Website update: On the way to CoffehouseFM

The regular readers of the Football Manager bloggers probably noticed that the website was born recently. Or better said, it was transformed from the FMGrasshopper website. This website came to its life after some time when a couple of people thought about it and talked about it between each other.

And I decided to be one of them. I decided to be part of this website and share the FM space and one site with the people I like to talk with for some time.

This is not the end of FMRensie. But from now, you will find my new blog posts at the new place.

The website will remain as it is. At least for some time.

You can still search through the website and find all the posts from FM15 to FM21. Same as the custom skins from the current FM21 version or previous versions down to FM17.

Same as you can find posts written by other authors as these posts remain alive. It all depends on how long I will keep the website active, that’s something I didn’t decide yet.

There are currently 340 published posts on the website, 242 posts are mine and the rest is by other authors.

All my new posts will be at COFFEEHOUSEFM.COM. I moved all posts from the FM21 save with GAIS here + several posts about set pieces, tactics and all the posts from the previous FM versions.

The ones I wrote as some kind of summary of the saves with Spartans FC, Akademisk Boldklub, Reading FC, BFC Siófok, CD Magallanes/Arsenal de Sarandi and Celaya FC. All saves that since I started writing in English back in 2015. I thought it’s a good idea to take them with me.

Thank you all for the time you ever spent with this website, I hope you find the way to the CoffeehouseFM and you will enjoy the posts of all of us. I’m happy I’m joining Tony and Matt right now. And some more great writers and friends will join too.


A Football Manager addict and lover for many years. You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.

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