FM19 | The season like no other

The Football Manager 2019 cycle is coming to the end. Many people already ended their saves, it doesn’t matter if these saves were long-term or it was tenth save with fallen giant in three weeks because of corrupted save file. My FM19 save in South America reached the end of the 2038/2039 season. And it was the best season of this save.

I continued with the “strategy” to not be bored by my own game and refreshed the squad again but there were also some tactical tweaks that resulted into a perfect season.

I bought players for €29M this season including young right defender from Grémio for €10M who I had shortlisted for two years as he is young Argentinian wonderkid.

I also decided to pay €10.5M for two young attacking midfielders from Estudiantes as my plan was to sell first-choice players who were wanted in Europe. They all remained in the squad in the end and it was a good decision.

Total income from the outgoing transfers was €44.5M this season. Our own newgen Kevin Faguaga moved to Brescia for €9M and three players left for big fees to Brazilian top clubs.

The financial side was perfect, we also received around €8M thanks to several clauses during this season and it also resulted in 100% transfer revenue for the first time since I joined this club 12 years ago.

The big squad = the key to success…

It’s not true every time. But it applies to saves in South America. At the end of the 2038/2039 season, we had 31 players in the first team – 27 players and 4 goalkeepers. Only two players (1 keeper and 1 outfield player) were not used during the season.

The young central defender had a lot of injuries and the third-choice keeper became the fourth-choice keeper during the season and will leave.

Fifteen players scored at least one goal. Eighteen players made at least one assist during the season.

  • 40+ appearances in the starting XI – 5 players
  • 30+ appearances in the starting XI – 6 players
  • 20+ appearances in the starting XI – 6 players
  • 10+ appearances in the starting XI – 5 players

There are players who have more appearances from the bench than in the starting XI. Central midfielder Raúl Mazza has 17 matches in the starting XI and 21 starts as a sub. And he scored 9 goals and he was always ready.

That was the most important thing for success this season. I always had a choice when the players were tired. And the players who were not considered as key players, youngsters and rotation players, they all were able to play well.

The first part of the season was like a dream mainly because of continental competitions. We were able to beat Medellín, Paraná and Corinthians to made it through to the Copa Libertadores Final.

We made it to the final after two years and it was all-Argentinian Final again as we beat Independiente back in 2036. This time we faced Boca. They were 1-0 up thanks to Javier Charpentier, their best player, but we scored twice and won 2-1.

The second massive continental success was in December when we played the Club World Cup in South Africa. We beat Sundowns 2-0 after extra time and we also beat Monterey (they beat Manchester United 3-0 in the semi-final) 1-0 thanks to Gabriel Civarelli.

The first Club World Cup trophy with Arsenal de Sarandí.

During the winter break, I decided to make small tweaks to my 4-3-3 formation with a flat central midfield.

The left defender role was changed to CWB(A) from FB(A) and I removed all Out of Possession team instructions except the Prevent Short GK Distribution.

This resulted in the situation I have used only five team instructions in total during the second part of the season.

Pass Into Space, Distribute to Centre-Backs, Counter, Counter-Press and Prevent Short GK Distribution. Mentality remained Balanced and Team Fluidity resulted into Flexible.

The start was perfect and we scored 10 goals in the first three league matches. Damián Guevara was on fire in the CM(A) role and managed 3 goals and 4 assists in these matches.

The schedule was hard, especially in March when we played 12 matches but if you check the screen with the results you can see we did perfectly.

We managed to keep 16 clean sheets in a row. From Cruzeiro in February to Nueva Chicago on the last day of March. Twelve clean sheets in the Superliga, four in the Copa Libertadores.

Colombian goalkeeper Nelson Medina who was bought in the winter for just €900K probably didn’t expect he will have 14 clean sheets in his 16 league appearances (19 clean sheets in 27 appearances in the second part of the season in total).

Our perfect form meant the Superliga title was secured several matches before the end of the season. We set a new record of clean sheets in a row for club and league too.

