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The fast and successful development of CD Magallanes in Chile but also within South America continued also during the eighth season together. We completed Copa Libertadores hat trick as we won this prestigious competition for the third time in a row and we had also a luck to win FIFA Club World Cup again.

How this all happened? Let’s talk about the 2025 season I finished recently and I stopped the save for some time after this season but you will find why at the end.

I would like to start with transfers as, firstly, I was pretty active in comparison with previous years and in comparison with my different saves. And, secondly, it’s related to the last post about ‘La Academia’.

The first part of incoming transfers I have indicated already in the last post when I shared the picture of planned incoming transfers. They were mostly young players. I knew striker José Cortés and midfielder Andrés Córdova will be stand out players and I can say both these transfers proved as absolutely perfect.

He, José Cortés, became our striker number one very quickly, as an Advanced Forward most of the time, and he scored 31 goals in all competitions this season. If I will count only club competitions it was 27 goals and 3 assists in 43(5) appearances. Very good statistics in the first season with the club.

He also made national team debut during this season after good performances in our jersey and scored four goals in 12 matches so far.

The second main signing of this season was Andrés Córdova. The natural winger in AMR position was my 2nd choice target as our new AMR because Sebastián Romero turned 29 years old and mainly his physical abilities have worsened and he was not too dangerous for opponents as in the previous seasons.

Despite I was satisfied with his performances and we were successful in all competitions, I have to say I expected more from in terms of contribution. Eight goals and nine assists in 40 appearances is an average outcome in my eyes and I can only hope he will be better.

The other signings didn’t have a too big impact and they were considered mainly as backup players or for the future except the defender Cuenos who I bought from River for €4.6M. This very solid central defender is a big-money sell option in the future.

Outgoing transfers were also interesting this season as there was record outgoing transfer fee after Alfonso Reimann move to Corinthians in June 2025. This young midfielder was bought in 2021 from Unión San Felipe (our new current affiliate club) just for €195K. He became one of our key players, he was wanted last year but the bids were around €3-4M.

I decided to reject all bids and took the risk he will be unhappy. One year later he moved to Corinthians for a fee around €10M with 50% from his next transfer.

The second big outgoing transfer was a move of keeper Gonzalo Collao. I bought him in 2023 for €1.3M. He made 116 appearances for our club and kept 77 clean sheets. He wanted to move so I accepted a bid from Monterey around €6.25M with a potential to rise up to €8.25M.

Loans became a big part of this save again. I know I mentioned in the previous post where I talked about Deportivo Nublense affiliate link. They won the promotion to the top tier so our link was terminated. It can’t stop me and as I have a good relationship with the owner and he accepts all requests, I went & asked & got the new affiliated club 🙂

I decided to negotiate affiliate link with Unión San Felipe. It’s an average second tier club and it’s the club from I bought Alfonso Reimann.

Same as in the previous season I sent to this club five young players and they got decent amount of playing time. One or two of them will be in our first team squad for the next season.

Btw. this is my ‘Loan players view’ and I check this screen every week to see how these players perform. And yes, I have scout assigned to some of them too.

If you take a look to the picture you can see there was one player with only 10 minutes played during his loan. It was in our affiliate club and it was mainly due to a long injury. But I would say the rest of the players had very good season with their new clubs.

Does a perfect loan exist?

Sometimes it’s hard to ensure your players will have enough playing time if you don’t ‘lock’ the right squad status in their new clubs. Sometimes clubs want your players a rotation or a backup option and they refused to negotiate the squad status.

I’m a very strict with this. If clubs offer Rotation and bellow squad status I reject the loan bid.

The best example of how loan spell can turn into a perfection was midfielder Michel Jeria. He had one year left of his contract and I thought about to sell him.

I decided to let him go for a loan to Universidad de Chile for the 2025 season but they wanted him as a backup player. I switched the squad status to Key player and locked the option. They accepted it and Jeria spent a very productive season with Universidad.

He made 32(1) appearances, scored 8 goals and made 8 assists including 4 players of the match awards and 7.33 average rating. His value increased from €1.3M to €1.7M.

I decided to give him a new contract during the season until 2028. He made it to the senior national team and played first 6 matches for Chile and he had some milestones this year including Chilean First Division Player of the Year award.

There are also three screens of the development of this player to see changes since he was 18 years, 20 years old and 12 months ago before he went on-loan.

Michel Jeria will be back in the first team squad for the new season…

The second player who had a perfect season was Luis Meléndez. Another striker I bought from Universidad Católica a year ago but I let him stay for a loan in his club. He scored 18 goals in 25 league matches and became the best goalscorer of this season.

As I already mentioned at the start of this post, the season was very successful again. We won the domestic league 4 points before Universidad Católica.

We won Copa Libertadores, Recopa Sudamericana, Supercopa de Chile and Fifa Club World Cup.

Club development continued very well this season as Training & Youth Facilities were improved to Excellent and board accepted my requests at the end of the season to start next level improvements.

Youth Recruitment is Well Established after the last upgrade. Another big improvement is stadium expansion. We play at Arturo Torres Park stadium since 2023 and it had an original capacity of 5,950. It will be increased by about 2,975 seats. We will play at the Estadio Nacional Julio Martinez Prádanos stadium until August 2026 so we will share the stadium with Universidad de Chile.

This stadium has a capacity of 49K so it could be interesting in terms of extra money from higher attendances, mainly during Libertadores matches.

The average age of our squad remained around the same level as last year but it will change during the next season as I already know that Sebastian Romero, the second oldest player in the squad as he is 29 years old, will leave after I decided to not renew his contract.

The last picture of this post is a complete first team squad picture. I know I already talked about José Cortés who was the best goalscorer of the team this season but the was not only one player who reached 20 goals.

The second one was Ronaldo Vaca. This Bolivian midfielder/striker played mainly as our IF(A) and he ended the season with 20 goals and 11 assists.

Our ‘golden boy’ Nicolás Lobos had an average season with 6 goals and 6 assists in 44 appearances but he made a national team debut when he was 17 years old.

I decided to stop this save as I wanted to write some posts. Except of this one I want to write about 4-3-3 formation I’m using in this save and I won Copa Libertadores three times in a row with it. And maybe another one post.

Another reason why I want to write posts firstly before I will continue is very simple – I want to think about the possible new challenge. My aim is to continue to develop this club so I will probably continue as normal but will closely follow job centre and will follow some leagues where we maybe end in the future…

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