FM17 | Near Post Corner Kick Routine

If you played Football Manager 2015 or 2016 you probably know there were a lot of goals thanks to Near Post Corner Kick routine. It was very effective to put there your best header and also a player with good off the ball movement attribute and strength guy and he has done the rest. 

As I created some routines during the Football Manager I decided to try this once again too.

My main corner kick routine in FM17 was the short one. This routine was/is very successful in case you have the right players with the right attributes for specific roles on the pitch.

Decisions, crossing, anticipation and more.

As we are here to talk about Near Post Corner Kick routine we also need to check the most important thing within this set piece routine.

  • Near Post delivery instruction for taker
  • Attack Near Post role – Jumping Reach, Strength, Heading, Off The Ball, Bravery, Decisions
  • Challenge Keeper – same as in other routines this role could be beneficial to make it harder for the goalkeeper to reach the area and catch or punch the ball.
  • Near Post Flick On – same attributes as with Attack Near Post. This role could be useful when the first player misses the ball at the corner of the six-yard box.
  • Go Forward – I decided to use two players and you need same attributes as Attack Near Post again
  • Lurk Outside Area – very important player because it’s impossible to take all corners perfectly when you want so this player needs to be prepared to catch second balls. Attributes – Finishing, Long Shots, First Touch, Passing, Technique and Decisions. 
  • Two players are set to Stay Back and you need these players have good Acceleration, Teamwork, Marking, Tackling, Positioning, Decisions.
  • You can also see a player in Stay Back If Needed role but I usually left there the taker so I am able to fill all important roles.
  • And the last role is Attack Far Post. As you will see in the video below this guy is important same as the one around the near post because he is able to finish long cross or flicked ball. You can also try to put this player to Stand On Far Post. You need same attributes and he could make more mess in the penalty area or around the goal line.
Football Manager Near Post Corner
Football Manager Near Post Corner

As you can see in the picture above there is in-swinging cross – that means corners from the right side are taken by left footed played and from the left side are taken by the right footed player.

In the current season, I have two main corner kick takers – Adam Walker and Ilias Masouras. The first one has Corners attribute 12, the second 13. It’s not a perfect value but I think more important are the players in and around the penalty area and their movement, bravery and decisions. Even badly taken corner could result in a goal 🙂

Another thing to takers and their cross delivery – I used these two players as my main takers from both sides so despite the default set-up is the left footed from the right side and vice-versa it could be more variable and more dangerous if they decide to change their sides.

As you can see in video highlights it was perfectly played. Good delivery to the near post, Meredith was at the right place and flicked the ball to the far post – goalkeeper was challenged by other player and was unable to punch the ball – and Palguta finished it with a well-placed header from the far post area.

The second example is the same but a little different…

If you were careful you noticed there was not a player in Near Post Flick On in the first example. In the second we have this player there. I know it looks like there are Siamese twins with the player in Challenge Keeper role but maybe they only like themselves, who knows…

Football Manager Near Post Corner

This time, Masouras was unable to send the ball to near post area but it was not a problem because defender still followed the movement of the Attack Near Post player and one (Collins) of two players with Go Forward role scored with a great header our third goal of this match.

It was an away match against Brentford, we won 3-0 and two goals were scored after corner kicks.

Steam Workshop

If you would like to see some screenshots or if you’re interested in something from my Reading save just let me know and we can talk about it. I’m always happy if someone is interested in something from my save. 

Let me know there in the comments section, on Twitter or in my #mrkeysirensie channel in FMSlack.

Thanks everyone for the continuing support and thanks for reading.

You can find all my published Set Pieces from Football Manager HERE.

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  1. Hello.Is it possible to have a direct download for the near post corner routines instead of the steam workshop?

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  3. Hi Keysi,
    is your routine also working with FM Touch 2018?
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