The FM19 Rensie Custom Skin(s) v1.3

After the Tempo and Ronnie Dog Skin in FM17 and FM18, it’s not a skin with some specific name of some website like in the past.

But the main idea of the skin is still the same – just make simple adjustments to make the game better.

Some things are the same as in FM18, some other things were improved and edited, some things are better or they were removed completely.

The skin was made in the default purple and also in the dark version.

Instant result button included (before you will ask).

This skin was made mainly for my own use, I’m happy with this version and I will update it only if something will not work.

Player Overview

Same as in FM18 I decided to use panels. My first thought was to use the same as in FM18 but after some chat with FMSamo I decided to use the new panels but…

…the original files from were good but they needed some tweaks. I had to edit the code to make ‘player personal details panel’ (over the attributes) with bordered box. I also moved the bottom three widgets including seasonal stats up under the attributes same as I had it in the previous skin.

All the boxes were made ‘bordered’, there is a pitch picture in the Positions panel and I included the PRO/CON panel so you can use it next to attributes where is drop-down. Same as all the rest of the widgets are available to change thanks to the included selector. Just click to the arrow and select your own widgets.

In the end, I edited the player overview even more because I wasn’t satisfied how it looked.

There are two ways how to show player overview. You can see there is a small arrow over the picture. That’s because there is a mode for the player picture with the kit…

…and Cut-Out player picture with the signature and kit.

…I also decided to include the player profile with FM18 Panels. You can change the skin to “Rensie FM19 Skin Old” and it will be like this…

There is also edited Player Attributes screen and Comparison screen, same as last year.

More player profiles…

More player attributes screens…

Background Support Mod + Inbox adjustment

The Background Support Mod created by Michael Murray was activated and I also added the coloured ‘ticks’ in the mailbox list and increased the size of inbox header so the pictures of staff are bigger.

Scouting recommendation/card bigger picture

Another small thing was added as I increased the size of the player picture in the scouting recommendation card when you are in the Scouting Centre or in your mailbox.

Staff Overview + Human manager

Same non-player profiles as in FM18, I only adjusted some small things you would probably don’t even notice…

Club Overview


Just a quick change – the width of the right panel was resized to a more logical size…

Inbox item – Team of the week/month

Same as in previous skins I added this panel to increase the size of pitch picture in the inbox when you receive the message with the info about Team of the week/month.


Some leagues, for example in the Czech Republic, there are also substitutes for Team of the week. If you will leave this panel as I set it up there is a possibility the line with substitutes will not be able to see.

You can adjust it yourself. Just go to skin folder/panels/news_item_panels and open “inbox content with pitch panel”. Then find the rounded line and change the value and save it. And reload skin…

Match Screen Mods

You can adjust the width of the containers in the game which allows you to more easily customise. You can edit it like you want, just drag the line and move it up/down/left/right.

You can find more info HERE.

Add Manager Picture

Do you want your own manager picture? You can thank to Michael Murray’s mode but be aware of …

  • You cannot assign a picture to an existing manager, if you want an existing manager to have a picture you would need to retire that manager and create a new one to take over but you won’t be able to keep any of your in-game progress.
  • It isn’t possible to change the image after the profile has been created to make sure you are happy with the image before you get too far into your game. Whilst you can now edit your manager in a game this feature doesn’t allow you to change the profile picture nor will edit the face here override the set picture.

Caps Font removed & Added a logo to the background

If you want back the Caps Font just go to the „C:\Users\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\skins\Rensie FM19 Dark skin\fonts“, open file called „title“ and insert this <string id=”capitalisation” value=”upper case” /> between the paragraphs.

If you want to get rid of the background logo in the middle, go to the skin folder/panels/client_object – open the file “client_object_browser.xml” and delete this section and save file…

<!– Logo –>

<widget class=”picture” id=”mnpV” image_alignment=”centre” scale_picture=”false” transparency=”0.6″>

<record id=”object_property”>

<integer id=”get_property” value=”mnpc” />



Same as with other changes just reload the skin.

