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It’s not so long since I presented to you all my FM18 save with BFC Siófok in Hungary. But we already past five years in the game. I decided to not write about every single season as typical save update because I want to enjoy the save itself. I want to play as much as I can and I will write only about some things I will find interesting or summary like this after a couple of years. 

I would like to show you how the club evolved during the five years but don’t expect some huge improvements like a new stadium or wonderkids from every youth intake or £100M in the bank.

Transfers & Recruitment

As you may know, I decided to use specific transfer policy. I decided to scout, search and sign players from the specific area. It applies to young players, regens and also for real players already in the game.

I also created a couple of young players before the game started to have some young players available before regens will be in the game. These players are real as I found them on the Siófok academy website. Some of them are still in the squad and they play some role in the team.

As I’m trying to find players just from some towns around the Balaton Lake I have shortlists and filter to help me with it.

This is the best player I signed so far within the transfer policy. Born in Veszprém the town within the specific area. 

Imre Kiss_ Overview Profile

And this is our goalkeeper number 1 who I signed from Dorogi and he was born in Székesfehérvár.

Ádám Zima_ Overview Profile

As you can see in the picture below I have shortlists with players from every Youth Intake in the game so far. The process is very simple. When I find regens after the Youth Intake from specific towns I create shortlist and scout players until full knowledge.


After the end of each season, I delete scout reports and scout/analyse these players again. Not only players from the last Youth Intake but from all Intakes within the save.

All players who are not good enough are deleted from the shortlists. Thanks to a new scouting centre in the game it’s very easy to delete them as you don’t need to make three or four clicks but you can tick the option “Remove From Shortlist” straight from the scouting report.


As I wrote in the post about the transfer policy my aim is to have mainly domestic players but there is a quota for foreign players as well so I’m able to sign players from different countries too.

To be honest it’s very challenging to find and sign quality players with this transfer policy and as I won the OTB Bank Liga title in the fifth season the main reason was we have some foreign players in the squad.

There is also one thing I started to use very often in the last two seasons. As I mentioned the “Remove From Shortlist” option in the scouting centre there is also option “Offer Trial” if a player without contract appears in the scouting centre as a suggestion or he is offered by the agent for example. 


If you click to Offer Trial and he will decide to join your club he will be there for a one week trial. You can also decide which players appear on this screen. Just go to Staff/Responsibilities/Personal Assistant and you can select All players or Future prospect, Transfer Listed, Unattached or Shortlisted players.

I ticked only Future prospect players so I see players around 15 to 22 years.


During the last season, I signed five players thanks to it. I had around 10 players on trial at the same time, I watched them play for our Reserve/U19 squads and decided to sign them or not.

The first one was Serbian striker who I decided to sign despite he was not as good as you would expect but because of some reason, I thought there is something in him. He was mainly our backup striker but he scored five league goals despite he was only twice in the starting XI and he played usually only a couple of minutes as a substitute. And he scored 4 goals in 7 domestic cup matches.

One thing I like to “use” is to set 20 to Player Knowledge attribute to myself as it really helps to see players attributes faster and it’s easier to identify if the player is or players are good or not. (If you want to read a perfect post about scouting just check this by Oliver Jensen).

There are players I signed thanks to successful trials in the club.

Another story is Elvedin Pajic. I found this Bosnian striker when I watched matches of youth national teams and I scouted him a lot during the 2020/2021 season. I decided to pay €200K for him and he became our best goalscorer in the last season.

He is already wanted by some clubs from Europe, Sint-Truidense showed the biggest interest so far but I rejected all bids because they were too low. But if some our player has potential to bring some cash to our bank thanks to a transfer it’s him.

Elvedin Pajic_ Overview Profile

Club changes

During the five years in the club, I was able to improve Youth and Training facilities to Below Average. So both are still very poor but we don’t have enough funds to improve it more so Board always refused to invest in this area.

We still play at Révész Géza utca Stadium with a 2,500 capacity and I’m really interested if there will be some changes…

We still also have only fairly basic junior coaching and youth recruitment so this is another area we need to improve but same as above Board is strict and they don’t allow me to invest in it.

