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The fourth season with CD Magallanes in Chile came to an end. And it was ridiculously successful. If you remember the last post about the first three years you will know I was worried due to a big overachievement in this save.

We moved to the top tier straight in the first season, we won the cup in the second season and we won the league title in the third season and made it to the Copa Sudamericana Final where we lost after a stoppage-time goal after a big goalkeeper mistake.

You maybe remember formations I shared in the last post and I used them during this save so far. We played with defensive mentality during the beginning of our life in Chile but during the third season, we switched to the 4-1-4-1 formation.

My favourite formation in FM and in real life too.

And this was probably the reason why we earned the silverware so fast. Or I thought it was the reason before the course of the fourth season.

I think I put together an average squad with some good key players but in comparison with European clubs or with clubs from Argentina or Brazil, our squad is nothing special and remarkable.

And I decided I don’t want to play with the 4-1-4-1 formation because I was sure we will beat all the teams, at least domestically.

And I changed the formation to 4-3-3 with flat central midfield (one of the versions in the link), two wide players and a lone striker. I decided to use this formation whatever results will be and I will tweak this formation and roles during the season if I will don’t like something.

“Deliberate sabotage to not win”

FMSamo in the Football Manager Slack

The season started with domestic Supercup same as last season but as we were defeated last year by Universidad Católica, this year, we played Cobresal and we won after a successful penalty shootout.

It was also a perfect start for our new main striker Christián Ledezma (click to the name to see his profile). We bought this young striker from Universidad de Chile and the fee was up to €1M. In the end, he made 43(3) appearances in his first season and scored 17 goals and made 3 assists.

The next weeks were a little bit depressive. But not because of defeats. We were too good and too dominant. And I wanted to lose. In the first 10 competitive matches, we conceded three goals and we were able to also draw with River away in the Copa Libertadores group stage. 

We finally lose to Sao Paulo at the end of April 2021 and also to River. That meant we finished third in the Libertadores group and moved to Sudamericana same as last year.

If I like some part of the Chilen calendar it’s the summertime. If you don’t make it through the Copa Chile 1st and 2nd Round you can have an almost free month. You can go and follow other matches, other competitions. You can search players around South America or you can just set some things you need to revisit and many other things. Or you can arrange friendlies and tweak your formation.

But our form was great and we made it to the further stages of Copa Chile and also Copa Sudamericana despite we played with a lot of young and backup players to rotate the squad.

Despite that, we were unable to lose. The perfect example is the end of July. We lost to Botafogo away but we beat them 4-0 at home thanks to an early red card for Botafogo’s central defender. We played league match three days later, I changed the whole squad and we won 3-0 away without a problem.

We finished the league campaign unbeaten. We concede only 10 goals in 30 league matches. We secured the league title 7 matches before the end of the season and we finished 31 points ahead of Universidad de Chile.

At the end of the season, we won the Copa Sudamericana after an extra-time corner kick goal by central defender Nicolás Ramírez and a month later we won also Copa Chile after a 2-2 draw and a 2-0 win over Audax Italiano.

That meant we won four competitions during one season. And we made it despite I sold three players from the starting XI during the summer. We earned really big money thanks to transfers of Christian Collao (signed for a free – sold for €400K), Yeferson Soteldo (signed for €550K – sold for up to 1.9M with 45% from next transfer) and  José Bizama (signed for €650K – sold for up to €2.3M).

Our main (22 years old) goalkeeper kept 23 clean sheets in 34 appearances this season. Our backup goalkeeper had 8 clean sheets in 12 appearances.

If you open the picture above you can see Tomás Aránguiz (I know I included him in the previous post too) was our best goalscorer in the league and in the Copa Sudamericana. Same as he had the best average rating.

He is clearly my favourite player of this team and this save so far. He played in various roles so far but mainly as Mezzala or Box to Box midfielder.

The last two seasons were great by him.

  • Season 2020 – 48(7) appearances – 20 goals, 9 assists, 7.26 rating.
  • Season 2021 – 47(2) appearances – 20 goals, 13 assists, 7.52 rating.

In terms of the club development, we are doing very well despite a limited amount of money and a shy board. We are in the middle of the process of new stadium construction and I finally convinced the board to upgrade Youth facilities.

Financially, we were around €10M in the overall balance at the end of the season before shareholders dividends were paid.

💶 €5.75M shareholders dividends = we end the 2021 season with €4,5M in the overall balance. Transfer budget for next season is €9.3M, wage budge €282K – currently spending €112K per month.

This save should be a new challenge for me and I wanted to build the club slowly and gain the reputation continuously. But domestically, it was really really fast. Too much fast.

It looks like I have to create my own challenge within this save because I don’t like to change clubs in the save. I usually like to stay with one club and I would like to do it again with this one.

There is still an aim to win Copa Libertadores, of course, but domestically, we are too dominant right now.

I decided I will stay with Magallanes for some more time. I want to build the facilities, I want to see how we will perform at the new stadium from 2023 and I want to see if we can produce some newgens like Gary Medel or Arturo Vidal. Our success already resulted into three players in the senior national team.

Some of our players including Tomás Aránguiz or captain Diego Aravena and key central defender Rodrigo Echeverriá are wanted. I don’t want to lose them but if finances will be right I will probably sell them to develop club itself and I will play young players. The main aim will be to develop and play with young players even if they will be under 18. We need a new challenge within the save. And it doesn’t matter if we will lose…

Thanks for your time to read my thoughts. It could be boring sometimes and I feel bored due to domestic dominant and that’s why I will change the squad focus to young players and I will sell some of more exprienced and key players.

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