We played 38 league matches and we had 29 clean sheets, we conceded only 13 goals.

  • Superliga – 38 matches – 29 clean sheets
  • Superleague Cup – 4 matches – 1 clean sheet
  • Copa Libertadores – 13 matches – 7 clean sheets
  • Recopa Sudamericana – 2 matches – 1 clean sheet
  • FIFA Club World Cup – 2 matches – 2 clean sheets

It’s interesting that when we won the first league title in 2031, we conceded 34 goals. It still was the least from all clubs what is sad I would say. Boca was fantastic in the previous season when they won the league with 14 goals conceded and 65 goals scored.

This season, we scored 81 and conceded 13. We finished the season undefeated and set new records of the number of wins in the season and 98 points.

Should I end the save after the best season? Probably yes but I will play one more.

I also went back to the time when I was Magallanes manager in the first part of this FM19 save. When we won the league title in 2023, we were also without a single defeat and conceded only 8 goals this league campaign.

It’s also absolutely perfect but I consider 13 goals conceded in the Argentinian Superliga as a bigger achievement due to much harder schedule and it was also within more matches as there are ‘only’ 30 league matches in Chile.

Time to say goodbye

Two players from the current squad are with me for the whole time I spent with Arsenal de Sarandí so far.

Goalkeeper Antonio Bozok who was 16 years old when I joined the club in 2027 and defensive or central midfielder Agustin Chocobar. 🍫

The first one is now 28 years old and he still plays time from time.

Agustin Chocobar was 24 years old in 2027 and he was the best player of the squad, the captain, my driven and hungry ball winning midfielder.

Despite the bad financial situation I refused to sell him to the USA or bigger Argentinian clubs and he remained loyal to the club.

He played as BWM(S) in a 4-3-3 formation with the defensive midfielder. He played BWM(D) in a 4-3-3 formation with a flat central midfield, he was able to play central defender when it was needed despite he can’t jump and his head was shaking for next hour after every header but he was able to do it.

As time flew and he was older, his physical attributes were worse and worse, I had to find the more stationary position to him.

Agustin Chocobar through the years.

And as I play mainly with a 4-3-3 formation with a flat central midfield it was the best decision to play him as DLP(D) to keep him in the club and squad as well.

When we won the Nacional B in the 2027/2028 season, he scored 9 goals in 28 appearances as BWM(D).

The last three seasons he had an automatic renew clause if he will play 10 matches. He always played it. He made 41(7) appearances in the last season as DLP(D) with 96% Pass completion ratio – the best in the league.

But he decided to retire on June 19, 2039.

He played 597 matches in the Arsenal de Sarandí jersey. He scored 46 goals and made 51 assists during 2025 – 2039.

It was great to have such a loyal player who was able to lead a lot of young players.

As always, if you would like to ask something, just let me know.

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Until next time…take care!


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  1. Hi. I too have been managing in Argentina with Boca Juniors so not as challenging a start as yourself but it came with its own challenges as I had to learn the league. I soon realised a big squad and rotation was key due to some crazy fixture scheduling at times but I have had issues with players and bids from Europe and fees which just seem too low to let them go. It took me a few seasons to land the league title but am on course for 3 in a row though my current season is a tight race with Velez and Talleres. I’ve managed the Copa Sudamerica but the Libertadores still eludes me…

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your message 🙂 I’m really enjoying my time in Argentina as it’s a competitive and hard nation to play in, especially due to demand fixture sometimes. I like how I developed this club from the bottom of the 2nd tier to the top club of Argentina and also continental trophies.

      Some offers are really weird in the game, I agree with you. I put one player to transfer list recently, he was valued around €8M and the first bids were around €3M despite he had a contract valid for the next four years. But it’s not only about Argentina. There are stupid AI transfers/offers in the whole game and it doesn’t matter what league you play in. The most stupid thing is when you are receiving the absolutely same bid for the same player several times from the same AI club.

      Hope you will win the Libertadores soon 😉

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