FM20 Near Post Corner Kick Routine

The fact there are many issues within set pieces in the Football Manager for consecutive years, can’t stop me to create something I enjoy watching. And it’s also effective. This time, it’s the Near Post Corner Kick Routine.

I used the 3-5-2 formation during my FM20 Beta version saves with Augsburg and Reading. And I wanted to take advantage of three central defenders. That’s why all of them are here in the three most key roles.

Lurk at Near Post, Attack Near Post and Go Forward.

FM20 Near Post Corner Kick Routine
FM20 Near Post Corner Kick Routine

When you hit the jackpot

I’m sure all of us know that feeling when you are trying to create and develop something within this game. Your own formation or playing style, some training schedules or individual training system.

And we all know that feeling when you are able to say “Yes, it works, that’s beautiful.

I have to say I enjoy this feeling the most within set pieces. It was the same in FM20 with this routine.

FM20 Near Post Corner Kick Routine

My most favourite routine in FM19 was with 6 Yard Box delivery. So I tried it in FM20 again.

I also tried the Far Post routine delivery as it’s very successful in the third FM edition in a row, not only corners but also free kicks.

But I wanted to create something I know it’s not overpowered or exploited.

And when my central defender Matt Miazga (during the one season-long save with Reading) scored 4 goals in 5 matches and won player of the month award, I knew I created something very good.

FM20 Near Post Corner Kick Routine

At the end of the season, this American central defender had 12 goals and 10 of them were from this routine.

And he was the third-best goalscorer of the team, just straight behind both main strikers.

FM20 Near Post Corner Kick Routine

Key attributes…

My aim is not to score goals from corners every match. My aim is not to cheat this game because I know how to do it within set pieces and the bugs in the game.

Your set pieces routines can reset time from time due to bugs in the game. The taker can be moved to a different role because you rotated squad or your main taker was drunk and he couldn’t play.

Routines can be changed despite you did nothing except the changes in the line-up because “it’s in the game”.

I was the same as most of the others in the past – I created the routine, I selected the taker(s) and that’s it.

… + check player roles because of bug

The more and more I play this game and there are less and fewer improvements within set piece creator I rather check routines before every game. Same as if taker(s) are right.

Because I will rather have my own corner set-up with takers I want than to let the game exploit it because of the wrong positioning of some players and the inability of the opponent to defend my players.

You can spot the obvious bug when you, for example, rotate the squad, your main taker is out of the line-up and the slot for the taker is empty in the set-piece creator. It was MC for example.

But in the same time, the CM player in the rotated squad is at the half-line and he still is tick as “TK” but without specific instructions.

FM20 Near Post Corner Kick Routine

This leads to the situation when a random player takes the corner delivery and the player with “TK” is unmarked and he can do what he wants.

It was reported many times on SI Forum, same as other bugs within set pieces, but it wasn’t fixed so far.

You can take it as your advantage but I don’t want.

I will rather check it before every match and set it up for every match. Same as my main priority for every set-piece routine will always be to select the right players for the right roles.

FM20 Near Post Corner Kick Routine

Near Post Flick On

It was renamed but the thinking behind the role is the same. The former Near Post Flick On role is now Lurk at Near Post. The positioning is the same as before the rename and players act the same as well so the rename is the only change.

The main aim is the same as with the goals above – to aim cross at the near post but the main change is that player in the Attack Near Post doesn’t attack the ball as the player with Lurk at Near Post is more active and trying to chase the ball.

FM20 Near Post Corner Kick Routine

He has two options – he can flick on the ball to someone other or he can finish it by himself.

In this case, he perfectly found Munteanu at far post and our striker scored.

And that’s why to use Attack Far Post role despite your corner delivery is to the near post.

Outswinging vs. Inswinging delivery

I tried to test what it is more effective and what is more useful from the left or the right side of the pitch but as it stands I can only say it’s more or less a coincidence and in my eyes, it doesn’t matter if your delivery aim is out swinging or inswinging.

I spotted maybe only one thing – if the corner delivery is out swinging there is a bigger chance player with Attack Near Post will hit the ball.

But that could be only a coincidence as I said because I had no corner delivery experts in these two saves. None of the players had Corners attribute higher than 13 but the routine worked very well in overall.

There are some goals with this, enjoy…

Looking forward to starting my main save and create something new or improve this one. Also looking forward to using the Searching players (not only) for set pieces policy again.

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  1. Does this work on current update? Also do you specifically train set pieces? Say once per week

    1. Hi, yes, it works with all versions of the game. At least in my save for sure. And yes, I have set pieces within the training schedule, usually one or two days before the match.

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