EdsFM – Bodø/Glimt – Seasøn 6: Abøve & Beyønd

Welcome back loyal Bodø fans. Season 6 is done and dusted, apart from the Champions League of course as that rolls over to Season 7 if I make the knockout stages…spoiler alert?

This season was our best yet, 6 seasons in and we are still able to improve year and year which is just great, even with a squad that is 95% Norwegian, something I am quite proud of and I’m still very much enjoying the journey.

In this blog I’m doing something a little different again; I haven’t really gone into much detail of my squad year on year but I thought I’d do a little reflection on how the key men performed throughout this season in the form of a lovely ‘Player Ratings’ section.

Before we get there though let’s wrap up all the key goings on in Season 6 (2025).

Pre-Season Incomings

I thought I’d touch on the signings we made before the season started, just the two and I care far more about one of them than the other and no doubt you can tell which from the images below:

Despite his name, Dmitry Shilov is indeed Norwegian, born in Oslo to Russian parents I believe, he was brought in to provide backup and a rotation option to my centre back position primarily but he could also fill in at MC if I really needed him to.

Sandhåland was one of those players where when I first saw him I knew I had to have him. He came through Molde’s academy & was their first choice keeper at 16! He kept 20 clean sheets in 47 games for them before I splashed a huge £6.25m on him. Money well spent.

No major outgoings ahead of the new season was a welcome relief after receiving over £50m in fees last season, I felt like we would really kick on, it was one of those feelings in FM where the planets have aligned for a short time and you’ve just gotta run with it.


Domestically things went rather well.

Say no more

This season really does feel like nothing and no one would get in our way in the league and we cantered to another record-breaking year. At one stage we were averaging 4 goals a game but it was defensively that we were just phenomenal.

The greatest outlier

We are by far and away the best defensive setup in Norway and it’s to be expected over these years of progression and the players we now have at our disposal, long may this continue.

I know many an FMer loves a run of clean sheets and I’m no different. I don’t see why we can’t perform similar to this for years to come.

We ended up going 42 games unbeaten in all competitions before we succumbed to a defeat in the Champions League group stages. A fantastic effort.

European Competition

As I’ve mentioned before I’m desperate, at some stage, to get my hands on some European silverware…somehow. We kick off Season 6 by playing the Europa knockouts from Season 5, I hope you understand this by now.

Alas it wasn’t to be

Vitesse at home was infuriating, they had 4 Chelsea wonderkids on loan of course and almost won the game before ABT dug us out of a hole with a last minute equaliser. I switched up to my ‘away’ tactic in Vitesse and after being frustrated for an hour we powered home with an impressive 3-0 win.

Arsenal at home was quite simply, glorious. Zinedine Zidane was taking charge of his first game as manager and we were absolutely superb, scoring some incredible goals with Christensen the pick of the 4.


Unfortunately away from home we were pummelled and could never get into the game. After giving ourselves a great chance with the first leg victory I was a little disappointed to go out in such a manner, despite the quality of the opposition. But it just wasn’t to be.

A few months to dust ourselves down and we look ahead to another Champions League campaign, we breezed through to the groups after qualifying wins vs Malmö, Ludogorets & FK Astana and so into the hat for the group stages…but as 3rd seeds for the first time!

Another sign of progress. We were drawn alongside Barcelona, AC Milan & Dinamo Zagreb. I was confident of getting 3rd place and another run in the Europa League, but my squad had other plans.

A truly Herculean effort this season. 3-1 win at home to Barcelona followed by a 2-1 win in the San Siro. Just incredible. Both games we owed a huge debt to our new wonder goalkeeper Sandhåland.

We then somehow shipped two goals in Zagreb, bravely lost in Barcelona despite taking an early lead meaning that we had to avoid defeat against Milan to qualify for the latter stages. As you can see we went one further and outplayed Milan at home notching a fantastic 3-0 win to see us top the group. Super chuffed.

We’ve been rewarded with a knockout tie v Inter Milan. We know how to win at the San Siro but can we repeat the heroics of the group stages? We’ll find out in the next blog.

Any Other Business

Norway’s ‘mid-season’ transfer window opens in August and it was hectic as far as bids are concerned. I was messaging in my slack channel how we were inundated with bids, a lot of them derisory, a lot of them crazy.