Background picture

If you would like to use your own background picture instead of the default one just go to select your own picture and paste it to this folder “C:\Users\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\skins\Rensie FM19 Dark Skin\graphics\backgrounds” and name your own picture default.

Then just go back to game, clear cache in preferences and reload skin.

You can also use all available background packs.


Coach & Scout summary in the player profile screen edited thanks to @FMPressure after a Public Beta version release.


Michael Murray – Match In Between Highlights + Halftime/Match Review Screen Mods. Add Manager Picture and all other useful tips and advice.

How to install:

  • If you’re in the game just quit eliminating crashes or issue with the game.
  • Download the .rar archive and unzip it.
  • Move the extracted folder “Rensie FM19 Dark Skin” to your skins folder:Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/skins
  • Run Football Manager 2019 and go to Preferences > Interface.
  • Choose “Rensie FM19 Dark Skin” (or different version and hit the confirm button.


This skin is mainly for 1920×1080 resolution but if you have a smaller resolution and you want to use this skin I recommend you to change it to “85% Zoom” in the Preferences.

I used it like this many previous years when I had a laptop with a small resolution. There is also “50% Zoom” option in FM19.

* Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won’t be supported by them.


Don’t forget you can join the Football Manager Slack to get in touch with many other FM players. You can talk about everything, mostly not even about FM but you have to see it…

You can join FMSlack via THIS link.

If you would like to find and check all the Football Manager related content I would recommend you to join Tea&Busquets where you can follow almost all FM players/creators.

Until next time…take care.


Keysi Rensie

A Football Manager addict and lover for many years. You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.

80 Replies to “The FM19 Rensie Custom Skin(s) v1.3

  1. Love the skin. Unfortunately the df11 old does not work for me. The header is much bigger and is behind the player info. Like if a team has red colors the player info box has red behind to. I really prefer that style to the modern df11 with the shirt under photo. I’m sick so probably won’t be able to take a screenshot to show you, if you don’t understand what i mean

    1. I know the header is too high but it has to be there because the text would not be readable at some screens because of the transparency and secondary colours.

      1. I’m sorry. I think i’m using the wrong words. In this screen from you: the blue team color ends before the info boxes with contract, nation and dob. etc. However in my screen the red team color continue over that info box. There really isn’t any skin out there that’s as simple and nice as yours and i’m desperate to use it 🙂

        1. That’s alright, I know what you mean 😉 I like it too with the less high title bar. I wrote that it was reverted back to the default title bar due to an issue with secondary colour. It work only if the secondary colour of the team is white so the font is good to see and read. I will make it for you and will upload it later today.

          1. That’s far too kind, but don’t spend any time on it just for me. I might just use the Attribute page instead of the Profile page. Thank you very much for the reply and thanks for a fantastic skin:)

          2. Hey Keysi, thanks very much for all this. I too want to use the dark skin with the larger attributes panel. The new link you share isn’t working anymore. Can you repost please?

          3. Hi John, just download the updated version through the download link in the post. All new versions are with the better titlebar.

  2. You are a living legend amongst men! You’ve given me an idea for an app/website. I’ll call it ‘Cheers’, and what this will do is let me buy you a pint in any of the participating pubs and bars. All you need to do is go there, show them your ‘cheers’ and they’ll give you the pint and charge it to me! <3

  3. Somehow managed not to see it – instructions are there, my fault. Sorry. Again – great skin!

  4. Me again. Are you planning on adding background selector? Also, I think grey colored thing around players, on Team Screen, would look better more transparent – graphics/tables/row thing.

    1. If you read the post about the skin I wrote there I make this skin mainly for myself and I want to keep it clear and simple. Background selector is something I really don’t need and I don’t want it in my skin. Most importantly I won’t add new things because someone will ask. Sorry for that but I would like to play the game at least one day a week and not continuously including new things. You can always download Resource Archiver in the Steam and create your own skin or add what you want. Thanks.

  5. Awesome skin, love it!

    Guess there is a bug at the team overview with the latest starting 11. Only the goalie will be shown and the other player popup more than 5 seconds later.

    1. Sorry to hear but I didn’t see this in my saves during the testing skin. I would recommend to clear cache and reload skin. Or try to don’t use other skins because we already found some skins clash with each other if you have them in the skins folder.

