The experience with the international management in FM20

My latest experience with international management was when I played the Football Manager 2018 within my save in Hungary when I managed the youth team but also the senior national team. I decided to try it again after one year break and managing the only club in FM19. But this time, not the club & country together. Only the nation itself. The experience with the international management in FM20.

I was not sure if to write like the new post or just place it to the SI Forum to the bugs section. The reason? I found many things I would consider as bugs. Or just stupid misplaced mistakes.

To be honest, I don’t know how to call some of these things. I would expect many things the same when you’re the club & country manager or head coach.

Some of the things are really weird.

Negatives, bugs or just stupid mistakes?

From unknown reason, all matchday responsibilities were assigned to the fitness coach instead of U23/U20 manager or assistant manager.

The same happened within Tactics responsibilities like ‘Provides team selection advice’ or ‘Provides opposition instructions’.

Despite we played 6 matches together within the Gold Cup 2029, there is no feedback from the national board as it suggests ‘No matches played yet’. And they are ‘Looking forward to seeing the team perform on the pitch’. On the other hand, they are satisfied with the tactics…

Other things that I wanted to edit were subjects and people to follow within the News + Social. I added Extensive content level for Mexico and I added North America to Regions.

I also wanted to edit/reduce the amount of shortlists but it’s impossible to work with it as it doesn’t react on every place.

The last-mentioned thing was due to the fact I was constantly receiving reports about players I wanted to scout once. But mainly – there is a no option to see, check or edit your shortlists when you are the national team coach and you visit the Scouting Centre.

Or am I blind?

But simply, you would need to become a club manager again to be able to edit your shortlists. Or just delete them.

Data analyst, please?

On the other hand, I still can delete players from the shortlist(s). It’s enough to find some player (usually highlighted with some colour, orange in my save) and you know he is in your shortlist(s).

Just hit the right mouse button -> Lists -> Remove from Shortlist. If you make it again, the shortlist option is not here again.

The experience with the international management in FM20

You can’t hire Chief Data Analyst or just Data Analyst to your scouting department, only scouts.

That means you don’t have pre-match analyst report. You are not able to check even your own team thanks to the analyst report in the team report screen.

The fact you can’t have data analyst within your national team staff also means you will see your and your opponent’s player roles after 10-15 minutes of the match after the analysis same as within the club management.

But they won’t be accurate and it can also lead to the stupid thing like Mezzala in the middle of the flat midfield.

The experience with the international management in FM20
The experience with the international management in FM20
The limmited options for placing advert to sign some staff.

If I will get used to the fact I can’t have a data analyst, I would like to place at least my scout to make opponent’s analyst report. But you can’t do it in the Responsibilities, only within the Set new assignments in the Scouting Centre.

It would be probably useful to sign scout with also good Presenting Data attribute as “The ability of a Data Analyst to present their data in an efficient and easily digestible manner to the manager and to the Players”.

On the other hand, the fact you can’t sign a data analyst doesn’t mean you can’t have Analyst Priorities within assignments…

The experience with the international management in FM20

Missing the training

I miss one other thing connected to Staff. If you’re the club manager, you open the Club Vision screen and you can see how many coaches/scouts/physios etc. you have allowed and how many of them you currently have. There is no information like this when you are the national team manager.

The Mexican national team consisted only from the assistant manager, coach and fitness coach. I offered the job to the new goalkeeping coach, four overall coaches, head physio, three scouts and I was able to continue to sign more and more.

When I wanted to add the fifth coach, there was a note about I already have enough staff in this position. But it would be nice to have it somewhere in the nation info for example. Same as you can see the limits when you are the club manager.

The experience with the international management in FM20

The fact there is no training option when you’re the national team manager, you can’t manually rest the players between the matches. For example during the World Cup…

National Pool Reports view

I also found a very weird another thing when I created a custom staff view for my coaches. It includes the Number of training categories assigned to. I as the manager have 10 categories. The rest of the coaches have 0. There is no training available for the national teams…

I would say I’m not the only one who is missing training as the national team manager. I don’t say the full training version from the club management is needed.


