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Before the 2033/2034 season with Arsenal de Sarandí, I decided it’s the perfect time to get 100% back to my most favourite way how to play my Football Manager save. Developing young players through training and playing time in a combination with joy from nice goals, tactical improvements and following players changes.

It’s June 2034, the time when I usually make a backup of the save after the end of the season. The team report suggests the average age of my team is 21.

We have only one player over 30 as our captain Agustín Chocobar will turn 32 at the end of June 2034. Two players – right defender Lautaro Contreras and central defender Rolando Casais – are 28 years old and right winger Rubén Acevedo is 25.

The rest of the players are 23 years old or younger. Eleven players are under 20. I think the fact our main goalkeeper Antonio Bozok is still only 23 years old but he has 233 league appearances and 327 appearances in all competitions, speaks for itself.

The Arsenal de Sarandí first team squad at the end of the 2033/2034 season

This goalkeeper made 57 appearances this season what is the most from the whole squad. Maximiliano Bertoli, our 20 years old Italian newgen and the current main left defender made 51 appearances and 19 years old central midfielder Luciano Cambiasso made 49(3) appearances.

The last mentioned player is my real treasure right now and probably the most favourite player of the time with Sarandí so far. I know I wrote about him earlier within the post about training but he really is great.

One of the members of the 2031/2032 youth intake was an average player as many others. But maybe just because of his surname, I decided to promote him to the first team and develop him.

In the last season, he scored 12 goals, he made 11 assists and he was player of the match 8 times as our main CM(S).

When I checked the attribute changes screen in his profile, there are some great improvements during the last 18 months. Technique up from 7 to 12, Passing and Vision from 11 to 14, Positioning from 7 to 10. Almost all the key attributes for the CM role went up.

As he is already over 18 years old, the playing time is also key to his development and if he was physically prepared for the match, he played every time he was able to.

At the end of the season, he was wanted by Liverpool and Arsenal. But he signed a new and much-improved contract with the club until 2038. Without a minimal release clause!

I like the development of other young players and I was very pleased with their approach to the season. Damián Guevara was the best one probably. He is trained as a roaming playmaker + strength and with double intensity.

He made 23(14) appearances during the season, scored 6 goals and made 4 assists. Guevara received the number 8 from me. It’s my favourite shirt number so it means I expect a lot from the player with this number.

He is still only 17 years old so attributes changes are available just for 12 months as he appeared in the pre-last youth intake. His additional training focus on strength is very successful so far. As you can see, he gained 4 in this attribute in a one year.

But the main thing, in this case, is this. He was mainly an AMC player and I wanted to retrain him to a CM position. During one year, he is not only capable to play as a CM but his best position and roles are now in CM slot. His main role now is DLP.

When I take a look at key attributes for DLP(D) role in CM slot I think we are very close to the opinion we can have an exceptional player in Guevara for this role if he will improve positioning and composure attributes.

One of the best players during the last season was 18 years old Franco Arroyo, also our own newgen from 2031. He was mainly striker at the beginning of his journey but he is now Inside Forward and not only because I play him in this role but also in terms of the best position/role.

He still has a lot of work ahead of him but he is the future. I gave him a new contract until 2038 same as to Cambiasso and I hope he will contribute a lot in the next season or two before some foreign club will take him.

Probably the last player I would like to mention is central midfielder Omar Jerez Silva who is “already” 21 years old.

He is our newgen from 2029/2030 season and he didn’t play too much in the early days of his career. Mainly for reserves and he spent the second part of the 2031/2032 season on loan in the second tier.

He made only 9 appearances here with Rafaela and I thought it’s over. I will sell him, I said to myself. But I kept him in the end. Forty-two appearances in the previous season and 51 appearances this season are a clear signal he is one of the important members of the squad now.

He has everything for the central midfield role and his attributes changes are impressive during the last three years. Just check the Strength, Stamina or Vision. It went up by 6, 4 and 5 respectively.

I only want to share the mentioned experienced players over 23…

The information about the players’ development above is more important to me than the results throughout the season.

It could sound weird but I really don’t have to win trophies. I won all of them already, that’s the first reason, the second reason is I love to play FM with this way the most.

We had our highs and lows during the season and we were far away from the league title fight this year as Boca won the Superliga after our previous three titles in a row.

We were around the top sixth during the season and that was also my aim to secure Copa Libertadores place. In the end, we moved to 5th place after the 38th round as we tied 2-2 away with Nueva Chicago and won 3-1 away against Lanús in the last two rounds.

But also thanks to the fact River lost last three league matches with Nueva Chicago, Lanús and Newell’s and dropped from 5th to 7th place and out of the Copa Libertadores spot.

We were in the Copa Libertadores Final for the third consecutive time and we lost to Flamengo 1-0 the second year in a row.

The end of the season, when the league campaign ends, there is a room for Superleague Cup, Copa Argentina and the rest of the matches in Copa Libertadores group stage. I decided to try a tweaked and more aggressive attacking version of my 4-3-3 formation with a flat midfield and we played very well.

The only negative thing is the high intensity of the formation so the solution is to change it back to a more cautious way or to have a bigger squad and rotate a lot. We will see next season…

The very important thing is also I probably convinced the board to invest more and more into the club infrastructure finally.

Training & Youth facilities upgrades are underway for the second year in a row. Youth recruitment was improved again, same as data facilities.

And June 2034 was also the month when the works on a new stadium began. The new stadium will be named “Julio Grondona Park” after the founder of the club (thanks to Vincent for his knowledge). The stadium with 33,809 capacity will be complete in two years.

At the start of the next season we will play against my former side Magallanes again in the Copa Libertadores 2nd Round. Let’s kick it…

As always, if you would like to ask something, just let me know.

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