  6. The skin is probably is the best around and probably will be.. a friend told me that he had lag issues with this skin when playing 3d matches (like performance issues)it is something you are aware of? i mean i didnt have any problems but hey just reporting something..anyway awesome work:)

  7. Whenever I download, it just downloads as an actual folder instead of a ZIP folder, therefore I can’t extract any info from it? Any help?

  8. Why do the match panels never save for me on this skin? They always reset themselves, is this happening for anyone else?

  9. I’d love to make the entire background the same colour as the page header, any tips on how to do this?

    1. Be sure you have skins folders extracted straight in the “Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/skins”, not down in the another folder.

    1. Dear Coloman4011, there is no bug. Try to read the post and you will find it was edited at the end of the November and that’s the reason why v1.3 was released.

  10. Hello Keysi Rensie.

    First of all thank you so much for your skin. The best so far.
    I just have one question, from the FMScout page I can see the panels in the match as the link below:

    How do I make my skin looks exactly the same (with kits on the left and big). I tried to change things on the panels file but I’m really struggling with it.

    I appreciate your help in advance.


    1. These panels are from FM18. In the further version of the FM19 skins are new panels for FM19 with more options and kits were resized same as you can resize the panels/boxes with sliders between them. You can also download the FM18 match screen mods and replace them in the current skin. The match screen mods are made by Michael Murray. You can find all his panels/mods there

  11. Thanks for your reply. I’m really struggling with panels to make exactly like that. Is there a way to make that specific configuration available for download?
    I have two more requests/suggestions:
    1- Is there a way to make the menubar with the same color as the team?
    2- Is there a way to show the city on the overview team panel?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Denis, go to skin folder and delete ‘match’ folder. Download this and extract it to to the skin/panels to have ‘match folder’ back and you should have the old match screen mods.

      If you want to change something else, for example. things you asked about, you have to download other skin or you have to find the answer on the SI Forum. As I said many times, I won’t make other versions of this skin just because someone asked about other features. All the tools, panels and graphics are available for free to download and everyone is able to make his own skin.

  12. I really love your skin Keysi, but I was wondering why when I go in my “club” tab and than I click on my “stadium” I can’t never see what teams play at my stadium. There is always no team!

    Thank you.

  13. hi Rensie, great skin buddy, was wondering though if you might know the id or a way to add a real picture to the press officer as its just a black silhouette at the moment. thanks in advance

  14. Struggling to get the match screen to look like yours, have cleared the cache etc but it still looks like i made it myself before downloading this. Plus i dont have the possibility to get vertical pitch on the “shots” and on your own formation. Any idea why?

  15. This looks quite good but I was hoping I’d find a skin that takes advantage of my ultrawide screen. Basically, FM is a game that would benefit immensely from the real estate a resolution of 3440*1400 provides, but I can’t find a skin that caters to that format. Can you help?

  16. Hi Keysi, I just want to say, GREAT WORK. This is what the default skin should have been from the start.

    I do have a few questions, though:
    1. How do I change ALL fonts back to default? I’m kinda used to the default fonts and the thinner fonts in your skin made text hard to read on my TV with 4:2:2 chroma.

    2. I noticed you have fixed the “Scouting in Progress” bug in v1.3. But I downloaded 1.3 and still got the bug. I’m using Windowed mode on a 1080p monitor, FM version 19.1.1 if that helps. Could you please share how to fix this bug? This skin is perfect for me except for the fonts and the “Scouting in Progress” thing.

    1. 1. You can delete ‘fonts’ folder in your skin folder and reload skin.
      2. be sure you have deleted all the previous versions of the skin and you extracted the new version when you are not in the game. I’m 100% it’s because of this as it works normally.

      1. Thanks for your reply, Keysie.

        The thing is, v1.3 is the first Rensie skin I’ve downloaded, ever. I’ve deleted and redownloaded 4 times, twice from FM scout link, and twice from this site’s link (both are the same MF link). Is it possible that’s my problem is because I disabled auto updates on Steam? I’m still on v9.1.1.

