Putting the national team together in FM20

My second post about international management within the Football Manager 2020 is about the squad selection. It’s easy to when you know England, German or another big country national team players but it’s harder with the not too much-known country. And especially when you are 10 or more years in the future and the game is full of great newgens. But if you are interested how I’m putting the national team together in FM20, feel free to read some my thoughts.

I wrote in the previous post about the picking players for the squad and the fact I like to search players through the player search screen where I’m using the traditional available tools for searching.

The key attributes for specific position/role + nationality + custom view with the selection of my prefered attributes. And the “+/-” buttons are my best friends when I’m trying to search players same as I would be the club manager.

It’s nothing revolutionary. I’m sure you all know it. The below image shows the example of searching the Mexican players who are natural at WB(L) position. The fact I’m using here also wingers is a different thing 🙃

But I just selected the position + attributes for the role and I used the “+/-” buttons in comabination with the number matched attributes.

Putting the national team together in FM20

Scouting competitions

This is probably the first thing that I did after I signed a couple of scouts. I created the assignments.

Some of them are set to roam around the Mexico, some of them are set to roam around the North America and some are checking the Under 20s competition.

There is an advantage you can set also your coaches to scout specific things like competitions. I offered the national team job, for example, to Edgar Cali who resigned from Celaya job after I resigned as a manager. He has 14 & 16 in terms of the Judging Player Ability & Potential. He is great as a coach but very useful as a scout too.

One of my scouts, Daniel Loera (17 JPA & 17 JPP) was sent to roam around the North America to find cover for central defender position.

What he has found? He reported me Matías Harillo, the 26 years old CD/DM/CM player. He is not good enough to play as CD(D) what I’m using. But! When I highlighted his key attributes for CM(D) role, you can see he can be a great option for “The Bulldozer” role in CM(S).


Added to the national pool and will consider to call him up in the future as this position is the most frequent in terms of injured players. I had this player in the scouting centre just after my main CM(S) was injured for 7 weeks. Great timing.

Putting the national team together in FM20

Searching players with the Screen Flow

The Screen Flow option is really good and useful in terms of checking specific competitions as you have quite a lot of options how to make your game progress easier thanks to it.

It’s still the same as I wrote about it during FM19 here. As the main amount of the players is from domestic competitions, I added both first and second tier, Copa MX and the U20s league to the Screen Flow.

I like to check the top tier every week and the rest of the competitions every fortnight. So, that’s how I set it up. The landing page is set to Stats | Player Overview. I need to check players’ stats, not the teams 🙂

Putting the national team together in FM20

And thanks to above Screen Flow settings, I will jump to the Stats | Player Overview screen of all these competitions without the need to click something.

It’s very easy to go through some stats or check player pop-up profiles with hovering the ℹ icon.

Checking players in matches

“Mexico boss was seen at Estadio Tigres de la UANL during Deportivo Guadalajar’s 2-0 Leagues Cup Semi Final victory over Tigres UANL. It’s believed Rensie was casting an eye over the progress of Jose Suárez, Roberto Alvarado…”

I know watching matches in the Football Manager is not everyone’s cup of tea. One of the most commont question connected to the custom skins is if it contains the Instant Result button. But I was always masochist in some way.

And that’s the reason why I included this option how to follow and check your players. Yes, I visit at least one match per week between the international breaks to watch players from the current squad or from the national pool.

It’s very easy. You can open some team schedule screen or the competition screen and just select Attend match by clicking on “-“. Or even the easier way – you will receive the list of the upcoming matches with the national team(s) players including youth competitions so you check players from the national pool.

However, if you will visit, for example, schedule screen of Monterrey and Club América and they will play on Saturday and Sunday, you can attend both matches. But you can select only one match through the mailbox.

I recently found the WB(A) cover in Daniel Moreno from Deportivo Guadalajara thanks to it as he played very good and he is the better option than another player.

National pool reports

This way is mainly about the players you already saw in the past probably and you added them to the national pool. That means you probably considered to call these players. It’s some kind of shortlist in my eyes.

But it’s easier to find players here from all national teams down to the youngest category/team.

While you can use custom views or filter(s) in the main National Pool screen, you are not able to do it in the second screen called National Pool Reports.

That’s the one where you can check the current players in the National Pool and their recent performances.

I like to have it sorted by date, logically, to have it most recent. You can se if the player for what squad that player was involved, team, score, opposition and if he scored and what was the match rating.

The more detailed information are on the right side of the screen when you click to the specific match.

Putting the national team together in FM20
Putting the national team together in FM20

Continuously checking youth players/teams

Nothing specific here but this is a combination of everything above but mainly focused on youth players. I like to check age of players when I’m watching some specific matches.

And when there is some 20 or younger player, I like to follow him. Especially if it’s some big club as it means there is a chance of some potential.

That’s also why I’m scouting the U20s competition within the Screen Flow and that’s why I’ve left the young players in the national pool.

Also, despite there are other four national teams (B, U23, U22, U20), only U23 and U20 is playing some matches. The best young players are usually in the younger category where are also the best young players from Celaya. That means I am able to follow their progress as I usually check when the squad is announced.

But in overall, it’s nice to have some summary of the young players. I, for example, remember Flavio Montanez who is our possible new DLP(S) star for the future.

Putting the national team together in FM20

News & Social

This part is not something revolutionary and you won’t find some new talent here but it’s quite practical thing.

I decided to select all players in the current squad after the first and second international break. Hit the right mouse button to open the options and select Follow All players.

If you already follow some of them, there will be also the option Unfollow All.

And if you will go to the Social Feed screen, hit the Manage button, you can find all the Players you follow now and edit the content level, social/news and if you hit the pen icon, you can edit everything that you want to follow with every single player.

It can be useful how to monitor your key players in terms of form, injuries or other football and non-football news.

If you want to read something diferrent in terms of the national team management, check the post by FEO who is managing Macva & Serbia. It’s a perfect read through the whole FM20 cycle.

The Celaya FC save from the beginning.

As always, thanks for reading, @FMRensie.

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