I would like to have more coaches as well but it will take some time.


During the third season, the club board also asked me if I want to activate II team. I agreed to it so we now have reserve squad and the U19 squad as well. None of them is in the active league but I use a very simple system.

I always arrange friendlies for both teams against bigger sides. Reserve squad has friendlies on Monday so I can make available all players who didn’t play for the first team squad and they have playing time.

Our youth team including around 25 regens play two matches in a week, usually Wednesday and Saturday.

We had Gyor as our senior affiliate club at the start of the save but the connection was cancelled because we reached to the top tier and more importantly they were relegated during our first season in OTP Bank Liga.

On the other hand, I was able to get affiliate club and I selected Balatonielle, the small club near Siófok. I play a friendly match during pre-season or mid-season and our reserve team plays with them a lot so it was a logical decision and six players spent the last season there on loan.


I’m wage budget pedant and I really like to keep wages low. At the end of the fifth season, I have €115,245 per month available but we spend €66,616 p/m.

As always the board are happy with my control of wages but…

BFC Siófok_ Finances Summary


We started this save in the second tier and we finished 4th in the table in the first two seasons. We gained 63 points in the first season and 66 points in the second season.

The third season was more successful and we finished 2nd with 71 points and we gained promotion to the OTP Bank Liga.

We were, of course, tipped to finish bottom but we secured 5th place in our first season in the top tier as we won 15 matches, drew 10 and lost 8.


As I mentioned earlier we won the league title in the last season (5th season of the save and 2nd in the top tier). We gained 65 points and we won the league five points ahead of MTK Budapest.

We moved top of the table 5 matches before the end and despite draw and defeat with MTK Budapest in the pre-last match of the season, we were able to stay top and won the league for the first time ever.


In terms of Magyar Kupa (domestic cup), we won it twice in five years. We won the domestic cup in the 2018/2019 season when two clubs from the second tier were in the final.

And we won the cup in the 2021/2022 season too as we beat Puskás Akademia 2-0 in the final.

We also won the Szuperkupa at the start of the 2019/2020 season as we beat MTK Budapest.

After the first domestic cup success, we also appeared in the Europa League – we progressed to the 4th Qualifying Round as we beat Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Basaksehir and lost to Hertha in the last Qualifying Round. We now will have a chance to fight to reach Champions League Group Stage after the title…

Favourite Players

Striker Alexander Pendl is one of my favourite players of this save so far as he is a reliable player. During five season he scored 92 competitive goals.

Alexander Pendl_ Overview Profile

The second player is the first foreign player I signed in this save. It’s a central midfielder Igor Kogut who played for Dnipro and I signed him for a free. He was very important for us and scored 1 goal and made one assist in his debut for example. Unfortunately, he was injured for 6 months during the last season but I have a weakness for him.

Igor Kogut_ Overview Profile

Another player is Imre Kiss which profile I posted earlier in this post.

The last player who deserves special mention is Márk Penteházi who was our best midfielder in the first seasons and he was very important because of set pieces. But he decided to retire from football at the age of 32 after he damaged cruciate ligaments.



If you follow me on Twitter or in my FMSlack channel you probably know I decided to try something different than only my favourite 4-1-4-1.

I wanted to use 3-5-1-1 or 3-5-2. During the second part of our fourth season, I won 5-0 using 4-1-4-1 and my player in WM/A role scored four goals and made one assist. I knew I have a perfect formation to use and it’s strong tactic despite I don’t have that player’s quality as if I would play in a different country or more famous league.

At this time I decided to try to create some other formation even if I will fight against relegation or something like this.

It resulted in two formations I created and as I said earlier they’re 3-5-2 and 3-5-1-1.

If you want to read something very good about 3-5-2 just follow this LINK to Cleon’s website.

Three formations I use in this save… Standard mentality and Flexible team shape all of them.


Thanks for reading as always. If you are interested in something let me know there in the comments section, on Twitter or in my #fmrensie channel in FMSlack.

What is Slack? Read this or ask me and others on Twitter for example.

Take care and enjoy Football Manager 2018.


A Football Manager addict and lover for many years. You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.

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