Chinese clubs must love a Norwegian. The main focus of speculation was our very own wonderkid Pål Arne Valla. I had no interest in selling but I’ve tried to maintain some realism when accepting/rejecting bids in this save.

I’ve got to the stage where I don’t need the money and so, unless I’m standing in the way of a players dream move I’m going to be more likely to reject bids or ask for a lot more money. It felt like an auction at times and in the end it was actually Standard Liege who offered as jaw-dropping £40m for him.

I had already rejected bids of £30m, £32m & £35m from Chinese clubs but as this was Europe and the fact I’d managed to negotiate a 50% sell on clause I couldn’t turn this bid down.

Alas, he’s Bodø through and through. He bleeds yellow and he turned them down to stay with us. His home. I love him like a søn.

However, because I thought he may leave I bought a contingency player…

Norwegians & South Americans are a good mix

Finally, before you get to those delicious player ratings that you’ve no doubt forgotten about by now we made further progress with our stadium, plans are afoot for the 4th expansion in 3 years.

15k+ – that’s more like it

Now I’ll leave you to sift through our squad and how I rated them in our historic, invincible season.

Player Ratings

Bjorne Sandhåland

Appearances: 50
Conceded: 21
Clean Sheets: 35
Average Rating: 7.23

Rating out of 10:


An ever present in all competitions. Sandhåland truly lived up to his ‘Wonderkid’ description this season. Just look at him. A phenomenal goalkeeper. Was gargantuan in the CL group stages with huge performances in the wins v Barca & Milan. Hope he never leaves.

Simon Jørgensen
Right Back

Appearances: 27
Assists: 3
Average Rating: 7.29

Rating out of 10:


Utilised as a FB(D) Jørgensen performed his role admirably. Technically a lot to improve on but otherwise he’s a great prospect.
Henrik Heggheim
Central Defender

Appearances: 35 (1)
Goals: 3
Average Rating: 7.33

Rating out of 10:


At the beginning of the season I never thought that Heggheim would oust Peter Bodo is a first choice centre back but he was so consistent all season long. We conceded only 8 goals in the league this season & he played a key part. Unruffled at the back and used as a CD(C) his pace is very welcome when operating a high line.

Bairon Tolosa
Centre Back

Appearances: 32
Goals: 3
Average rating: 7.33

Rating out of 10:


Bairon has adapted to the freezing arctic like a duck to water. Still only 19 & already a cracking centre back. I don’t recall him ever losing a header and you can see why. A no-nonsense, aggressive South American.
Fredrik André Bjørkan
Left Back

Appearances: 35
Assists: 10
Average Rating: 7.30

Rating out of 10:


Six seasons in and I have a fondness for the Bodø players who have been with me since day 1. In seasons gone by I’ve often been frustrated by Fredrik but this season he was far more consistent and solid. Used as a CWB(A) he arguably doesn’t get as much assists as I’d like but roughly 1 in 3 isn’t bad. Often the subject of numerous bids I wonder how long he will stay…

Patrick Berg
Midfielder (DLP-D)

Appearances: 38
Goals: 8
Assists: 3
Key Passes: 101
Pass Attempts: 3113
Tackles Won: 104
Average Rating: 7.32

Rating out of 10:


The man, the myth, the legend. Berg joined his relatives as a club legend this season having now notched 234 games for the club. He’s the heartbeat of the side and everything goes through him. His mentals and natural fitness are glorious. Easily one of my favourite players each season he’s a joy to watch in the build-up. I hope he retires with us.
Pål Arne Valla
Midfielder (CM-S/SS)

Appearances: 39(1)
Goals: 16
Assists: 10
Average Rating: 7.33

Rating out of 10:


Bodø born and bred. A wonderkid from the academy. I just love this guy. He rejected a £40m move to Standard Liege & I’m so glad he did but I’ll no doubt not be able to hold him for long. 16 goals and 10 assists is a fantastic return from CM-S (primarily) and nearly all of his goals of a very high standard. Never leave me my son.

