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The long-term saves in the Football Manager can have several issues. Until I will have enough time, I will always play a one long save. But I know there are several things because of them we can all lose the interest in the save. One of them is domination for example.

You can, for sure, switch clubs within the same save. As I did it during FM19 when I moved from Chile to Argentina. But sometimes, you don’t have enough time to build the club in overall off the pitch before you dominate on the pitch.

I was able to make both during my nine seasons with Magallanes in Chile. I put together a very competitive and hard-working squad, we won domestic and continental trophies. Club also built the new stadium and all facilities are top quality. There was no reason to be sad when I was leaving or to say myself I didn’t finish the job.

But it was different with the Arsenal de Sarandí job despite I was here for a longer time already. I won trophies but due to limited funds, I was not able to develop the club to the top. And mainly, our own board were happy with bellow average facilities despite the Copa Libertadores win. In the same time, they wanted to produce top quality own players…

It was the season 2036/2037 and the beginning of the winter transfer window when I decided to refresh the save to not have to end it.

I didn’t feel I would be able to start a completely new save and I was sure I will not have enough time to go to another country and start to build the new club again.

I like to play with young players and develop them. The easiest way how to refresh the save was to start from scratch again. I sold four players, three of them were key players, during January 2037 for around €41M.

I also still have to think about the loans due to the new stadium but that’s not so important right now.

Despite the sale of these players, we managed to win the Superliga and took the trophy back from Boca.

The sale continued also during summer 2037 when there were outgoing transfers around €40.5M. And some loans.

And unhappy current squad because I, logically, sold the highest-paid players who were also high in the dynamics pyramid. But arguments like “There many other influential players.” or “I will play young prospects, don’t worry.” were enough to silent players. Mainly because I knew I will play young players so this promise can’t be broken.

Sentimentality with the players is (probably) my biggest Football Manager weakness so these sales helped me to not be too addicted to some players.

But it’s not only about my own newgens and young players. I invested some earned money too but not too much. This save in South America proved one thing – there are too many great players. And many of them you can sign for a free.

Free signing before the 2037/2038 season

When I joined this Argentinian club we finished 21st in the second tier. Just one place above when I took over.

Overall Balance was around €4M, transfer budged around €6.5M and wage budget €207K per month.

Training and Youth facilities were average, there were none data analysis facilities and youth recruitment was like selection teammates during a 5aside before your house.

And don’t forget one of the main reasons was the captain and key player of the team is named Agustin Chocobar.


I joined this club in the winter 2026/2027. We won the promotion in our first complete season and we won the Superliga title in 2030/2031. At the end of this season, we still have average facilities and average youth recruitment.

The main chance happened after the elections in 2032 when President Nahuel Martínez won the 2nd term and he decided to invest money. Since this year we are improving everything year by year.

Training and Youth facilities are now Excellent and Great and they will reach the next level during autumn 2038.

The club built the new stadium with a capacity of 33,809 in 2036. And mainly thanks to outgoing transfers we now have over €40M in overall balance despite loans.

Wage budget increased to over €2M per month and the transfer budget is around €60M.

These improvements are one of my main motivation to keep this save alive and continue with it. And the players’ development, of course.

Because if you have a player like Darío González, you want to continue. Despite I know I will have to sell him soon as he outgrew our club and will want to go to Europe.

The average age of the squad is 21 years at the end of the 2037/2038 season. Agustin Chocobar is currently 35 years old and together with goalkeeper Antonio Bozok, they are only two players who are in the club since I joined. Bozok was 16 years old when I joined and he finished his 12th season in the first team squad.

There are currently 26 players in the first team (23 + 3 goalkeepers). Fourteen of them are our own newgens.

And just for an example, these two will be promoted to the first team before the next season to develop them among the 1st team as I expect more outgoing transfers. To keep the squad fresh, to secure the club financially and to not be too addicted to some players.

The other things what I did during the last 18 months of this save were tactical changes and experiments with higher mentality as I wanted to see how it will affect the pressing intensity and, on the other hand, how it will affect the defensive play.

I also definitely removed all the set piece routines except the one corner kick routine with a 6-yard box delivery. But that’s mainly because the game resets set pieces every time I rotate the squad and it’s really annoying.

The 4-3-3 with flat midfield version 2038

I decided to create new training schedules for several scenarios like one match per week, two and more matches per week etc. Clearly, despite I continue with the same save and the same club, I decided to keep it fresh and ditched almost everything.

I also signed a new Chief Scout in Roberto Ayala, he decides about the scouting assignments and I already can see better players in the scouting centre. Another refreshing thing.

We finished third in the league 11 points behind Boca in the latest season. We lost to Universidad Católica in the Copa Libertadores Semi-Final. If I’m right it was the first lost to Chilean club since I moved from Chile to Argentina.

We had very poor October, exactly in the time when I experimented with formation/instructions most as we lost four matches in a row.

I also decided to buy the first foreign player in the winter as I bought Fabián Vila from Pachuca for €5.25M. He became the only one player who was called up to the World Cup 2038 in Argentina.

Thanks to these changes and processes, I create a never-ending competitive environment to myself by myself.

What next? As I already mentioned, I didn’t want to start a new save or move to another country/club. Mainly because I like Argentina and enjoying to play with Arsenal de Sarandí.

In the time when there are already Football Manager 2025 save announcement, I will continue this save in the tempo I enjoy and will end it when the time will come.

As always, if you would like to ask something, just let me know.

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Until next time…take care!


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