Torino FC – the introduction

Grande Torino!

Torino FC; a club filled with history, from pure brilliance and delight to utter heartbreak.

The story of possibly Italian football’s greatest ever team is one that most football fanatics know and understand. To summarize the story, Torino FC where a dominant force in Italian football during the 1940’s and tragically, the whole team were killed in an air disaster when an aeroplane carrying the entire team crashed into the Basilica of Superga; a church in the city of Torino.

The side were branded as il Grande Torino, translated to, the great Torino. Since then, Torino FC have never been able to live up to the stature of il Grande Torino, and to this day, every year on the anniversary of the disaster, the team and fans walk up to the ruins, call out the names of all the victims and remember them, showing signs of respect to the biggest part of the clubs history.

Conor Clancey wrote an excellent article about the tragedy in more detail if you wish to read more HERE.

Or I suggest reading: Calcio by John Foot; the whole chapter dedicated to il Grande Torino, is a superb insight to the highs and lows of this magical club.

On to Football Manager and where I come in. Now, I have not written about a Football Manager story in a long while, so now my personal life is back on track, I thought, why not.

After a trip to Pisa and Florence last month, I was mesmerised by the Italian culture and way of life, seduced by its architecture, charm and beauty. It isn’t the first time I’ve been to Italy, I have also been to the capital, Rome, which is equally fascinating.

I managed to look around the delightful Arena Garibaldi, the home of Pisa Sporting Club; it was empty but I could feel the passion and imagine just what it would be like on a match day. With all this in mind, it made me think of my younger days sitting at home watching James Richardson on Channel 4’s Football Italia.

Therefore, what better way to rekindle my love for Football Manager and write about it again, then in this fabulous footballing country.

Mixing all of this together seemed to be the perfect recipe for me; a love for the Italian lifestyle, Calcio and the history of Torino, bellissimo.

Thinking typically of some great Italian teams over the years at both club and international level; Italian sides have often had a 3 or 5 at the back set ups.

Therefore, my aim would be to try and implement something like this in Football Manager, completely out of my comfort zone as I very rarely step away from a back 4.

Not only this, but I aim to bring the glory days back to Torino FC, and knock arch rivals Juventus off their perch.

The aim is to create: il Grande Torino II (the great Torino, the 2nd).

I hope you join me on this journey through Italian football, taking on the giants and re-establishing Torino FC to the top of Italian football and achieving something il Grande Torino couldn’t and lift a European trophy.

Stay tuned as I will discuss our Calcio inspired tactical set-up.

Until then, Forza Toro

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