Keeping The Faith… with Raith Rovers. An FM20 Story.

This is my first foray into the world of FM Content/Blogging so I wanted to introduce myself, but more importantly, my save.

Having played Championship Manager / Football Manager since I first went around to my friend’s house on a Saturday afternoon and he introduced me to CM2, it’s fair to say that I am a long term fan.

I’ve always enjoyed talking about my own and other people’s saves which led me onto the Neoseeker Forums around 2001 where I was an active poster for around 3 or 4 years until I got myself my first proper job and discovered booze and women!

Football Manager 2020 posts

Since then I have continued to play every carnation of the game without fail, and this will be my first foray into the world of blogging.  Inspired by the likes of Dan Gear, Grasshopper, FMWidePlayMaker, FMEadster, Oliver Jensen, FM Friday Night and Keysi Rensie, I am determined to go this a go. 

Owing to my work and family commitments I am not a particularly quick player and I am also in the process of buying a house so updates may be sporadic, to begin with!

My Save

Initially, I really wanted to blog an AS Monaco save, even to the point where I have written an introduction post.

However, having loaded up the game I discovered that Monaco have only 120 active professionals on the books, and their B Team doesn’t even compete in any competitions.  The prospect of dealing with such a player heavy squad just didn’t appeal and so I shelved the idea.

Fast-forward a couple of chats with Rensie and I have decided to go back to my spiritual Football Manager home, Scotland.

In the past, I have looked to take a club floundering in the Scottish Championship and eventually challenge the financial might of the old firm.  This year I am going one step further and will be heading North of Edinburgh to manage Raith Rovers, currently sat in the third tier.

Club Overview

Raith Rovers have not played Premiership football since the 1995/96 season when they finished rock bottom with a dismal points tally of just 25 points, conceding 73 goals in the process. 

Since then they have predominantly plied their trade-in Scottish Championship, being relegated to League One at the end of the 2016/17 season.  Raith have never won the Scottish Cup but have won the League Cup on one occasion in 1995.

Founded in 1883, Raith Rovers have played at 8,867 all-seater ‘stadium’ Stark’s Park since 1891.  What is promising are excellent Training Facilities and good Youth Facilities.

However, Youth Recruitment is the only average which I will be looking to improve.

Financially, as expected things aren’t wonderful. With a starting balance of just under £30k things will be tight until we make the Scottish Premier League, and even then the riches pale in comparison to those South of the border.

What could be of note is that when I searched for Raith Rovers on Google I found that they have a ‘background’ Sugar Daddy for an owner in the shape of John Sim who bought the club in 2017.  An away draw in a cup competition at one of the Glasgow clubs would be huge and really set the club up for a good few seasons.

What is surprising is a lack of ambition by the board, with the aim to continue to challenge for a League One play-off place for the next 5 seasons.  My ambitions are much loftier than that. 

Falkirk is by far the favourites to bounce back to the Championship at the first time of asking at 1-5 with Raith predicted to finish second place at evens.  Having looked at the squad there is no reason why we can’t push Falkirk all the way and really challenge for promotion in the first season.

Specific Save Aims

  • Achieve promotion to the Scottish Championship within the first two seasons.
  • Achieve promotion to the Scottish Premier League in five seasons.
  • Qualify for Europa League in eight seasons
  • Win the SPL in ten seasons.
  • Win a cup competition.
  • Have a player win a cap for the Scottish U19 / U21 sides.
  • Have a player win a cap for the Scottish national side.
  • Play a homegrown player in 10 plus games each season.
  • Retain a Scottish core within the squad/starting XI.
  • Sell a player for over £1million.
  • Be offered the Scotland job.

In my next blog, I will introduce the squad and pick out a few key players both in the immediate term and the long term, talk about my tactical plans, how I plan to shape my backroom team.

I will also post my pre-season results as well as those of the group stage of the Betfred Cup which runs mid to late July as we plan our assault on League One!




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