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After the last season (2034/2035) without a loss of a point in the Hungarian top division, we managed to win our 15th league title in a row and it was unbeaten season again. We secured the league title seven matches before the end of the season. 

We also won the Champions League trophy in the previous season for the first time in this save but this year was a completely different story. I think it’s not so common to see current Champions League holders finish third in the Group Stage of the next season.

But as Vincent Guzman said in my Football Manager Slack channel, it’s hackz because I want to win Europa League trophy 


Transfers 2035/2036

In terms of incoming transfers, we bought five foreign players, one of them was for a free and one player is Hungarian midfielder or striker who is our own newgen from 2027.

Incoming Transfers 2035/2036

Péter Vörös was a part of our first team squad from 2027 to 2031 when he moved to Dortmund for €19M. He didn’t play too much for BVB during four years with the club and I decided to bring him back for €7.75M to have another option for wide midfield roles.

Péter Vörös_ Overview Profile
Péter Vörös

Only Darío Jara stayed with the club after we bought him in January and he was our best central defender in the second half of the season. The rest of the new players went for a loan spell.

We continued in cooperation with Csákvári TK from the second tier and several players went there for a loan.

For example, striker Ádám Rodebücher was the best goalscorer of the season and he helped to win the second tier to Csákvári 10 points ahead of the second team in the table. 

Some players also left for great money as José Martins to Club Brugge for €18.25M, Krasimir Genchev to Betis for €16.5M or Tomás Papaianni to Dynamo Kyiv for €16.25M.

These players are all foreign and they were bought mainly just with a view to keep them somewhere on-loan with enough playing time and to sell them for big money.

Romanian goalkeeper Ionut Tomescu was a different story because he already played for the first team but I decided to have experienced Gergely Hutvágner (35y) as our number one goalkeeper and Tomescu was unhappy with a playing time. He will probably leave the club in the summer for a permanent move.

clipboard0-horz (1)
Outgoing transfers 2035/2036

I also made changes for our scouting activity before and during this season as I took the responsibility for all assignments and we already have a list full of great players available to sign when we will need it.

If you didn’t read my previous post about changes in terms of scouting you find it HERE.


We started a new season with four domestic league wins over Újpest, Videoton, MTK Budapest and Kisvárda before we met Liverpool in the UEFA Super Cup.

We played 4-1-4-1 and they 4-4-2, they were more active and dangerous team at the first sight but it’s about goals and we scored the only one goal of the match in the sixth minute of the stoppage time and we won 1-0.

BFC Siófok v Liverpool_ Match Review

As I mentioned earlier we finished third in the Champions League Group Stage after we won the trophy in the last season. How? Easily, we were not good enough to beat other teams.

We were with Bayern, Monaco and Hajduk Split in the group and we won only one match and tied five times. We beat only Bayern away and the rest was shit.

We only tied with Bayern at home in the last game of the group stage and Hajduk beat Monaco and moved to the second place.

stažený soubor (1)

That meant we were transferred to the Europa League Knockout Stage.

Domestically, we were alright. We progressed in the domestic cup and we dominated in the league. Not in the same way as last season when we won all 33 matches but still, we only managed to draw five matches and won the rest.

We have more injuries than in previous seasons. We lost the main striker Bence Kovács for four months, Dominik Szoboszlai missed the last month of the season due to injury and some of the other key players had also injury issues.

Despite that, we won our 15th league title in a row and mentioned Dominika Szoboszlai had one of this best seasons in our jersey as he was the best-rated player of the league despite he is 35 years old.

OTP Bank Liga_ Overview Profile

Europa League was quite funny competition after many previous years in Champions League as we faced different teams except Atlético Madrid.

We comfortably beat Celtic and Lazio and progressed also over Atlético. Probably the hardest opponent was Steaua Bucuresti in the Semi Final as we won 1-0 at home in the first leg.

The reply match was goalless until the last minute of the game when the referee decided he wanted to run around the pitch for more 30 minutes and Steaua levelled the score from a penalty kick. I made a substitution and sent Tibor Langó to the pitch and he scored our only goal and levelled to 1-1.

We made it to the final and faced Villarreal. It was a boring final but we won it. Péter Vörös who was mentioned above in the part about transfers was the man of the moment as he scored the winning goal in 75th minute.


Except for UEFA Super Cup, we also won the FIFA Club World Cup as we beat Wydad Casablanca 3-0 and Corinthians 1-0 in the Final.

Screenshot_4 (1)

You can already see we didn’t win a domestic cup as we were defeated in the Final. It was the last match of the season and we didn’t have an easy job to select starting XI.

Victim of your own success again.

– Ed Wilson

The reason is very simple.

Thirteen players from the senior squad, mainly from the starting XI, left the club for international duty to be ready for upcoming EURO 2036.

We had to move 8 players from the Under 19 squad, two of them were in the starting XI and six on the bench.

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We played against Diésgyöri and they had no player in some national team. They were 3-0 up after 28 minutes and despite Dragoslav Perisic scored two goals in the second half we lost 4-2 as Diot and Teodorescu scored a brace.

It was our only one defeat during this season. In the last match of the season.

stažený soubor (2) (1)

I was pleased with the commercial summary at the end of the season as we earned a new sponsorship worth €17M.

stažený soubor (3)

You can see there is a decrease of prize money from competition what is logic because we left Champions League after the group stage and prize money for Europa League are not too high in comparison with Champions League.


But we can compensate for it with outgoing transfers during the summer. We had 32 players on-loan this season, two-thirds of them were foreign players and there is a time to decide which of them will be sold.

Bodajk Futball Club Siófok_ Finances Summary

Current squad and stats from the 2035/2036 season…

Screenshot_5 (1)
Screenshot_6 (1)

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