Sebastian Tounekti
Forward (AMR/L)

Appearances: 32(6)
Goals: 6
Assists: 22
Key Passes: 128
Average Rating: 7.46

Rating out of 10:


This guy surprises me year after year and this season he was just brilliant. 22 assists, all from open play he is a creative monster despite mostly playing as a winger from AMR. His versatility is so useful and he always performs above my expectations. He’s the subject of a lot of interest each window so may be another of the original cast who has a future elsewhere.
Odin Thiago Holm
Forward (SS)

Appearances: 34(6)
Goals: 10
Assists: 6
Average Rating: 7.02

Rating out of 10:


ODT was primarily my first choice Shadow Striker and did a solid, if unspectacular job. A solid return as far as goals and assists are concerned yet a position we may need an upgrade in to take us to the next level. Against stronger opposition he would play as a CM(A) and regularly struggled. His versatility is valuable however & I see his future as a rotation option at AML as an IW(A).

Tobias Christensen
Forward (AML)

Appearances: 37(2)
Goals: 21
Assists: 19
Key Passes: 144
Average Rating: 7.43

Rating out of 10


Tobias was incredible this season and it shows in his goal involvements averaging more than 1 per game. He made the IW(A) role his own from AML and was fantastic to watch. Most key passes in the team. Further distance covered (495km) he’s had a season the likes I doubt I’ll see again.
Stiven Gonçalves

Appearances: 33(4)
Goals: 40
Assists: 4
Average Rating: 7.61

Rating out of 10:


This season was the first that ABT hadn’t been the main man up top for a long time, part of me was a little sentimental at first but bloody hell, this fella is a definite upgrade. Domestically we’re always going to score a lot of goals but he returned 19 goals in 11 appearances in the Champions League. A big game player for sure. 40 goals in 33 starts tells you everything you need to know.

The above players make up our strongest XI but of course, every good team needs their squad players and we are no different. Below are those very much worthy of a mention.

Marius Lode
Defender (RB)

Appearances: 25(2)
Assists: 2
Average Rating: 7.20

Rating out of 10:


I like my right full back to be defensive and Lode is the perfect backup, also able to play at centre back he notched 25 starts showing just how important he still is. I’ll need to upgrade in this position soon but I still think I can get a few more years out of him yet. 184 appearances for Bodø and we no doubt pass 200 next season. A fantastic servant.

Dmitry Shilov
Defender (I think)

Appearances: 19(7)
Average Rating: 7.12

Rating out of 10:


The Oslo born, half Russian was a very solid backup at central defence this season. His positional familiarity is intriguing but I don’t see him playing any other role other than central defence for us. Brave & determined it’s great to be able to trust him when called upon.
Kent Malic Swaleh
Foward (AMR)

Appearances: 18(16)
Goals: 11
Assists: 13
Average Rating: 7.39

Rating out of 10:


Kent has been at Bodø since the beginning. He played 3 games in my first season before spending the last 4 seasons on loan. He’s developed well and deserved a chance in the first team squad this season and he was brilliant when he played. 24 goal involvements in 18 starts is a fantastic return and he crossing ability is noticeable in this match engine.

Syver Aas
Midfielder (CM/DLP)

Appearances: 13(29)
Goals: 5
Assists: 5
Average Rating: 6.95

Rating out of 10:


Our central midfield utility man Syver was the most used substitute this season. He was solid when replacing Berg or Arne Valla and scored a few scorchers. Average rating mostly lowered due to the large number of substitute performances no doubt. I hope he can kick on next season.
Albert Braut Tjåland

Appearances: 16(23)
Goals: 25
Assists: 7
Average Rating: 7.24

Rating out of 10:


Last but not least is the wonderful ABT. Progression has very much stalled but he remains a lethal frontman in Norway and you couldn’t ask for a better rotation option up top. He still bangs them in when called upon and achieved his first cap for Norway this season.

So there you have it. Another season goes by in my FM world in Northern Norway. It’s full steam ahead for Season 7.

Can we hold onto our stars in the January? What if Monaco bid £25m for Stiven Gonçalves? What if he’ll get pissed if I reject it? What do I do now I’ve sold him?

We’ll start Season 7 without our star striker. Can ABT come back and be our number 1? Can I replace my Stiven? I suppose we’ll all find out soon enough.

Until next time!


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  1. Hello, Ed. This save has been so inspiring to me. I’ve started a Genk career and hope to emulate a lot of the things you have done, especially the transfer policy.
    PS: I have a question about the number of countries that you selected to this save. How many did you select?

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