net is still available to visit and you can find here old things related to previous editions from FM15 to FM21. Including custom skins. If I will be able to make a new custom skin for some of the next editions, you will find it here.

You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.