When you have a son in the Football Manager. Or two…

The Football Manager 2018 time is almost over. At least for many of us who already bought or will buy the new edition of the game. And I will always remember the FM18 save in Hungary. Not just because of the longevity of the save, trophies, many great newgens etc. But mainly because I had a virtual son for the first time ever. Sorry, I had two sons in one single save…

Maybe it has happened, maybe someone asked me but probably not…

“Hey Ondrej, how was your weekend? Something interesting happened to you or your wife?”

“Of course, I won the Champions League with our two sons in the starting XI and my wife celebrated it with non-alcoholic champagne….”

“Wait, what? Two sons? I thought you don’t have even one son already…”

“No, I have two sons already. In the Football Manager…”

“Ah, ok…”

A conversation like this never happened but I’m sure If you will ask anyone around the Siófok everyone will know Keysi Rensie and his two sons, Jiri and Robert, who are living legends “Around The Lake”.

Is it even possible?

I don’t know the exact rule of how is possible to have a son in the Football Manager. I’ve always lived in the belief that you can have a virtual son if you are the manager of one club 10+ years and the chance your own son will appear in the Youth Intake is still as small as the chance I will be the Champions League winner in real life.

But it happened.

Twice within one save.

The Youth Intake in this my save usually happened around the start of March and it was the year 2032 when I found I have a son in Youth Candidates team. His name is Jiri and the first thought about his attributes was very simple.

“He is so bad.”

But he is my son and he will play every single match if he will not be injured or suspended and we will see how he will develop.

Jiri Rensie in 2032

Jiri played 12 competitive matches (7 in the league + 5 in the cup) during the rest of the season after the Youth Intake in 2032 and I knew he is not good enough as we were already dominant club domestically but “he has to play”.

During next seasons he was a member of the starting XI when he was not injured and during his second complete season, he also scored his first competitive goal.

After the corner kick. Obviously.

Thanks to his much better teammates from Hungary or many other countries he was able to hide on the pitch because he was without work and our strong midfielders and strikers made the job for him.

We were dominant, we usually were winning the league many matches before the end of the season and if he made some mistake, they didn’t affect our results.

Around the Lake save in Hungary

This save will end at the end of the 2044/2045 season. That means Jiri will 29 years old and he was in the club for 13 years. He appeared in all 33 league games twice during this time. It was 2037/38 and 2038/39 seasons when he played all league matches.

He developed in a decent central defender but to be fair he was far from the standard of the player for a team with the ambition to win Champions League.

Jiri Rensie_ Overview Profile
Jiri Rensie in 2045

But he has done it. He won the Champions League six times in his career. And he became the player with most league appearances in the club history.

Jiri Rensie history

…Jiri won the fifth Champions League trophy in a row and sixth in overall in 2044. It was not special only because he won it again with his father, Keysi Rensie. It was special also because he won it with his younger brother, Robert.

Two sons? Is it enough?

Yes, we have another Rensie in this save. 

Meanwhile, Jiri was born in the same Czech city as his father (and took Hungarian nationality later), the younger son was born in Siófok and Hungary is his main nationality. 

Robert Rensie appeared in the game during the Youth Intake in 2043. I will be clear, I was looking at a laptop with an open mouth for some time. I didn’t believe it.

Robert Rensie 2043
Robert Rensie in 2043

It was not the same as with Jiri who played the first competitive match only a couple of days after the Youth Intake.

Robert was promoted to the first team but he played only one league game during the rest of the season but he made an assist in this game.

The younger son was “created” as a central midfielder so there was not a chance and mainly not enough time to retrain him to central defender role to play both brothers together in the defensive line but I think it would be goals galore…


I decided to include Robert to the starting XI during the penultimate season of this journey and he played 34 competitive matches, scored one goal and made 6 assists.

He was tutored by two or three key players with very high determination and he developed much more during this little time in a comparison with his older brother. He scored two from his three league goals from direct free kick so it looks like he took something from his father 😊


As I said already, at the end of the 2043/2044 season we won the fifth Champions League trophy in a row. And Rensie brothers played full 90 minutes + extra time. Robert made one assist and we won 4-2 after extra-time over Manchester City.

It was the highlight of the save for me.

Robert Rensie in 2045

I’m sure I will keep the backup of this save forever. I’m (almost) sure this will never happen again in the future. But I will always have a memory of two virtual sons…

…it will only overwhelm the fact I will have a son in real life at the end of the year of 2018 👶🏻

You can also join my FMSlack channel to see some updates from the save. You can join FMSlack via THIS link.

Until next time…take care.


Keysi Rensie


A Football Manager addict and lover for many years. You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.

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