FM20 Short Throw-in

I wrote about the short throw-in routine several times in the past as it’s my favourite routine due to several reasons. And I tried to create the short routine in FM20 again. But it’s not easy due to some reasons and also due to a bug in the game. More below.

Thanks to some circumstances you can comfortably control what your players will do or what will happen after the short throw-in. Or it’s more possible to control it in comparison with the long throw-in. The reason is very simple – if I select players with the best possible Decisions and Vision attributes there is always a chance to create something.

The quote above is from my FM19 blog post about the short throw-in and it still applies to the current version.

One reason is that the game didn’t change something in terms of creating set pieces, or throw-ins specifically. The second reason is it is part of my thinking about how I want to play and how I want to keep the possession and the ball in overall.

Same as I wrote recently within the Far Post Free Kick routine post, it’s not about scoring every game with it. It’s about to add something to my own strategy what is not only team or individual instructions.

It’s one of the smaller things what can help you in the complexive way during the match.

If you will want to keep the ball but you will have small striker* in combination with the long throw-in routine(s), it will not help you with keeping the ball.

*As I expect your 162 cm tall player is not Inspector Gadget.

The setup

The base positioning within the routine is very similar as in the FM19 but there are some small changes due to several things.

The first change is the position of our defensive midfielder who is set to Stay Back If Needed.

Two players are set to Lurk Outside Area & Attack Ball from Edge of Area.

FM20 Short Throw-in
FM20 Short Throw-in

The opposite defender is always set to Go Forward. He is able to attack or cross from a deeper position. He won’t go to the penalty area in most of the cases. Check the example below.

FM20 Short Throw-in
Goal by FB(S)

FM20 Short Throw-in
Assist by FB(A)

One of the main changes from the previous versions is the number of players who offer short option.

As you can see, there is only one player now. The reason is, unfortunately, the game itself.

Forced change

You can spot, our striker is set to Go Forward. The issue is the striker ignores the role within the short throw-in routine. And he always offers the short option (or come short).

During the one match, I tried all the roles but it’s always the same. If you want to see pictures of this issue within one match, check THIS post I made in the thread on the SI Forum.

Seven different roles within one match but nothing has changed.

I think I don’t have to mention I spotted this many times before but I had enough recently. And wanted to report it before I, for my happiness, found out I was not alone who was “concerned” by it.

Several people reported this issue. Not within FM20 but also in the previous year. It’s not high up on the priority list for the game developers now so we have to wait.

One of my favourite threads about the set pieces within the bugs section of the SI Forum is THIS ONE. There is also the information the corners are priority. It was in January this year.

It led to the fact that I removed all players from Come short role except the one. I left here only AML/AMR players who are good in terms of decisions, vision and crossing.

Unfortunately, most of the throw-ins go to the striker who is not always the best choice for the player who should offer the short option. The whole routine is affected by it negatively.

This is another example why you should not ignore the set pieces. This game is great but not 100% perfect. And things like this can cost you the enjoyment from playing it.

A DM player as the main support within FM20 Short Throw-in

One of my favourite parts of this is how good is it connected with the Half Back role within our formation.

I’m sure it would work even with other roles like the Deep Lying Playmaker for example. Our Half Back is the constat support for every other player during the match. Defensively and offensively.

He has the most touches and passes from all usually. The Half Back is the centre of the triangles we are trying to create during the match.

And I like to have the same player as the main support also within the short throw-in routine.

It would be great to have him closure to the throw-in taker, as one of the players with the come short role but I decided to use him as stay back if needed due to the bug in the game I wrote about above.

This allows this player to go forward but he also stays deeper if the opponent players are higher up the pitch.

But in one of my latest matches, this role allows Salvador Garcia to made one assist and also score one goal. Within six minutes. And he ended the match with 9.2 average rating.

FM20 Short Throw-in
FM20 Short Throw-in

Sometimes, the striker makes a good decision, a good pass and the player in the stay back if needed is able to score.

FM20 Short Throw-in

If you pay attention to what was written above, you can also spot another mistake in the positioning. One of the players who offer short option in the penalty area in this example, is CM player who should act as lurk outside area.

Unfortunatelly, the game does what she wants…

But still, it would be much better if the striker would be in the place where I set him in the set piece creator. Firstly, I would have a player in the come short role with better key attributes. Secondly, the striker would be in his more natural position before the goal.

FM20 Short Throw-in

From own half? No problem

I wanted to include the examples from several positions around the pitch but I decided against it in the end.

The reason is very simple – the post would contain too many same or similar examples, a lot of pictures and it would be boring.

But I like this throw-in and the way how my U20s players were able to keep the ball after a throw-in in our own half. They turned the ordinary throw-in in the typical goalscoring opportunity using my tactic.

The next picture shows the great usage of both central defenders with the Half Back to move the ball very quickly from one side to other to create a space for the winger.

This time he decided to pass it to the inside forward and Osorio made a great one-touch pass to the space. It didn’t end with the goal but I like how this worked.


FM20 Short Throw-in

I’m sure you have the exact idea what I’m trying to do here. It’s mainly about trying to take advantage of the abilities to keep the ball.

But also to move the ball quickly to the other side where is the space for defender or midfielder who are not always marked.

If you want to read something different about throw-ins, you can check The Byline, the website with guides and articles made by the Football Manager or people around the game.

@MerryGuido wrote recently about throw-ins here. But, logically, the bug with the striker is not mentioned here as the post is about different routines than the short one. Check it out.

Thanks for reading.

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