Newcastle United – 4.

Howay the Lads !

5 things – one


I’ve decided that instead of churning out the standard end of season review – we’ll approach things a wee bit differently this year.

Football Manager content in any shape or form should be a joy – not only to read, but to write as well.

I’m still a huge fan of the typical season review format that we’ve all become so familiar with over the years, and there’s many brilliant writers still doing their thing, however, I’d like to keep things fresh for me and my save.

The idea is to focus on 5 things in text small.png that have truly grabbed my attention over the season; bringing the FM narrative to life here on the blog.

7 September 2018

Consortium plans Magpies takeover.

8 October 2018New board want another manager.png

This was an extremely nervous time for me.

Even though we were excelling in our overall performance as a club both on and off the field; rumor was rife that the potential new investors had their own manager in mind should the takeover bid be successful.

Amanda Staveley, anyone ?

5 games unbeaten.png

30 October 2018Takeover talks continue.png

I’ve never had a FM save that’s had such an anticipated takeover written into the game.

Every self respecting football fan is familiar with the Newcastle United situation under the Mike Ashley regime, and I didn’t even scratch the surface when touching on the club’s plight in a previous update.

8th in Premier League

8 November 2018Takeover complete.png

Kool and the Gang Celebrate.png

Fuckin’ hell..!! Replace me at your peril..!!

Sweat emoji.png

18 November 2018New board keep me as gaffer.png

and breath……

After biting my nails down to the quick in preparation. Preparation for the news that Paco Jémez would be replacing me as manager, but the potential save shattering news turned out to be great news indeed.

the save continues………..

25 November 2018 

5 games no win

1 December 2018Bank loan repay 1.png

Mike Ashley hasn’t even been gone for a month and already we are beginning to uncover what can only be described as ‘shit’.

High Ho Silver Lining..!!

For every bad thing in life, there are more good things to tip the balance.


A huge part of my Football Manager 2019 narrative is being written.

It was always going to be an intangible aim, but to witness the real-life heartache caused by Mike Ashley come to an end in FM is simply fantastic to see.

Simon Corney and the board of directors signal their initial intent by backing me in the transfer market; to the tune of £30 million.

It’ll certainly do for starters.

1 December 2018Money to spend 1.png

10th in Premier League

29 December 2018New contract.png

I’m overjoyed to have signed a two-year contract extension to keep me at this great club until 2021.

A club with real ambition ?

Matchdat revenue.png


Money coming through the turnstiles on match days isn’t something the twenty top flight clubs are reliant on to operate at the highest level.

The cash generated by the ever increasing television deals is what the majority of Premier League clubs now depend on.


Gate receipts alone might no longer be a necessity, but the sheer size of your home stadium can increase the status and profile of a club immensely.

Spurs have only recently moved into the newly developed Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, whereas their North London rivals, Arsenal command the highest matchday windfall which is generated by the sixty-thousand seat Emirates Stadium (library).

Manchester United’s legendary Old Trafford ground in the largest in British club football with a seventy-five thousand capacity.

8th in Premier League


At this point I was having mixed emotions to be honest.

The new board have swooped in and seized complete control of the club, and more importantly, rid Newcastle United of Mike Ashley and his merry band of shysters.

For that, and that alone – this board will always be fondly remembered long after they’ve gone.


What the hell…??!!!!

This is precisely why I just mentioned having mixed emotions at this specific juncture.

Yes, it’s huge that St. James’ Park will now be up there with the country’s best footballing arenas but, is that really where money in required at this time?

Bank loan repay 2.png

Mike Ashley legacy repayments creeping to the surface already…

2 June 2019Tax bill.png

Cash emoji.png

2019/20 Transfer Budget: £60 million


  • Stadium expansion

  • Transfer funds

I think we can all agree that the modest (by Premier League standard) figure mentioned above would never have been handed over to my predecessor, Rafa Benítez.

This is going to be fun…

Mike Ashley is gone..!!

It is now time for this great footballing institution to lift-off under new ownership and power forward and into the next decade.

Season 1. Everybody.


Pace, power and technique.

Oh, and English.

Loftus Cheek attributes.png

So, that’s part one of my 5 things in text smalllook back at the season.

I’ll be back shortly with part two, where we’ll take a detailed look at two particular patches of form during different stages of the campaign.

One terrific run featuring heroic performances from the team, and another where we couldn’t buy a victory.

Where did we finish on the table ?

Respect to everyone, but especially to you FM19 bloggers.




You better start thinking about Christmas presents.


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  1. I read quite a few football manager blogs and this post is right up there as one of the best it was brilliant to read, keep up the fantastic work mate

    1. Hello mate..!! I’m happy you liked it and I appreciate the feedback. Are you blogging yourself ?

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