FM20 Custom Views

Custom views for the Football Manager save(s) can be one of the most important things in my eyes. And it’s not different within FM20.

My custom views are for almost every page where views are available. They are for squad views, fixtures, player or staff search.

Many of you make their own views for their own save and use the most important ones or the most common. But as we all play the game in our own way, many of us like to make our own views.

I, for example, like to make also “Tactics Selection Window” view. It’s the view when you are in the Tactics screen and you open the selection window via the arrow on the tactics pitch near the player name or in the player list on the right side.

FM20 Custom Views

*Note: The only shame is that you have to save/export/import this view to the Tactics screen and also within the Tactics screen when you are playing the match. Not sure why but despite it’s the same page or the page layout, you are not able to load the same view.

Opponent or national team views?

I usually created only several views in the past but I made more of them during the last three editions of the game. Custom views for the opponent or national team screens became my favourite.

It’s great to customise the view for the national team and include the club, league or 2nd nationality.

I also edited the FM20 custom views for the national team in comparison with the previous version. I added the international stats like senior or youth teams appearances, goals, stats.

FM20 Custom Views.

Player & Staff search views

FM20 Custom Views are probably my best ones. I really enjoy using them and I like, I had time to set them up as I wanted.

I am happy I was not lazy to set detailed views for staff search – separate for coaches, medical or recruitment. But also the views for the player search screen, the scouted players screen etc.

And there are also different views for your own coaches/medical, recruitment staff.

FM20 Custom Views.

I released these FM20 Custom Views back in November last year on Twitter but I decided to make the post with them as well.

Especially after I made some new since that moment when I shared the ones on Twitter. There are views for the Development screen or Loan Players screen.

If I remember it right there are more than twenty views available.


How to?

  1. Download custom views from the folder.
  2. Extract the folder into Documents/…/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/views
  3. Import views on specific screens in the game.
  4. You can also delete move only some of them, it’s up to you.

FM20 Dark & Purple Skin


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