FM21 Rensie Purple & Dark skins

I started making the custom skin(s) for the Football Manager 2021 edition already during the autumn 2020 when I prepared a few things in the previous edition. Some of them didn’t work and I had to delete them. The other things works well, I only had to edit small things. But as the new Football Manager edition was released in the late November, it took some time to edit everything together with the new extracted default skins. The FM21 Rensie Purple & Dark skins are now out.

I decided to take make both Purple and Dark version again. The skin settings are from the Base skins made by michaeltmurrayuk who returned to the SI Forum.

That means both skins have the background support thanks to Michael and you can use the player/club/competitions etc. background images. Just reduce/increase the opacity, as you can see how to do it here.

Before many of you will ask, yes, the skin contains the Instant Result button. It’s here despite I’m not using it and I will take it out of my personal skin. But it’s easier to add it here rather than to face all the questions about it.

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The main edits contain player overview/attributes screens, club overview, player popup profile (the one when you hover over the “i” icon) or non-player and your own manager overview.

Same as before, the skin contains many small edits and many small tweaks. But four from five people will never notice them.

And yes, the tactics screen contains player pictures. And no, there is 0% chance I will add the old suitability circles.

Main edited things

  • Player Overview
  • Player Attributes

  • Player Popup – it was slightly edited for the new version including the kit with the name and number. I know the long/longer names will not fit precisely. Mainly within players who are using the first and second name at the back. You can set the nickname to the player for example.
  • Player comparison – edited to have bigger player pictures as in the past.
  • Club Profile – vertical & horizontal dividers added to this screen, the club details panel on the left side was edited (improved) by sorting widgets + icons were added.
  • Stadium profile
  • Home screen with more widgets – same system as in the player profile as you can select your own widgets here.
  • Human (your manager) profile
  • Non-player profile + popup – edited the height of the staff profile picture to ensure it fits the details panel
  • Team/Squad Depth screen made horizontal instead of vertical
  • Schedule screen without the white background + fixture details on the right side is wider with the more info
  • Past meetings screen improved – the right side width increased, the info is the same as in the schedule screen
  • Player pictures in the tactics screen
  • Instant result
  • Team of the Week pitch in the mailbox size increased example
  • The kits widget size in the national team General/Overview screen increasedexample

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*If you want to see nations flags in the player overview instead of the nations associations logos, don’t use the association’s logos within your logo packs.

** I didn’t edit the match panels/match in-between highlights panels. As you know, the match UI was changed for the FM21 and it would surely deserve some edit to avoid too many useless rooms of space but I don’t have enough time for it.

Be sure to check SI Forum for the possible match screen mods or other skins if someone other will make it.


Steam Workshop


michaeltmurrayuk for the option to use his base skins, also with the background support option. IF you want to know how to change the opacity, just visit his website or the SI Forum.

Gaz / FMwkdsoul for his idea of the selector in the player overview screen as I saw it in screens from his skins on Twitter and decided to make it by myself.

FMEnhanced as I took the Instant Result option from his v2.0 version.

Thanks to all who helped me with testing of the skin and who spotted some issues.

Especially many thanks to Tony/FM Grasshopper who made the video about the player overview/attributes much better with his voiceover and the background music.

But not only for the video but also for his endless support and help.

* Please note this skin is provided as-is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won’t be supported by them.

How to install FM21 Rensie Purple & Dark skins:

  • If you’re in the game just quit the game to eliminate crashes or issues with the game.
  • Download the .zip archive and unzip it.
  • Move the extracted folder “FM21 Rensie Dark” or “FM21 Rensie Purple to your skins folder: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/skins
  • Run Football Manager 2021, go to Preferences and select “FM21 Rensie Dark” or “FM21 Rensie Purple” on the Overview screen.

If you think this work deserves some donation to my PayPal account, you are free to send some money via this link – or click to the picture.

The money from FM20 were used not for my own but I sent them to the food bank as I mentioned in this tweet.

A Football Manager addict and lover for many years. You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.

28 Replies to “FM21 Rensie Purple & Dark skins

  1. Firstly, thanks for your work. I would like to know if there is any way to change white areas in the inbox menu with purple. I mean if it is possible to edit some of the configs, please let me know. Cuz, i like the purple but white really hurt my eyes. Thanks already.

