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Keysi Rensie’s journey through the Football Manager 2018 is coming slowly to the end. We are still in Hungary and we are still around the lake and we still make everything possible to develop some great players. 

If you read the last post where I tried to explain some my thoughts about the 4-3-3 formation you maybe remember we were just in the half of the 2039/2040 season.

The second part of this season was really good. Nemanja Matic, Bencse Kovács and Manos Pasas were the main attacking power of our team and they delivered the biggest trophy possible.

We have won our 19th league title in a row and we clinched also the domestic cup but we made it to the Champions League Final and we played against Tottenham Hotspur. It was déjà vu because we played against Tottenham five years ago and we beat them 2-1.

It was still our only Champions League trophy within this save. We were 1-0 down in the Final but we were able to score two goals just before the halftime and we won 2-1 and won the Champions League for the second time within this save.

Screenshot_1 (1)

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There were six own newgens in the starting XI including my virtual son Jiri Rensie. I added the next picture to Twitter when I played this final but I want to include it also in this post. It’s because I fell in love with this situation despite it didn’t end with a successful finish and goal.

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Now it’s a time to talk about the reason why this post is called “Back to where it all began”.

Back in October/November 2017 when FM18 was released and I was already decided to play in Hungary I thought about some goals & aims for the save. I wanted to have some rules. And it was “Around the Lake” transfer policy.

The main aim was to play with our own players and to add the best possible players from the specific area.


It was a perfect idea and I still like what I decided to use. There were some great players, for example, midfielder Imre Kiss who was noted within favoured personnel for many years.

He played nine years in Siófok and made more than 200 league appearances before he left the club to Spartak Moscow and ended his career with Werder Bremen. He also played 54 international matches.

BFC Siófok | 2017 – 2033

This transfer policy was really good but as the club grew up and we had more and more money available for transfers and wages I decided to put this policy in the bin because players from this specific area were not good enough and our own newgens were better despite the younger age.

siofok26 (1)
Home kit for the rest of the save

That was the reason why our squad, but not only the first team squad but also the U19s squad, became more internationally based.

It’s all connected to a change in our recruitment and scouting in overall as I took all responsibilities from Chief Scout, hired new scouts for specific nations or regions and we started to buy players from Argentina (our main South America nation) and players from near nations like Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Slovakia etc.

Scouting players for fun

You can find screens of the transfer window summary since 2030/2031. There were too many players who were bought for a low price, they went for a loan and they were sold after one or two seasons.

You can also see that we rarely passed €30M for incoming transfers except the season 2039/2040 when we bought Manos Pasas for €115M from PSG.

During the 2039/2040 season, I decided I will change the squad back to mainly domestic-based.

You can see in this picture the last transfer window summary from the 2040/2041 season. I selected only “Cash/Claused Transfers”. It gave us €104M and only three from 16 players were not foreign players.

Screenshot_2 (1)

The squad clear out will continue, some of the foreign players are wanted abroad and I will sell them probably during summer 2041.

Just before the end of the 2040/41 season, our average age of the first team squad is 20.03. It’s also because I promoted the best newgens to the first team but the current oldest player is Sándor Vass who is 31 years old. Manos Pasas, Tibor Lukács and Kilian Lievens are 26 years old.

This is our current first team squad at the end of the 2040/41 season before summer departures.

Screenshot_3 (1)

End of the season players stats…


So, our main aim right now for the rest of this save is to make the almost only domestic-based squad.

But as we have affiliated clubs in 🇭🇷🇺🇸🇨🇿 I decided newgens from these nations will be counted as our own newgens despite they will arrive thanks to the affiliation.

Tim Wong and Milo Javorcic are the latest examples of newgens thanks to affiliations with Hajduk Split and New England Revolution.

Midfielder Ilja Vojvodić is also our own Croatian newgen…

Ilija Vojvodic_ Overview Profile

But I think you know at the first sight these two are not the best. My current favourite youngsters are there. Mainly Zoltán Bausz will probably catch your eye…

These players give me the hope I can build the squad mainly around my own players before this save will be definitely over.

During the second part of the 2040/2041 season, I scouted several players within the “Around the Lake” area again and I will maybe buy some domestic youngsters to our U19s squad to give other clubs back some money but one thing is sure – midfielder Silvio Moretti, who was bought in summer 2040, was our last foreign incoming transfer.

He is also wanted by Chelsea so if they will have the interest to buy him, he will be theirs…

We also have many players on-loan, some of them will probably be around the first team squad if all foreign players will be sold. But there is also the possibility they will go for another loan or they will leave permanently.

Screenshot_4 (1)

If you are interested in how the 2040/2041 season ended there is everything important.

For the first time since 2036, we didn’t win the domestic cup as we were knocked out by Videoton in Quarter Final as we lost the first match 4-1 after we played with the youngsters mainly to rest the main squad. And the 3-1 win in the second leg was not enough…

We were defeated in UEFA Super Cup by Manchester United but we won the FIFA Club World Cup as we beat Jiangsu Guoxin-Sainty and Club América on penalties in both matches.

We won our 20th league title in a row as we managed another unbeaten league campaign. As it stands we are now 292 matches without losing in the OTP Bank Liga (from 22nd August 2032 to 12th May 2041). 

The Team of the season 2040/2041…

download (2) (1)

We made it also to the Champions League final after we were able to overcome bad first leg results in the Quarter Final but also in the Semi Final against Manchester United and Real Madrid respectively.

It’s still quite incredible to be in late Champions League stages despite I play with a very young squad and also with my own virtual son, Jiri Rensie, who is considered as a leading player for clubs in the second tier. But he is playing in the Champions League Final because he is my son…

Screenshot_5 (1)

And how we did in the Champions League Final against Manchester City? 

I decided to switch back to 4-1-4-1 for matches in the Champions League knock-out stage. It worked against Manchester United. It also worked against Real Madrid in the Semifinal.

I kept it also for the Final against Manchester City. We scored one goal in each half and we had also one disallowed goal due to offside. City were really impatient, they had a lot of shots off target and they changed nothing during the whole match. We won 2-0 thanks to goals by Manos Pasas and captain Bence Kovás.

download (4) (1)

Our second goal of the match. From the keeper to the goal…

download (3) (1)

All competitive matches of the 2040/2041 season and competitions summary.

The last thing, our finances after the end of the season…

Screenshot_9 (1)

And this is probably the best possible reward for the whole save so far…


Back to where it all began…

Many of you are already in FM19 time in your minds but I will continue this save for some more time.

Until next time…

You can also join my FMSlack channel to see some updates from the save. You can join FMSlack via THIS link. Take care.


Keysi Rensie


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