FM18 | BFC Siófok | 2017 – 2033

Welcome back and feel free to be rude that I didn’t write something about my FM18 save in Hungary with BFC Siófok. It’s been a while and if you already forgot some things from the previous posts I’m sure you will find the circumstances and all the stuff from the save in this post. 

Despite my playing time is sometimes very limited and I catch myself in a big headache because I was unable to play FM for a week or longer it gets always better and I now have more time. That also means I was able to write this post 

The last three posts about this save were dedicated to my national team management as I was in charge of  Under 19 and senior national team.

To be fair I wanted to write a post like this when I was in 2030, just after the World Cup post before next season started. I have no time for writing and as I really like to play the time moved to 2033.

I’m already in the 2033/2034 season but we will talk about the save from 2017 to 2033.

Club development

I decided to divide this post into a couple of parts. The first thing is club development in overall.

We started this save in the second tier and we finished 4th in the table in the first two seasons. We gained 63 points in the first season and 66 points in the second season.


The third season was more successful and we finished 2nd with 71 points and we gained promotion to the OTP Bank Liga. We were, of course, tipped to finish bottom but we secured 5th place in our first season in the top tier as we won 15 matches, drew 10 and lost 8.

We won the league title in the 5th season of the save and 2nd in the top tier. We gained 65 points and we won the league five points ahead of MTK Budapest.

We won the league 12 times in a row now…


Champions League. Our Champions League record is really good. My aims for this competition at the beginning were very clear – earn money and boost coefficient to have group stage spot thanks to the domestic league title.

After the third and fourth place in the first two appearances, we made it to knockout stage ten times in a row including two finals in a row (2029 and 2030) but we lost to Manchester City in both occasions.

You can see Manchester City is THAT team you don’t want to meet. Last six years = eliminated or defeated by Manchester City five times.


New stadium

From the start of the save to 2024, we played at Révész Géza utca Stadium with a 2,500 capacity but the new stadium was built and now we are playing at Siófok Stadium with a 12,374 capacity.


Average attendance could be confusing when you see the numbers before the new stadium as it was higher than a maximum capacity of the old stadium but it’s affected by higher attendances during cup games at bigger stadiums when we were not able to play at home.

It’s been nine years since the new stadium was built and we are almost at the maximum of capacity in terms of average attendance. All Champions League matches are sold out but not all in the domestic league. I still hope we will be able to build a bigger stadium with a bigger capacity.

In comparison to other domestic teams, we have the 8th highest capacity. Ferencváros have 22k, Debrecen 20k and MTK Budapest 19,7k. Only four teams have lower capacity than us.



Same as we developed as a club and we became the strongest team in Hungary  we also improved all the facilities. During the last 16 years, we upgraded Training, Youth, Corporate and Data Analysis facilities to the maximum.


The same applies to Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching.

As the save continued MTK Budapest became our competitive rival.

Our squad personality changed from balanced to very determined due to players intake/recruitment and transfer policy.

You maybe know I set a specific transfer policy before the save started as I wanted to bring only players within a specific area to the club. I followed this way for almost 10 or 12 years but in the last seasons, I decided to not be so strict.

The reason is very simple – I don’t need to buy players from other domestic clubs because I am able to use my own newgens and work with them.

I love to develop my own players so I concentrate on my own kids developing and time from the time I buy foreign young players to develop and sell them after some time.

The  top tier, OTP Bank Liga, moved to 10th place in European competitions ranking during the save what means a big improvement in terms of European Cup places and Hungary have not the only straight way to the Champions League group stage but also the Europa League group stage. The Magyar Kupa is now third most ranked domestic European cup, just behind FA Cup and Taca de Portugal.

Szoboszlai, Benedek, Paolacci and others

Before this save started I created a couple of real-life young players who are in the Siófok “academy” and played mainly with them during the first years + I bought some youngsters from other teams.

