FM17 | Reading FC | part XXXVII | 2032-2034

Hello, everyone, we have passed another two seasons in the virtual world of Reading FC. If you remember it right we won our 10th Champions League trophy in a row at the end of the last update. That was at the end of the 2031/2032 season. It was a major success but we were very good in next two seasons as well. Let’s take a look.

Transfers 2032/2033

This time we didn’t see some retirements but there were a lot of outgoing transfers. The major one was a departure of midfielder Alonso Cuate to Liverpool for £34M.

As I wrote on Twitter and in my FMSlack channel I decided I will get rid of the foreign players who are not good enough or they don’t have a work permit.

And some of them left the club during this season – Hernández to Real Sociedad, Hansson to ADO Den Haag, Claussnitzer to Leicester or Hakansson to Bologna for a loan with an option to buy.

We send a couple of players to Colchester and Doncaster who are our feeder clubs and I try to help them with a promotion.

Reading FC_ Transfer History

In term of new players in the club, I just only brought one player to the First Team. It’s German midfielder Felix Brust as he was out of contract in Wolfsburg.

Felix Brust_ Overview Profile

Youth Intake 2032/2033

This year’s Youth Intake was very good in my eyes. As I wrote a couple of times in the past I knew almost from the beginning of this save it will turn to the youth development save once because players from the original squad will retire.

I was very pleased with new players from this angle. There the four best of the new young “Royals”.

Peter Meredith, Phil Stanley, Tim Cook and Tom Nicholson. Determined, Fairly Determined, Professional and Professional. Very good personalities.

2032/2033 Summary

This season was another one in which I decided to test a new formation. It was a time when many people wrote on Twitter there are no good wide formations and everyone play strikerless or with the narrow formation.

I decided to try 4-3-3 wide with two wingers and flat midfield trio including two CM/S and BWM/D. It turned into the very good formation and our season was very successful.

It all started with the wins in Community Shield and European Super Cup and our form continued in next weeks and months. Despite we drew in the first Premier League match of the season it was only one of our six draws in the whole Premier League season.

One of the highlights of the first part of the season was a perfect away win against Atlético de Madrid in the Champions League Group Stage.

Atletico de Madrid v Reading_ Pitch Full

The season turned into perfection during the second part as we won EFL Cup, FA Cup and despite the loss to Barcelona in the second leg of the CL Semi Final we made it to the Final once again.

We beat Manchester United thanks to a goal by Adam Walker and we were able to celebrate our 11th Champions League trophy in a row.

We won 32 from 38 Premier League matches and lost any. We gained 102 points, scored 74 goals and conceded only 14 goals. Our goalkeeper Luke Southwood kept 27!!! clean sheets!!!

If take a look at players stats you can see Danny Loader was in a good shape and he scored 33 goals in 48(4) appearances with 10 assists as well. Adam Walker scored 19 goals and made 20 assists from his new position as he played as winger most of the season. Tom Moss scored 13 and made 8 assists from another side.


As I wrote in the last update I try to help with promotion to our two feeder clubs. And Doncaster and Colchester did it this season. They won promotion to the Championship from the first and second place in the table.

It was also thanks to our players who helped with their performances.



Transfers 2033/2034

An another profitable transfer window(s). No new signings. Maybe boring but I didn’t need new players from other clubs…

Outgoing transfers? A lot. Jon Pears to Bordeaux for £4.7M, Fernando Mendes (no old but without the work permit) to Toulouse.

Jon Pears to Bordeaux for £4.7M, Fernando Mendes (without the work permit) to Toulouse, Hunter Granados to Leverkusen for £19.75M – last season in starting XI but it was too good offer if we consider he is from the USA and I decided to build “The UK only Reading”.

Teddy MacDonald was sold to Cardiff for £17.25M after seven years with us. Bought him for £13M from Hull when he was 22 years old. Defender Aaron Humpreys and Stuart Pell went to QPR for £4.9M and £8.25M respectively. I was sure I can play without all of them…

Reading FC_ Transfer History-2

Youth Intake 2033/2034

We were lucky to welcome in the club, other perfect young players. Ray Morgan, Charley Rattle, Andy Wright and Adrian Stump stand out in the latest Youth Intake. Our team personality turned into Very Determined from Professional during the last two seasons.

Btw. Midfielder Ray Morgan will be retrained to the central midfielder position. Look forward how he will develop…

2033/2034 Summary

Community Shield √

European Super Cup √

That was a typical beginning of the new season as we were Premier League and Champions League current holders.

This season we had Schalke, Sporting CP and Red Bull Salzburg in the Champions League Group Stage. After five wins and one draw and 16 goals scored we won the group with 16 points.

We switched back to 4-3-1-2 formation for most of the season and it was fun to watch. We didn’t lose a single match during this campaign and we won all the trophies once again. We beat Arsenal in the EFL Cup Final after extra-time and we beat the same opponent in the FA Cup Final, this time after penalties.

There were matches against St. Mirren, Schalke and Real Madrid in the knockout stages of Champions League and we only drew with Real Madrid in the second leg.

Same as last year we met Manchester United in the Final and same as last year we won 1-0 thanks to a goal by Adam Walker who scored in the 90+2 and United missed a penalty in the 65th minute as they played without Goncalves fro the 49th minute after second yellow card.

CL 2033-2034

What about the Premier League? We were even better than last year as we won 33 matches and 5 matches ended with a draw. We gained 104 points and set a new record.

The individual performances this season was not too good. It was team’s success. Loader was hit with another injury and didn’t play too much.

Adam Walker was the best player of the season with 17 goals and 18 assists. His value raised to £61M. But my favourite player of this season was Hélder, our own Brazilian regen who is still only 20 years old and his value is £51M.

Helder_ Overview Profile-2

Our average age at the end of this season was 23.21, the lowest in Premier League. And it will even lower in the next season because three players from the original squad will retire – Josh Barrett, Luke Southwood and Joshua Emmanuel. I’m glad Barrett and Emmanuel will become our coaches.

players 2033-2034

Feeder clubs update – Colchester finished 16th in the Championship table but Doncaster was unable to stay in this competition and they will play in League One once again. Our young players played a good amount of matches but they were unable to help during the relegation battle.

Nevermind, there will be other players who will help with promotion once again.


Reading FC_ Competitions

The last picture shows the stats of this save so far…


That’s all for this part…

If you would like to see some screenshots or if you’re interested in something from this save just let me know and we can talk about it. I’m always happy if someone is interested in something from my save. 

Let me know there in the comments section, on Twitter or in my #mrkeysirensie channel in FMSlack.

Thanks everyone for the continuing support and thanks for reading.

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