FM17 | False Short Corner Kick Routine

Some time ago I wrote a post about things I do before every pre-season in Football Manager for One of them was Set Pieces and theirs review after the end of the season. 

I wrote about my successful Short Corner Kick Routine a couple of months ago on my blog and this routine is still very effective. As my save with Reading continues I like to try new formations and things in overall. I also decided to create a new Corner Kick Routine called “False Short Corner Kick Routine”.

Why False? It’s very simple because I use one of my player in “Offer Short Option” position so it looks like short corner kick routine at the first sight.

The setup of this routine is very simple but various as well because instead of short pass to player nearby I want “Mixed” corners.

“This will instruct corner takers to keep their deliveries varied and not stick to any one particular strategy.”

What positions I use in this routine?

  • Offer Short Option
  • Attack Far Post
  • Challenge Keeper
  • Go Forward – 3 players
  • Lurk Outside Area
  • Attack Ball From Deep
  • Stay Back – 2 players

Because I set up “Mixed” delivery I decided it doesn’t matter if corner taker is left or right footed. As I said I want my corners various in this example.


So we have a couple of default scenarios how corner can be taken.

  • Typical short routine with one-two with player who offers short option
  • Cross to rest of available areas – near & far post, penalty spot & 6 yard box

What I saw the most used are penalty spot and near post but that’s why I use positions outside the penalty area.

Football Manager Corner

If a cross is delivered to penalty spot or 6 yard box there is always chance our player with Attack Ball From Deep role could be able to score. The player with Lurk Outside Area is very important as well because his main aim should be to get second balls.

And if opponent’s defense clear the ball back to a side from which corner was taken a player who offered short option is able to collect a ball and made another cross or shoot.

This is very often if you don’t have enough strong players in positions inside of penalty area and most of your corners are cleared out by defenders.

I have three examples of goals with this routine. The first one is a little affected because there is no player in “Offer Short Option” role as we were down to ten men in this match but the rest of the setup is good and it ended with a fantastic volley goal.

The second example is from the game against Bournemouth and it was another various realisation of this routine.

There is also one thing what I don’t like as I wrote a note to the picture – player with “Lurk Outside Area” is too high and out of his position but maybe thanks to it taker decided to cross the ball to the far post and central defender David Christie scored a great goal by the header.

The last example is from Champions League Semi Final 2nd leg against Arsenal. We won the corner kick just in the first minute of the match and its great example of a corner I wrote above.

Taker delivers corner to penalty spot but the ball is cleared back to the same side and player who offered short option collected the ball in the corner of the penalty area.

Some Arsenal players are on their way to attack my player but he very cleverly decided to make a cross to the far post where is a player with “Attack Far Post” role, he beats his defender and scored the only one goal of the match.

I always like to check if some of my players have better attributes for set pieces than last year or half a year. It’s one way how you can improve your set pieces because you have a better taker for corners for example.

As you rotate squad during the season it’s also possible there are changes in specific roles in routines as players changing the roles within formation – for example, if you use CMR and CML and you change these players between them they also switch their roles during set pieces and both of them could have different attributes for specific role during routines.

I recommend to check set pieces more during the whole season due to reasons in the previous paragraph but during the pre-season, it’s good time to try some new routines as well and work on them.

Don’t worry we’re almost over with this piece. Just only one my personal recommendation for you all:

Be sure you select the right players for right positions/roles. Don’t be lazy and take your time with the selection. If you add a player with Jumping Reach attribute 3 and Bravery attribute 2 to the Challenge Keeper role you can’t expect he will do what you want. 

If you add a player with Jumping Reach attribute as your main man for example to Attack Near Post and you want to deliver your corners to Near Post, you can’t expect you will score most goals from it. 

Football Manager Corner

Steam Workshop

If you would like to see some screenshots or if you’re interested in something from my Reading save just let me know and we can talk about it. I’m always happy if someone is interested in something from my save. 

Let me know there in the comments section, on Twitter or in my #mrkeysirensie channel in FMSlack.

Thanks everyone for the continuing support and thanks for reading.

You can find all my published Set Pieces from Football Manager HERE.

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  1. Mixed distribution for the win! I definitely agree with the idea behind the mixed distribution, the players are usually smart enough to figure out who is left open.

    1. I like it’s more various instead of one type of delivery all the time. Will use it more in the future if nothing will change in set piece creator 😉

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