As we developed as a club and our finances were better and better we were able to buy better players. One of my aims was to bring Dominik Szoboszlai back home to Hungary. This happened in 2025 and this golden boy became the club captain, national team captain and true hero of BFC Siófok.


You can see in the picture with general club information there is a player among the club legends – György Benedek.

This midfielder is in our club since 2024 when I bought him for €550K from Debrecen as he was on-loan with Csákvári (my affiliate club now btw) and had 19 assists in 25 matches.

He is a very consistent player and he was not in the starting XI only when he was injured or I played with rotation squad. Many talented players left the club because I was sure they will not make the starting XI because of Benedek.

It’s another year of FM when I have some player like this. Last year I had a couple of them during my time with Reading but it’s also quite funny that it’s right midfielder again same as Nichlas Meyer in my FM16 save with AB Copenhagen.


If you follow me on Twitter or you are in my FMSlack channel you probably know I have another player who was a really big star despite he was only two and half years with us.

It was Gerardo Paolacci. Argentinian striker who I bought from Estudiantes de La Plata for €5M in 2030.

He played 112 matches during his time in Hungary, scored 128 goals + 38 assists + 40x player of the match.

In December 2033 he decided he wants to leave and he was sold to PSG for €55M + 30% from next sale. (He doesn’t play too much for PSG but he scored 4 goals in his 6 appearances during the second part of the 2032/2033 season. He still got it.)

As I wrote earlier I’m now self-sufficient in terms of our own young players and I don’t need to spend a lot of money. For example, the transfer history of the last season shows absolutely perfect how this club is working.

We brought several players to the club (mainly youngsters) for €20M and we sold players for €215M. Most of these sold players were foreign players who were in the club for two or three years. They developed in our senior squad or on loan and they were wanted abroad.


There are some of my current stars .


Thanks to players departures, Champions League money and growing sponsorship money we are absolutely self-sufficient in terms of money.

At the end of the 2032/2033 season, we passed €500M in the bank. You can see we have around €400M transfer budget and almost €18,5M wage budget but we spending “only” around €2M on wages.


Rensie Jnr

Another story of this save is connected to a thing you don’t see very often. We all know the possibility to have a son in the Football Manager is real but not many of us had it.

I was the lucky one who has a son in the game. It happened during 2033 Youth Intake. Seriously, I didn’t expect it. I just checked all the newgens, their attributes, traits and other stuff like that.

And during this process, I realised there is Jiri Rensie. Funny thing is the first name “Jiri” is a typical Czech name and my both grandfathers had the same name.

I would like to apologise to all my Twitter followers for this saga…

The young one was almost unable to walk nor play football and one of the first FMSlack reactions was “he is shit”. Yes, he was.

I decided to play him as much as possible and it doesn’t matter if we will win trophies or not. He is trained as Ball Playing Defender, he is tutored by experienced and more determined players and he concentrates on some attributes.

He was already called-up to Czech Under 19 team (spoiler – he is already in Czech Under 21 team during 2033/2034 first part of the season) and he signed a professional contract.

If nothing more this is the exact thing I needed to play this save until the end of FM18. Just only because of him and just only because of my curiosity how he will develop.

As I wrote earlier I’m already in the 2033/2034 season. During the 16 years, I used my favourite 4-1-4-1 formation but also 3-5-2, 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 wide.

Before the current season, I decided to try 4-2-3-1 what I didn’t use for a very long time. We talked about the AMC player role recently in the FMSlack with Diego Mendoza and others as I wanted to know what player role they prefer for this position.

I will continue in this save and I will play as much as I will have a time. I still enjoy it thanks to several things and hopefully, I will also have time to write more frequently in next weeks/months. If I will have I would like to write seasonal posts same as, for example, FMSamo about his Stirling save.

Until then, thank you, everyone, for your continuing support and chat in FMSlack or on Twitter.


A Football Manager addict and lover for many years. You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.

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