Little things I like in FM19

We were all waiting, weren’t we? The new edition of Football Manager was finally released and we all are able to take a look at new things, new features and start our new journeys. Or at least in the FM19 Beta version before the full game will be released at the beginning of November.

I’m not alone for sure who consider Beta version as an ideal way how to get used to the new game and check changes.

We all followed new features reveal on social media but it’s always better to touch them yourself.

There are several new things including new tactics, training etc. And there are also some smaller things I noticed during the Beta save and I decided to add them to a short and simple post.

Sidebar customisation

One of the very nice features to me is a Sidebar customisation. I remember when icons for reserve and youth squads were moved bottom of the sidebar back in FM17 and I spent almost the whole year with some “f” words every time I clicked on the wrong icon because I moved mouse automatically under the first team squad icon when I wanted to open other squads.

In FM19 we are now able to customise the Sidebar and move icons where we want including simple line separators so we are able to create something like groups.


And, yes, you can also click to each Sidebar item with the right mouse button to get to each tab faster.

Sidebar customisation

Schedule divided to months

This could feel like a very very small and cosmetic change but I think many FM players who write about their saves and they include results will agree this could be very handful.

schedule divided to months

Press conferences

I don’t know how many of you who read this are into Press conferences or if you let them to your assistant managers but you will surely notice there are some design changes within conferences.

The invitation is different but also the conference itself got a new look with a picture of press conference room we know from stadiums or training grounds.

When you attended the Press conference you will also receive the mail during next days with the summary or with the main point as you are used to it from previous editions of the game but there is also a handy info with the reaction from player or players straight in the news item.

Shouts during the match

Same as each of us has a different way how to set up everything in the game it’s also individual how to use or not use Shouts during the game. I’m not the type who would use them in every match but I usually try them time from time.

There is still the non-written rule that you will concede a goal every time you shouted “Concentrate” after your goal but I tried it during the Beta and I like it. I don’t say it works in a way that I shouted “Get Creative” and we scored two goals within five minutes but I liked the feedback from players.

I know this was in the game already but I like it more now from not specific reason.

Btw. in the second screen from the match against BK Häcken we were absolutely great and the performance was without a mistake so I decided to praise the team after the fourth goal.

It ended 6-0 for us but that’s the least important.


I’m sure there will be plenty of articles about the new training module and plenty of articles “How to…”. I noticed two nice little things during the first hours of time with FM19.

In the weekly training summary, you can find the “Last match feedback”. It was to see this type of feedback especially as I changed pre-match training to attacking corners and we scored two goals from corners.

The second thing is at the individual training screen. You are able to do an additional focus on set of attributes and not only one single attribute.

When you open the additional focus tab and move with a cursor to the item, for example, Final Third there will also be a small pop-up window with exact attributes player will be concentrate on.

Other small things…

You will notice many other small things were improved in the game. I’m always into those small things and I usually find those more than the bigger ones.

The Team of the week news item was improved a little bit which is a nice touch I think.

team of the week

There are new options within Interaction with players – Ambassadorial Duties (Dressing Room Atmosphere or Welcome new signing) and Team-mate Happiness (Wants to leave the club and Unhappy at the sale of player).

It will take you to the conversation screen with the specific player and you can tell him to try to avoid some bad atmosphere in the squad or to make the player not so unhappy or just to resolve some other things.

Coach responsibilities screen is also redesigned (including the new system with Tactical/Technical for Defending, Attacking, Possession and Fitness) so when you move the cursor for each coach you will see his mini-profile under the list of coaches with his attributes and skills.

coach responsibilities

The news item with the info about contracts of your players and staff was improved of recommendation which player ‘deserve’ new contract or not.

contract renewal recommendation

Last save overwrite option could be also useful and there is also “Edit” or “Cancel” option of tactical changes you made during the match.

You will also notice the change of animation within tactics pitch when you will create or edit your formation. It’s absolutely not important for your save and it won’t win matches for you but as I already said it’s another a nice little change.


It’s really individual and someone other will absolutely don’t care about it but I feel this edition made a very good step forward in terms of some small things within the interface. For example, the design change of European cups draw is very good in my eyes and the decision to make two lines different was a good decision.

design - lines - better look

Scouting Centre

The last thing I want to mention is the Scouting centre improvements. When we received the message with Scouting recommendation in FM18 there was too much waste of space on the screen. It was also the reason for some skin creators to include other panels to this screen to have there more information.

But in FM19 it’s different and you can see the most important things straight in the mailbox or at the Scouting Centre screen.

Scout summary, attributes, positions and role, medical or the option to scout player. The Scouting Centre looks very good also with Filter and Advanced filters…

I’m sure there will be a lot of content during the first months after a new edition will be released. Hopefully a lot of interesting content.

Don’t forget you can join the Football Manager Slack to get in touch with many other FM players. You can talk about everything, mostly not even about FM but you have to see it…

You can join FMSlack via THIS link.

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Until next time…take care.


Keysi Rensie

A Football Manager addict and lover for many years. You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.

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  1. The sidebar is a game changer for me as is the dividing schedules by month. It’s the little changes that often have the biggest impact on my enjoyment for the game.

    1. Agree, I feel those little changes are more important for me than the bigger ones. Hopefully they will tweak some things in next days/weeks and the sidebar, for example, won’t reset after some time same as panels at homepage etc.

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