Fredensborg – Season 4 drips to an end!

It’s been a fabulous first season in the Superliga but the last 10 games were drawn out into a disappointing end. A very quick recap of the remaining 3 months in Denmark.

On the results front my school report would say ‘Tries very hard but more needed to reach the next step in his education’.

We weren’t as bad as the graphic above, in fact, we deserved so much more but week after week we struggled to take our chances and let a lot of late sloppy goals in.


However, it hasn’t all been bad. Since season one FC Kobenhaven and Stalle Solbakken have done their best to belittle this club we are building. I haven’t hidden my dislike for the manager and a win in the penultimate game of the season would end their title hopes.

Fredensborg 2-1 FC Kobenhaven

Kiss My Face!!

Mads Falck broke the deadlock before Daniel Stuckler made it two with barely 30 minutes played. We controlled the first half like we, not the visitors were the biggest and most dominant side in Danish football, then the second half started and we reverted to type.

We conceded early and did our best to hold on. Kobenhaven kept knocking at the door and in the 88th minute scored to level it up, Stale Solbakken the visitor’s manager was on the pitch celebrating when he noticed the flag was up and the goal disallowed.

One of the sweetest moments of my career to date was shaking his hand at the final whistle knowing we had stopped them winning a 5th league title on the trot.

So that’s that, another season completed. I have to say its a better finish than I had hoped for 9 months ago. I also now know a little more about the structure of the Danish Superliga, If I had missed out on a top 6 in the league split up, I could have still challenged for a Europa League spot by winning the relegation group.

Couple of things I want to mention:

Samson Iyede has had a great year with us, 9 goals in 13 starts. We have a clause in the deal where as we can pay just £16k and make the deal permanent. As his loan ends I ask the board to go and get the deal done but apparently £16k is too much money for us to spend.

The club has around £2,700,000 in the bank and yet they won’t part with a poultry sixteen thousand pounds. I stopped short of resigning but my job security has plummeted slightly after storming out of my post season appraisal.

My other worry is recruitment. We have cobbled together great sides that have seen us move from the bottom of the bottom into the top flight over 4 fantastic seasons. In each year players have come on board and taken us above where we could have ever dreamed of being.

But now the question is how do we kick on again, the board won’t allow us to have the money we need, youth team hasn’t provided anything really and some of the experienced campaigners are beginning to flag.

All this and a move into the new stadium (I hope the seats are green) means it could be a busy summer.


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