City of Men – Three

Implementing Change

The objective within this particular blog post will be to focus on the initial in-house changes we can make at this embryonic stage of our journey. This demanding topic is something I’ll look at throughout the next couple of pieces as we lay the foundations for the season ahead.

However, it’s not merely a case of centering on what we have, as it’s also coming into sharp contrast; Rangers players are in high demand.

Morelos Joker small.png


Pressing Forward

Alfredo Morelos

“Ohhh Alfredo Morelos
ohhh Alfredo Morelos
ohhh Alfredo Morelos
ohhh Alfredo Morelos
ohhh Alfredo Morelos
ohhh Alfredo Morelos
ohhh Alfredo Morelos
ohhh Alfredo Morelos”

There simply aren’t enough superlatives in the common vernacular to describe just how good a footballer Alfredo Morelos has become.

The Colombian sensation, nicknamed ‘El Bufalo’ for his battering ram approach towards opposition defenders is our talisman but, for how much longer?

Alfredo has long expressed a burning desire to one day showcase his talent in England’s Premier League, despite carrying a clear passion for Rangers and it’s supporters.

The club will not stand in the way of the players dreams but, there’s something I will demand of Alfie. Yes, he will get his dream move, but not until summer 2020. He’s integral to this team and it’s aspirations for success this season.

We are almost certain to receive offers in the January transfer window and, when we do – they will be swiftly rejected!!

That gives us the best part of one year to plot our next move; deciding who will ultimately succeed Morelos is such a key position and role in the side.


Cards on the table…!!

No less than one competitive match into my reign as Rangers manager and we receive a formal offer from Bundesliga side – Borussia Dortmund.

A paltry bid reaching an eventual £14 million including add-ons was laughed out of the room, however, Alfredo’s head had been turned.

No matter what was said in private one-to-one liaisons with the player – his mind was made-up; he’s always longed to test himself in the Premier League, so…

why settle for Germany?

Why don’t you help us achieve our aims here, in Glasgow, and earn your dream move to England next summer?

Alfie is having none of it..!!

Jermaine Defoe

Just prior to the Alfredo Morelos bombshell; Jermaine Defoe picked up a groin injury in training. Insignificant you might think but, no. I decided to terminate Defoe’s contact early. Granted the former England International still oozes class and certainly hasn’t lost his predatory goal scoring abilities, but we were shelling out around £26k per week on a player who was ultimately blocking a pathway to the first team for one of our talented academy graduates.

So, with Jermaine Defoe heading back down to AFC Bournemouth and our Colombian hitman sulking over a rejected move to Dortmund…

What now?

Zak Rudden

In young Zak, we could very well have a ready made replacement for Alfredo, however, we’ll be forced to wait until January before we can begin working with the talented front man, as he’s currently out on loan at English League Two’s Plymouth Argyle.

Dapo Mebude

The Morelos saga rumbles on and it’s having an effect on our performances heading into the start of the campaign.

We simply cannot compete on all fronts, or on any front for that matter – if we head into the season with two untried and untested kids leading the forward line.

After swatting every advance for the Colombian’s signature aside – we finally succumb to the pressure. It’s not in anyone’s wishes to keep an unhappy, uninterested player – regardless of the backing I’ve received from the vast majority of the senior playing staff.

I knew this sad day was on the horizon; it was just a matter of keeping it at bay for as long as humanly possible.

£20 million is an absolute bargain for Borussia Dortmund and, might I add, exactly the type of player they need right now. The off-field work, and level of scrutiny recruiting players at Dortmund is well documented and, rightly so. Renowned talent spotter, Michael Zorc has it appears, struck gold again in his successful pursuit of our very own Alfredo Morelos.

Let’s remove all connection and emotion from this situation for a moment.

This is a fantastic piece of business for the club. A player plucked from relative football obscurity for an absolute bargain £1m from HJK Helsinki in Finland.

We’ve tried almost everything to keep the player in Glasgow, but Alfredo’s mind is made up, and what a great move for the player. One or two successful seasons in Germany could take him to a higher level again in preparation for his dream move to the Premier League.

The deal would potentially be monumental for Rangers – as the sale of Morelos will finally usher in a new dawn that will hopefully see the club continue to develop its top, young talents who can be sold on for exorbitant sums of money after learning and maturing under the tutelage of myself and my coaching staff.

What now?

Looking at the situation – I have faith in both Zak Rudden and Dapo Mebude to flourish and become integral players within the first team squad, but that takes time. For one – Rudden isn’t back until January and secondly – Mebude isn’t physically capable at present.

In keeping with the remit of the save game, which I outlined in the previous two blog entries – we will call upon youth, but we will also be required to dip into the transfer market from time-to-time and, I believe that time is now.

Florian Kamberi

I will not patronize our loyal, football savvy fan-base by claiming to have found a direct replacement for their talismanic Colombian forward.

We’ve decided to buy from these shores in order to bolster our striking options in the immediate term  whilst also weakening Hibernian in the process. An outlay of £600k being enough to secure the services of the Swiss.

Sure – with around £20 million depositing itself in the club’s coffers, there would be more than enough scope to splash the cash by luring a £7m to £10m player to Ibrox, however I’m determined to stick to my guns by keeping it real and adhering to the design of the save.

“You simply cannot replace a player of Alfredo Morelos’s quality with Florian Kamberi” – I hear you all saying it in your heads and, you would all be quite obliged to do so.

By no means a long term solution, however, I’m happy for Florian to lead the line with key attributes in strength, work rate, teamwork, determination and bravery – and whilst  off the ball and composure aren’t great, his finishing is more than good enough.

Keeping in mind that I’m looking for my inside forwards to chip-in with a large chunk of goals so, yes, we will need Florian to contribute by the way of goals but, it’s his linkup play I’ll be analysing.

A new record transfer sale by the club, and evidence that we are moving in the right direction as a business.

The previous record had been held by Alan Hutton who moved to Tottenham Hotspur for £9 million back in 2008.

I felt compelled to write a fitting standalone piece for the departure of Alfie, and such an intriguing storyline at this early stage of proceedings.

As I mentioned previously – I’ve been taking things nice and slow in relation to my approach towards the save game. Since the beta release almost two weeks ago, I’ve played every match in full, which has been really fun.

In the next blog entry, i’ll focus more specifically on the youth players we’ve been able to promote to the senior squad.




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