        If this problem is only for me, could you please point me to which file I have to edit to remove the “Scouting in Progress” text? The texts are static, I’m thinking it’s possible to simply remove them from a file somewhere.

        Thanks again for this AWESOME, awesome skin.

          1. I had the same problem as @Elzafir.
            Attempted the same fixes as recommended by Keysi, with no success

            Compared V1.2 files to V1.3 files looking for changes in “player scout reports small.xml”

            Found a change and between versions and made the below change to the V1.3 file:

            Line 162:
            changed to

            This change for me stopped the persistent “Scouting in Progress” text and made it appear at once the player was being scouted

            Hope this helps!

  17. first of all: Great work! I really love your skin, the best i’ve used since the vitrex skin!
    One thing i would like to add is to show opposition roles/duties on Formation screen(s) maybe also the ingame boxes if this is possible?
    Do somebody know if this is possible and if it is how i do it?

  18. Hi Keysie,

    Firstly, thank you so much for creating this skin. Clearly the best skin of this year.

    I just have a problem, I don’t know if it’s a bug but I can’t find the drop-menu for teaching a new preferred move in the Rensie FM19 Dark Skin version, if I change to other versions the drop-down menu does appear. I tried to mess with the panel’s files but I couldn’t make it.

    Can you help me?

  19. Hi. I’ve had a problem with the skin since patch 19.3. During games, the bottom right panel changes away from AM Feedback to League Table, or Latest Scorers if cup game, and even if I change it back it just changes after next highlight.
    I’m playing on an ultrawide monitor with 3440×1440 resolution so that could be the reason, but if that’s the case are there a way to fix it for me?

    1. Unfortunately, that’s a game issue, not only skinning problem. It’s a same as some panels/widgets still resetting on various screens.

  20. Hi im loving using your skins , would like to know if there is a way to use panels to show opposition roles/duties on Formation screen?
    Thanks you for your time 🙂

  21. I absolutely loved The Higher Press skin for FM17 and your 2019 skin is also superb.
    What I am trying to do in 19 is to get the boxes completely transparent so I can see the stadium in the background for each club, like in 17. For me this hugely adds to the immersiveness of the game, the solid boxes make it a bit ‘cold’.
    I’ve read about changing paper files etc but I’m in no way a coder. Do you happen to know an easy way to do this? A lot of people want a transparent skin, apparently.
    Many thanks.

    1. Just go to the skin folder/graphics/boxes/custom/background. Rename folder “0” or “10” to paper. And make the same with “paper@2x”. And reload skin. The boxes should be more more transparent.

  22. Hi Keysi – I downloaded the file and extracted into the skins folder, as you instructed. However, I can’t locate the skin in the Preference/Appearance/Skins in FM19. I’ve already cleared cache and clicked reload skin, but your skin doesn’t show up. Would you please advice? Thanks.

    1. I fixed the problem. I had to save all 4 main folder out of the major folder. I can see them now. Thanks.

  23. Brilliant. Thanks so much. If I could also ask, is there any way to make the match screen title bar any smaller? It really gets in the way of the match. Shame there’s no auto-hide, like in fm17.

  24. Hey Keysi, great skin as always.
    I just have one issue, sometimes the panels on the inbetween highlights screen reset…
    Do you know why ?

    1. Hi, it’s, unfortunately, a common issue of the game, not just the skin. It’s happening also if I set different inbetween highlights. I now use something similar as it’s in default skin but with customised formation panels and it happens as well. It’s the same as widgets are resetting at Player and Team stats screens when you use ScreenFlow for example. Game can’t deal with it. Don’t know why.

  25. Hi i’ve been a longtime follower of your posts from your akademsik boldklub days and i love your skins but is there a way on your skins to remove the star system i’ve been trying for hours myself and have found no success thus far

    1. Hi, you would have to find parts about the Scout Report info in all the panels where you want to remove the stars. For example, in the player profile with the old DF11 version skin, you have to open “player personal details panel” and you have to delete or edit the bottom part about “Scout report info etc.” where you have CA & PA stars rating too. Like in this picture

      The same applies to other screens.

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