FM19 | Searching players (not only) for set pieces

Jumping Reach, Strength, Heading, Positioning, Off The Ball, Decisions and more. What’s the point to put these attributes together? Is it something about the defenders? All the questions you think about can be very simply answered.

It’s been a long time since I created two things in the Football Manager – specific player search filters and also a custom player search view related to the search filters.

It all started when I wanted to make it easier to find the best players for set pieces and player roles within set pieces.

If you will go the set piece creator in the game, you are able to see “Important attributes” for every single player role on the pitch. When you move the player to the role or you just select the role in the menu on the right side.

(Except the Zonally Mark Six Yard Box Far Post role within defensive corners as it was not been fixed since the game was released last year)

FM19 | Searching players (not only) for set pieces
FM19 | Searching players (not only) for set pieces – Important Attributes for a player role

If you will go through the player roles for set pieces, you will see some of the important attributes are repeating. Jumping Reach, Strength, Heading, Bravery…

These attributes are important for both defending and attacking. I created two simple search filters.

  • Player Search Zonal Marking
  • Player Search Attack Far/Near Post, Go Forward & Challenge Keeper.

The first one is for the defensive set pieces as there are 6 main/important attributes for Zonally Marking roles – Jumping Reach, Strength, Heading, Positioning, Bravery, Concentration.

These six attributes apply also for Man Marking roles.

You can see in the picture below that I also added one more attribute – Decisions. It’s one of the most important attributes and not only for set pieces.

As I already mentioned, I also created the custom view with the same name. “SfS” means “Search for Set Pieces”.

This view contains some basic things like age, wage, value, position, injury risk and more. And the already mentioned attributes, of course, so I am able to see the most important attributes immediately.

FM19 | Searching players (not only) for set pieces

I added the picture with a simple example from my time in Argentina. All important attributes from the filter are set to 13 and I decided to untick “Interested In Transfer/Loan” – the blue rounded part.

Players are sorted by Value and you can see there are defenders with a value of €72M with attributes of 19 for jumping, strength…

…these players are absolutely out of my range so I just tick back the “Interested In Transfer” and from 46 founded players we now have only 6 players interested in a transfer.

You can see five from these players are foreign. And as I like to usually have mainly the squad with domestic players, I just simply add “Nationality – Argentinian” condition to the filter.

FM19 | Searching players (not only) for set pieces

Logically, only one player – Gustavo Caballero – left in the search. I want more players available and the solution is very simple.

I just change the number of required attributes under the blue “Edit Search” button where is “Match 7/7”. I change it to 6/7 or I will just manually decrease the specific attribute – for example Bravery.

When I decreased it to “Match 6/7” and left the value of the attributes at 13 , 48 players appeared in the searching.

FM19 | Searching players (not only) for set pieces

You can go through these 48 players as they will be probably very good already but I increase the value of attributes to find the best ones.

When I increased all attributes jut by one, there are only 9 players. If I increase it by two to 15, no players were searched.

FM19 | Searching players (not only) for set pieces

And I’m doing the same with the second filter which is created for attacking players.

It includes Jumping Reach, Strength, Heading, Off The Ball, Bravery, Finishing and Decisions. It’s harder to find players with this filter but it’s interesting.

FM19 | Searching players (not only) for set pieces
FM19 | Searching players (not only) for set pieces

As I mentioned already at the beginning, I created these filters, views and the ‘system’ in overall mainly because of the set pieces. But you can find absolutely perfect players thanks to these important attributes for set pieces. Defenders, inside forwards or strikers.

Same as with the first filter, I unticked “Interested In Transfer/Loan” part. This Brazilian striker is really good, hm…

I know I will not sign him but not everyone plays with the financial restrictions or in the leagues without financial options like in the big European leagues so that’s why I include these examples.

I have limited funds with Arsenal de Sarandí and I also rather develop my own youngsters but despite these two things in my head, I am able to find very good players thanks to these two filters which are based on set pieces.

And most of these players are also very well suited to the roles I want to use them in. I mean, for example, a central defender with good attributes of Marking or Tackling etc.

This young central defender is my big target right now but I am afraid they will want too much and it will make the new club transfer record and I need to save some money for it.

FM19 | Searching players (not only) for set pieces

If you want some real life examples, as my save is in 2036, I just loaded different new save as Schalke 04 manager with the starting date in July 2018.

Check the names in the searching screen and I’m sure we can agree there are very good players.

As always, if you would like to ask something, just let me know.

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Until next time…take care!

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