I think it would great if there would be some pre-match sessions available, same as the set pieces sessions as they should have some pre-match effect.

I got used to visiting the National Pool Reports screen quite often to see how players in the National Pool performed recently.

The general view of this screen includes 8 columns including the squad, team, score, opposition, date, minutes played, goals and the average rating. It would be great to be able to make the custom view here to include more stats and more details.

You are able to see some more stats on the right side of the screen when you click to the specific line but still not all that I would like to see on the first/second sight.

The experience with the international management in FM20

Home friendlies in a different country

One of the weirdest thing within this national team save was when I set five friendly matches before the World Cup 2030.

Home competitive matches within WC qualification are played at Estadio Azteca (Club América).

I set all 5 pre-Wordl Cup friendlies to be played at home.

All of them are scheduled in the USA – Salt Lake, Pasadena, Denver, Washington and Chicago.

(It’s reported here)

The experience with the international management in FM20

Scouting Centre/Recommendations

This is probably one of the most stupid things I saw during my national team management period. I didn’t spot it at the beginning but I found it after several in-game months after I signed Pierre Aubame as my main scout and gave him the responsibility to assign national team scouts.

And it started.

The scouting centre was full of Argentinian, Venezuelan, Peruvian and other nationalities. (I mention the possibility to convince the player to play for your country below but that’s not this case).

The example: 8 players recommended in the scouting centre, three of them were with Mexican nationality, five of them were Argentinian, Venezuelan, Peruvian, Argentinian and… Serbian.

None of these players had the second nationality (Mexican) or even the possibility to gain the Mexican passport to play for the country.

Only one of these players were in the Mexican club, 600 days remained to him to gain nationality. In the picture below, you have “Scouted players not in squad” part. There are 9 players, only TWO of them are Mexican.

This really is a frustrating part of the national team management in the Football Manager. The only way how to stop these recommendations is to cancel all assignments, take the responsibility back or tick the “don’t receive” option within the recommendations filter.

But what’s the point to have it here? Things like this are the top bullshit and it puts me off to play it.

The experience with the international management in FM20

A couple of weeks later – players from the current national team were included in the scouting centre. The same stupid thing as in FM18 when I wrote about it

The experience with the international management in FM20


If I liked something it has to be the option to convince some player to play for your country. It was Tomás Belmonte in our case. This 31-year-old experienced Argentinian midfielder never received Argentina call up and he became available to play for Mexico after 7 years with Monterrey.

I decided to try it and he accepted the offer immediately. Despite I had no problem with both central midfield roles, it was a great boost to have such a good and experienced player available.

It was midway through the Gold Cup so he was not able to play for us in this tournament. But I called him up for next month’s World Cup qualifying matches and he was also one of the key players during the World Cup 2030.

The conservative approach

I’m quite a conservative player in terms of squad changes, massive incoming and outgoing transfers or some big squad overhaul.

I was always happy to have around 10-12 players for 7-10 seasons and just to be able to add new young blood.

That means it’s not hard to be the national coach because you don’t play as many matches as with the club and if your key & standout players are injury-free, you don’t have to change too much.

There are two possible approaches in my eyes.

  1. You can select your starting XI and play with these players, when they are not injured, for many years if they are still good enough. I could imagine having 85% of my starting XI same for the whole time with the Mexican national team as there were a lot of young players. The eldest one was 31 when I took over the national team.
  2. The second option is to keep, for example, four or five players as the main core of the squad and the rest will be different for every international break. I can’t imagine to have it like this and I didn’t try it. I rather am the first option-type of the manager. The way I have most of the squad together and just replace the injured or out of form players, it’s more comfortable for me.

The above is also the reason why I didn’t use too many different players. 90% of the squad was the same for all the years.

*It would be great to have something like “The number of players used” stat in the game.*

The Celaya FC save from the beginning.

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