The Football Manager custom kits

It’s been a very long time when I started to make the Football Manager custom kits. I liked to use FC’12 templates by FMSlovakia but I also used SS’ templates or Smart Shirt Designer.

Some time ago I decided to try to learn to make kits with templates.

I make kits mainly for myself, friends or if someone asks 🙂 ServalarianFM asked me recently if I have my kits somewhere uploaded and I decided to add some of the kits to this blog post.

They are mainly the kits I made for my own or for someone else.

The pack contains, for example, custom kits for the first, second and third Hungarian tier what I made for my save in FM16 while I was playing with BFC Siófok.

I made kits for all the clubs in the Chilean second tier to use them during FM19.

Many of the shirts are just random. I made some of them because of request, some of them just because I spot them somewhere. Like retro PSG or Schalke.

I would probably be able to find more but they are not complete or I don’t think they are good enough. The pack includes also the config file for all the clubs/kits. It’s separated so you can select what you want to use. Or not 🙂

When there are some kits like retro or home2/away2, just rename it and reload skin.

Kits for FM21 save by OakyFM

Download the selection of the Football Manager custom kits up to 28/7/2020

Football Manager custom kits

Football Manager custom kits

Football Manager custom kits
Motherwell FC

Football Manager custom kits
Murciélagos FC


AS Saint-Étienne retro shirt

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