Far Post Free Kick in FM20

How I am trying to beat opponents thanks to the far post corner kicks, you already know. I would like to share also my far post free kick routines from my FM20 save with you. Mainly because my central defender was crazy in the Clausura 2025/2026 and scored a lot of goals.

The better worded, he was our best goalscorer of the second part of the season.


It sounds quite stupid if you consider our transfers during this season and the fact I bought some talented offensive players.

But it’s reality.

The central defender Josué Infante about who I wrote several times already during the previous posts, scored all his goals from free kicks or corners.

Far Post Free Kick set up

Firstly, this routine is no exploit or game-breaking thing in any of the way of the description of these words. It’s about patiently trying what will work without some ghost players.

All (probably) of you are certain about the first thing – the type of delivery. Yes, it’s aimed to the Far Post. Logically.

I’m using the far post delivery for all routines except the Direct as we are not able to set something different than mixed by default.

The certain thing, from the recently finished Clausura 2025/2026, is that the most successful are Indirect (Wide) and Indirect (Deep).

The Direct (Small Chance of Shot) usually delivery type usually ends with the ball behind the goal as my players are not able to time their movement right. Maybe because it’s too close to the goal.

I will try to create something new for this routine in the future but that’s a different story…

The off the ball movement is key

It’s not so long we talked about it in the FMSlack. I mentioned it too many times already but it’s good to repeat it.

The delivery quality is not more important (in the current state of the game) than off the ball movement.

My main set piece taker (Gilberto Erick Serrano) has 16 attribute of free kick taking. But he has only 9 in terms of crossing.

Our main target for free kicks and corners is the central defender Josué Infante. His key attributes for set pieces are very good but the Off The Ball and Finishing attributes are average. Or below average. Only 8 & 6.

Despite that, in combination with a very good Decisions attribute (16), it’s enough in the current FM set pieces to become the best goalscorer of the half of the season.

I mention this mainly because several things:

  • Despite the successful routines, there is a lot of offsides during the far post free kicks because of the bad off the ball movement.
  • You can always try to find a better player with the better off the ball attribute. Can you imagine how many goals I would be able to score if there would be an even better player than Infante?
  • You can very easily find by yourself what’s wrong and why your team is not scoring more goals. For example like in this gif I shared recently in FMSlack when we talked about the corner delivery to the far post/mixed delivery. And this gif how it looks when the same player makes a better movement.
  • The same 👆 applies to the far post free kicks.

Infante 🤝 Serrano

Josué Infante was incredible at the beginning of the Clausura. He scored 5 goals in the first six matches. He had 8 goals at the end of February.

As you will see in the video below, all goals were scored from free kicks or corners.

Far Post Corner | Tweaking the good old trick

Some of these goals were also the winning goals, not only one of many in the match. He had some break with scoring goals during March and April. But that was due to more factors.

But in the end, he for example scored also the important goals in the play-off matches. He scored in quarter final, semi final and also in the final.

The Clausura 2025/2026 Liga Bancomer MX stats/medals

The above picture shows Infante scored 11 goals in 24 league matches during Clausura and he was our best goalscorer.

If I would sort it by assists, Serrano had 12 assists and 10 of them were for goals by Infante.

They didn’t become some unstoppable duo but I mentioned the fact this is not an exploit from some reason.

Josué Infante scored just 2 league goals during the opening stage. Gilberto Erick Serrano made only 6 assists in the opening stage.

The only change I made between the stages, was, that I checked all the routines and cleaned them to not have wrongly set all routines.

No specific training, no improvements in terms of players, no other changes. Just analysed the current set up. That’s all.

But it was not only about the Infante. We met New York Red Bulls in the CONCACAF Champions League quarter final and we beat them 5-0 away from home.

Striker Víctor Rios scored one goal after the free kick routine as he is set to Go Forward.

These routines are aimed mainly to use the attack far post role but when this player has a bad off the ball movement, the other players still can score.

What do I want to say with this? Don’t pay attention only to the free kick/corner taker or the one player who is set to attack far post. But also try to select the best possible players to other roles.

It can help you a lot.

Corner and Free Kick assists in the last 35 matches in my save

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Very nice! I have identical routines set up and have just improved my free kick taker, but still don’t score too many. This has inspired me to get scouting for my own Infante next time I’m on 😀

    1. That’s why I like to use time from the time the search filter and view for the set pieces I created in FM19 and I’m using it in a new edition as well. Not as often but the time from time. I like to comparison of the Apertura & Clausura parts in terms of goals scored from free kicks, the improvement was huge. And I don’t even want to imagine how good Infante could be if he would have higher off the ball attribute number 🙂

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