Clausura 2026/2027 with Celaya FC

The Clausura 2026/2027 is over in my Football Manager 2020 save with Celaya FC in Mexico. We continued with the same tactical approach as in the previous part of the season and we played in terms of the possible changes I wrote about in the previous two posts about my reactions to the opponent. And it went very well.

It’s time to recap the eventful Clausura 2026/2027 with Celaya FC.

No time for rest

There was no room for some big rest between the two parts of the season.

We played the Apertura final 2nd leg with club América on December 20, 2026. And the first match of the Clausura was on January 2, 2027.

Not even two full weeks. But maybe it was better like that.

Clausura 2026/2027

The league campaign went very straightforward from the restart. We won the all six matches during January including demanding matches against Club América or Monterrey.

CF Monterrey started the Clausura the opposite than us. They lost all first five league matches and our biggest competitive rival of this save so far were bottom of the table.

We were a very confident team during the Clausura and we could make it harder just for ourselves.

Some matches were harder because of opponents’ formation and we had to react but that’s normal. I remember the match against Club Necaxa (4-1-4-1 DM with the flat midfield) at the end of April when we scored the winning goal in the 90+3 after a perfect counter after their corner. That was a long and frustrating match.

We met strong clubs in the play-off after we finished undefeated after 19 matches. But we beat Club América, CF Pachuca and Santos Laguna respectively.

And we become the Apertura and Clausura champions within one season. The first time we achieved this within this save.

Clausura 2026/2027 with Celaya FC
Liga Bancomer MX Past Winners since 2019

Back to Monterrey once again. They gave the confidence to manager Gerardo Martino despite the poor start. And they turned it around. They finished 2nd after 19 matches, 14 points behind us.

Good to see the Monterrey board stayed calm.

Clausura 2026/2027 with Celaya FC
CF Monterrey positions within the Clausura 2026/2027

Social Feed for fun

Do you use Social Feed option in the game? Are you interested in “fans” opinions? I’m not a too big fan of this and there were times when I had this part of the game turned off.

I took it back within the FM20 save. And I check it time from time. Just for fun. I usually follow just my players and the competition/nation I play in.

It’s not that I would spend a lot of playing time with the scrolling down the social feed to read the same messages again and again. Like this for example.

Clausura 2026/2027 with Celaya FC
Preferences/Custom Screen Flow

The finished Clausura 2026/2027 with Celaya FC offered a lot of fun to our fans. We played quite quality football, scored nice goals and some players deserved their awards at the end of the season.

  • Erick Vargas the best goalkeeper – 3rd time in a row 🧤
  • Josué Infante the best defender – 3rd time in a row 🚧
  • Salvador Garcia the best defensive midfielder – as our first player won it in this save 🧱
  • Víctor Ríos the best attacker & top goalscorer – as our first player won it in this save 🌠
  • Gilberto Erick Serrano the player of the season 🧠
  • Elías Bodnarsky the rookie of the season 👶🏻

Some of the neutral/positive/negative comments on the pseudo-Twitter timeline in the game are nice. You can also find some of them funny.

Clausura 2026/2027 with Celaya FC

“Haha, he wasn’t even in the top three most deserving this month, but reputations count for more don’t they?”

A fan moaning about the Manager of the Season award for Rensie (there are no Manager of the Month awards 🤷‍♂️)

“I wish I was Elías Bodnarsky.”

One of the awards winners was Argentinian defender Elías Bodnarsky who played as our main FB(A) and we bought him for €2.9M from Vélez before this season.

He made 44(1) appearances in all competitions, scored two goals in the league and made 12 assists.

I’m sure he will be even better next season as he will have some better competition in his position as the experienced Edson Gutérez will leave the club after the end of the contract and some younger player will be here 🙂

I would like to see more than 12 assists from the player in this position/role. Some fans are happy even with it.

Champions League

The regular readers of the blog know we won the Champions League as I wrote about the second final leg against Santos Laguna and their 3-4-3 formation.

But the route to the final was not as easy as it can look.

The first round is always room for rotation squad. It’s an ideal time to give some youngster time to shine against not so good teams. For example like Portmore United.

It’s also the ideal time to rest some key players. And some players always have the option to show me if they should be in the starting XI.

Honduran defensive midfielder Carlos Castillo (click to see his profile) is a great example. He was the third Half Back choice before the season. But he became the regular starter, I want to give him a new long-term contract and make him our first choice Half Back for the next season…

The quarter and semi final of this competition is always about the luck within the draw. If you will play against another Mexican club, you have to play your best players as it’s usually one of the strongest opponents in the league as well.

If it’s American club, you are able to make some healthy mix in your line-up. I was lucky to beat Pachuca in the quarter final and I was able to refresh the legs of some players in the semi final against Seattle Sounders.

Clausura 2026/2027 with Celaya FC
NACL 2027 Results

Goalkeeper Erick Vargas played all 8 matches and he kept 7 clean sheets during our way to the trophy. It’s a new competition record.

Clausura 2026/2027 with Celaya FC

The best development of the season

I went through my players and selected the 12 months ago option within the Player/Development/Progress-Attributes screen.

The aim was to check the development of each player during the last already finished season.

Up to May 31, 2027, players with a quality development were Ricardo Marín, Raúl Ortíz and Víctor Ríos.

  • Ricardo Marín is trained as Box To Box midfielders with Passing as the additional focus.
  • Raúl Ortíz as the Half Back with the Defensive Positioning as the additional focus. Will get some chance in next season.
  • Víctor Ríos as Complete Forward with the Final Third as the additional focus. As I wrote in the post about the 4-1-4-1 DM Wide formation and the reactions, I like his work for the team. I’m currently thinking about to change his role training to Pressing Forward with some additional focus but play him in CF(S) role same as in the last season.

As always, thanks for reading, @FMRensie.

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