FM19 | The 2031/2032 season and Ascacíbar love

Fast and straightforward season. The 2031/2032 competitive year is over and I thought it would be good to put some words to this place called blog site.

It was the fifth full season with Arsenal de Sarandí already after I moved from Chile to Argentina in winter 2026. The game is very fluid at this moment for me and I have enough time to play so I want to take advantage of it until I can.

The history of the Sarandí job is pleasing. We started at the bottom of the second tier in 2026/2027.

We won promotion next season, finished 7th and 6th in the first two seasons in the top tier and we won Superliga title last year. And other three competitions including Copa Sudamericana as I wrote in the previous post.

The 2031/2032 season

If the previous season was mainly about the love for Santiago Ortiz, about his goals, runs through the defensive lines and assists, this season was different.

Mainly because of some small and one long-term injury and Santiago spent almost 26% of the season injured.

The transfers were very simple this time as I didn’t want and more importantly didn’t need new players. My aim was to offload some of current players. It was quite successful as we made a €2.7M from outgoing transfers. None of the players who left the squad will be missed.

A BIG love to Santiago Ascacíbar

Despite I didn’t want to sign some new players I had to make one exception.

The one and only Santiago Ascacíbar was out of contract in June 2031 and he was close to leave RB Leipzig for a free. I wanted to sign him but he wanted €220K per month while I had around €50K per month available for key players.

The story went to a cold but it had a continuation. He decided to sign one more year with RB Leipzig but as a backup player, he would not play too much. And he was available for a loan.

I went for it, they wanted “only” €41K per month during a one-year loan spell and Santiago accepted to sign for us.

Despite he is a ball winning master I decided to play him as a Deep Lying Playmaker. Mainly, as you can see in the picture, due to his physical attributes as he is not that strength beast in his 35 years as in the past.

He scored in his first friendly match for the club and we all fell in love immediately.

In the end, he made 25(6) appearances in all competitions including domestic league and Copa Libertadores. He scored one goal and made one assist. He was the best player in Pass Completion stat with 92% (93% in all competitions).
Ascacíbar’s first goal in his first friendly match

We had a perfect start to the season. We made it to the Libertadores Quarter Final and we won 3-1 away against Flamengo and despite we were 3-0 down in the home replay we managed to draw 3-3 and made it to another level.

We played Grémio in the semifinal and beat them thanks to an away goal rule. And yes, Santiago Ascacíbar scored his only one competitive goal of this season in the Copa Libertadores final against Santos and we won this competition for the first time.
Santiago and his Copa Libertadores Final goal to make it 2-0 against Santos.

As we played many matches in the Copa Libertadores we were behind other teams in the league and we had always at least three matches in hand. And we also lost some matches at the start of the second part of the season so Independiente had an advantage.

But I decided to make small tactical changes at the start of March and we took an absolutely fantastic form.

The result was that we passed Independiente three matches before the end of the season and moved to the first place for the first time this season. We won also the last three matches and won the league title for the second time in a row.

The 2031/2032 league table

The Superleague Cup was not important to me after a long season, players were injured and fatigued. At least five players from regular starting XI needed a long rest despite I was manually resting players between matches in the last two months.

Despite the loss against Palmeiras, we won the Copa Libertadores group stage of the new campaign with 13 points. And that was the end of the 2031/2032 season.

I wanted to leave but…

I was very close to resigning from the Arsenal de Sarandí job at the end of this season. The main reasons were simple – already won the major competitions, Santiago Ortiz will leave in the summer probably and the board is not willing to upgrade facilities or youth recruitment etc.


…at the end of the season, there was a Copa Libertadores 2nd Round draw. And we got Magallanes. My former club of this save.

The first reason why I started to think about to stay with Sarandí.

A few days later, the board decided to make the stadium extension up to 20,375 from current 16,300 capacity. It was something like a signal that the board is not strict as before and there is a chance to improve club infrastructure in the future.

Average Attendance since I joined the club in winter 2026

And the third reason? Santiago Ascacíbar announced he will retire. I tried to ask him to reconsider it but he confirmed he will retire.

But it took me around two weeks in of game time before I realised he has a date of retirement in 2033. So he will play at least one more season. And he was out of contract with RB Leipzig.

He wanted around €120K per month before he announced the retirement. My maximum was €60K per month. Three weeks before the end of June 2032 I tried it again.

And he signed for Arsenal de Sarandí with a wage of €43K per month. That means only two more thousand per month than it was during his loan spell.

And that was the moment when I decided I will stay with Arsenal de Sarandí, I will sell some first-team players to earn money and I will develop young players around the more experienced guys like Santiago Ascacibar or our captain Agusto Chocobar.

The promising youngsters pictures incoming…

The success in the Copa Libertadores and the participation in Club World Cup had an amazing effect on our finances as we earned almost €15M on prize money and we ended the season with €10.8M in the bank balance.

Santiago Ortiz asked about the option to leave for a bigger club at the end of the season and I decided I will let him go.

But as he is currently valued at €9.75M and he still has a contract for the next three years I need to receive a good offer around €15M and more.

This is him at the end of the season.

Maybe you noticed something different within the player profile screens. And yes, you’re right, my skin looks a little bit different. With permission from the TCS skin author I took the player profile panel(s) and edited it to my liking. I also changed the colours of attributes threshold as I took inspiration from several FM players (FMSamo or Vincent Guzman for example) who used colours like this.

Both these changes, player profile screen design and attributes colours, were made from one simple reason. I wanted to change something and refresh my save I really like and I don’t want to end it.

But no, I will not share this skin version, it’s only for my own usage. I made around 50 other small changes during the last two or three months but it’s only for myself. There will be no other Rensie skin in the future for the public.

As always, if you would like to ask something, just let me know.

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Until next time…take care!

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