    1. It’s possible. You have to edit the backgrounds within the mailbox items, I think you have to edit the colours in the settings file but I didn’t do that as I’m not using the purple skin so I can’t be bothered doing it. Maybe you will find the answer on how to do it on SI Forum.

  2. I just want to say I’ve always enjoyed your work on these skins and how you painstakingly make this skin into one of those skins everyone uses and this years is no exception, thank you and keep doing that you’re doing lad 🙂

  3. Hi Rensie,

    I have been a long-term fan of the blog and also used your skin last year! However, I was just wondering whether it would be possible for me to change the skin slightly so as not to have the player names and shirts on the player overview and pop-up and instead just a bigger photo? Is there certain files I could delete for this? The thing is I am currently doing a Basque-only save with Sociedad and as you may know a lot of Basque players have very long names. I know I can nickname them to get around the problem in the pop-up but I would prefer to just do away with the name and number in both pop-up and overview! Sorry to bother you with this and I hope you know that the skin is fantastic, so no worries if it is not possible.

    Thanks and keep producing such great FM content!

    1. 1. Open the “player personal details popup panel. Find line 20 and change the word “default” to “large” in “kit_path=”default” and save the file –
      2. Go to the generic folder and open the “number” file. Delete lines 9-12 (as in the image) and change the values 35,0,35,0 in line 16 to 15,0,8,0 –
      And it will look like this – – that’s how I had it at the end of FM20.

      1. Hi Rensie,

        I love the skin but how would I go about swapping the name and numbers for the attribute analysis web instead? (I just love having the snapshot of a player really quickly)

        Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I love the skin and can see myself breaking it if I try it myself.


    2. Since uploading this skin the faces pack I use is not working. Is there a setting or something I need to change to have my player faces back in the game.

      Thank you.

  4. Hey, I’m really liking the skin. It took some time to get used to the player profile, but it’s growing into me. However, I noticed a small thing. When you want to check a player’s atribute development it just shows this empty screen that says Career Stats, and you can select stats or graph. It’s both in the purple and in the dark version

    1. Many thanks for pointing it to me. The solution is simple – go to the skin folder/panels/player and delete “player attribute history” and reload the skin. I left this file here by mistake. Thank you once again.

  5. Rensie, top work as always, i have a question and Im not sure if it can be done or not, the heart graphic for the condition is there any way that can be added as a % number instead ? i struggle to see the fitness and condition with them heart things. thanks again for your great work on the skin.

    1. Hi Rob, it’s possible but I won’t do it as I agree with the change from % to icons. You can always hover the icon to find out condition/sharpness details. Or you can take a look around SI Forum or other websites if other skin makers changed it 😉

  6. Hey, I really like the skin but I had a question. Is it possible to edit the ingame screen so that the column on the left of the screen with the match stats and notable events can be dragged up and down? I’m not talking about the entire box but only the line that divides match stats andf notable events. I remember there was this feature on the FM20 skin and honestly I think it would be anice addition if possible

  7. Hello,

    Thank for the skin, but i have a little bit of a problem.

    Is it possible to keep the manager home screen like it is in the screenshot above. I have changed it to what i like but when i return to the screen it keeps getting back to what i was in the beginning. – this is what it keeps getting back to and not like what it is when i changed the tabs like it is in your screenshot of it.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. You didn’t have to post the same comment to every single website like fmscout or steam 😉

      This is not a mistake or error of the skin. There is the option called “Automatically override custom panels?” in the Preferences/Interface. If you keep it selected, it will override the panels in the home screen but also in the player profile every time. Just untick the option, select your widgets, save the game, clear cache etc. You can also unselect this option straight in the home screen when you are selecting the widget. It’s up top of every widget.

  8. Hi on the Club page with the Stadium and Formation, when you hover over the menus in the left top you can see the Pitch with the Formations on it move up which is kinda Strange.
    Is that fixable?

  9. Hey Rensie, another question. Any chance for a Skin Version without the Attributes?
    So instead of Numbers, there are Stars.

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