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The season 2034/2035 in my Football Manager 2018 save with BFC Siófok was absolutely mental. Domestic double winners including 33 league victories in 33 matches and the Champions League trophy.

It was the most successful season of this save so far, especially as I still playing mainly with domestic players, my own players and also with my virtual son who is not the best newgen you have ever seen in FM but it’s my son. He will play until the end. Father’s protection.

My usual “way” how to play FM save is about to play with young players and usually with my own young players plus some experienced players. I’m also very bias about domestic players, I like to have around 90% players from the nation where I play.

That’s probably also the reason why I didn’t use the scouting system in FM18 so much until now. I let my Chief Scout or Director of Football decide about scouting assignments and to be honest, I didn’t need to buy too many players because I was concentrated more on domestic young players and I followed some foreign leagues and competitions via Screen Flow.

But I decided to change, have a fun with scouting and because my club is financially absolutely in a different universe in comparison to other Hungarian clubs I decided to invest more when I will find better players.

Change of direction? Not needed

If you follow this my save you know I had a great Argentinian newgen Gerardo Paolacci who scored 100+ goals during two seasons and he moved to PSG for €55M after I bought him for €5M.

I have or had other very good players from Argentina, we also had various newgens from Argentina during this save. Some of them were deported back to South America but for example, Luis Somodi is with us from 2031 and he developed into a quality left defender.

Luis Somodi_ Overview Profile-2

Other current Argentinian players in the squad…

My love for these determined, driven or resolute  boys was the reason why I decided to concentrate one of our paths to this country.

  1. I had to decide in which countries we will be most active. From the logic of this save, I decided to concentrate on Argentina, Brasil, Eastern Europe, Hungary and there will be also one random country.
  2. Hire new scouts ⇓
  3. Go to Staff Search and edit search. I like to include Nation Knowledge Level to be sure he is really well known about the nation. 
  4. Try to find scouts in terms of these conditions for all countries you want. I, for example, hired these two for Argentina and Brasil.
  5. When I had all scouts I wanted I took control of Scouting Responsibility. 
  6. Create Assignments is very easy and I’m sure I don’t need to show you how to do it. You can make it via the list of your scouts or you can go to specific scout profile – reports – scout assignments and create a new assignment.
  7. One example from my save – scout Corneliu Fulga – he has 100% knowledge of Hungary and Romania. I create a new assignment for him to scout Romanian Under 19s competition and he should report me back players with at least good potential ability. 
  8. I set new assignments to all of my scouts depending on their nation knowledge. Some of the assignments were set for 3 months, some for 6 months and some scouts were set to scout a specific competition or nation without a time limit.
  9. I usually go for additional conditions for Hot Prospects – the age at most 24 and at least good potential ability. What I saw, if I didn’t set some of the additional conditions, scouts reported me back fewer players.

Do you want to see some players I was able to check out after a recommendation from my scouts?

The first player I decided to buy, after these changes, was Argentinian central defender Dario Jara for €8.75M.

Darío Jara_ Overview Profile

Another one is Serbian striker Nemanja Matic who was recommended by my scout with 100% Serbian knowledge. He was bought for €2.75M and I let him on-loan with Partizan until the end of the season.

Nemanja Matic_ Overview Profile

There are other players I currently need to check and decide if I want to buy them or not. And I’m sure there will others in the future…

stažený soubor
stažený soubor (1)

This is not a guide on how to do it. This is only a short post what I changed in terms of scouting responsibility and how I currently enjoy finding the ones. The best players who are lately reviewed if they are good enough for us or better than our own players.

My squad will be always domestic players bias but I decided to have also fun with foreign players.

I’m currently in February 2036, just before the second half of the 2035/2036 season will start.

Some of the first assignments already finished and I have a decent number of players from various nations but mainly from Argentina, Hungary and players from Central Europe region but the last one is mainly for fun because I know not many of these players will join us for low prices.

I will revisit assignments and decide where to go next…

And before the next season, I will set a plan for two or three specific nations and I will additionally load them to be able to find even more players.


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