Fredensborg – Where it’s game over!

After 4 fantastic seasons in Denmark, this journey came to an end with a slight distaste in the mouth.

I have taken an amateur club that played in front of 25 people (and a dog), made them a steady mid-table Superliga side and built a competitive squad with good young players. They now instead of playing on public parkland have a brand new 10,000 capacity stadium and sit comfortably with over £3 million pounds in the bank.

Whilst preparing for the new campaign my scouts and I found 5 players who would drastically improve our squad and in total would cost around £400,000. When asking the board for the money I got told there was no money.

I argued the point that we were well under the wage cap and had cash in the bank, they wouldn’t budge and in doing so reduced my job security rating to Insecure.

That was the final straw, having turned Villareal down in the summer I noticed they had just stayed up by the skin of their teeth and in doing so once again removed their manager. I opened the lines of communication and before I knew it there was an offer on the table.

I handed my papers in and said goodbye to this small town, making sure I dropped a note in at FC Copenhagen to let Solbaaken know I was off to La Liga and to enjoy the long dark winter.

It’s been a great challenge and one in truth I think I  took as far as I could. Thanks to Keysi for letting me blog about it. I am about to start work on a sporting documentary that will take all of my time up so due to work issues this story ends here.

Fredensborg, the Green men of Copenhagen!

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