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Hello everyone, welcome back to the virtual world of Reading FC. If you read the previous parts of my Football Manager 2017 save with this English club you know I won the Champions League for the fifth time in a row in the 11th season. 

I also wrote about the development of players from the original squad as some of them reached their thirties.

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I still enjoy this save and as I said in the interview with Angél Bastardo in Slivovice Set Piece I’ll stay there until FM18 for sure. But despite that or maybe because of my enjoyment of this save I decided not to write a new post immediately after the end of another season.

I will take you “on tour” of what happened in the months and years I played. You can also find more actual info in my FM Slack channel “mrkeysirensie”.


As I thought we reached our peak after the fifth Champions League title and due to my way to play with players from the original squad I was very boring in the transfer market once again.

We signed only two young midfielders during this season in a total of £1M. Jason Ruffels and Arlen Reece are prospects from West Ham and Birmingham. They were added to the First Team and played mainly for our reserve squad and a loan spell in next seasons is possible.

We earned £11.5M thanks to transfers this season. Striker Paul Rimmer moved to Huddersfield; midfielder Glen Barber to Bristol City; Adam Walker for another loan in Wolfsburg; long-serving midfielder Lewis Forman to Hannover; promising midfielder Huw Misbah to Celtic for loan and many other loans…

Of main outgoing loan was a departure of midfielder John Swift in January as he wanted to leave for a new challenge. He decided to go to Sc Heerenveen for a half-year loan and to be fair, it was emotional to me to lost him but I understand to it.

The second departure of a player from the very beginning of the save was a loan of central defender Jack Lee. Same reasons as Swift but he moved to Almería.

Reading Football Club_ Transfer History
2027/2028 Transfers Summary

What about results in this season? We had a very sheepish start to this season as our form was somewhere around Hampden Park where last Champions League Final was played. 

Despite we started a new season with a win in Community Shield and European Super Cup over Manchester City and Liverpool respectively, our Premier League form was bad.

We stupidly lost matches with Watford or Bournemouth or tied with Southampton and West Ham despite only because we were too comfortable and inconsistent.

results 2728-1We were around the sixth or seventh place in the table before Christmas. The positive thing was our qualification from Champions League Group Stage once again.

At the start of December, we lost to Tottenham 2-4. It was the right slap for us. And it was our last defeat until April 11th when we lost to Barcelona in the Champions League Quarter Final second leg. 

Yes, we moved to the third place in the Premier League, we won the EFL Cup for the 7th time in the last 8 years and thanks to fantastic form since the December we lost only two matches.

Danny Loader, Liam Kelly and Josh Barret were absolutely fantastic and thanks to their performances, goals and assists we made it to the FA Cup and Champions League Finals once again.

results 2728-2In the FA Cup, we beat Manchester City after penalties. We were 2-0 down after 39th minute but we levelled the score and four City players missed the target in the shootout. It was our 6th FA Cup win in the last 7 years.

Our sixth Champions League Final in a row was probably the easiest one. Imagine. Reading FC play against PSG in the Champions League Final and their coach will tell you during the press conference “it was too easy”. But yes, it was.

We were dominant and despite PSG equalised to 1-1 after the half-time we scored five perfect goals in the second half and we won 6-1. Our sixth Champions League trophy in a row. Absolutely fantastic achievement.

(If you want to read analysis of this match, check this article by @FMAnalysis at The Higher Tempo Press website).

Paris Saint-Germain v Reading_ Pitch Full

  • In other news – Danny Loader became the best league goalscorer in the club history with 179 goals. At the end of the season, he had 194 league goals (192 in PL + 2 in Championship)
  • I decided to make Doncaster Rovers as our new affiliate club for our young UK players and we will send them for loan spells as they will have the option to play on League one level.
  • Liam Kelly decided to end his international career after 56 appearances for Ireland, scoring 20 goals.
  • Manchester City and Manchester United became our “Competitive” rivals.
  • Nacho Monreal (click to name see his profile) became our new Director of Football.
  • After FIFA Club World Cup win Keysi Rensie moved to the 1st place in the world Hall of Fame.


New season, same old team? Not really. Central Defender Jack Lee decided to make a permanent transfer to Besiktas after nine years in the club. John Swift wanted to leave once again after loan in Heerenveen so he moved to Swansea for another loan.

Defender Karel Ditmar moved to Atalanta for 1.7M as he was unable to get work permit same as striker Ernst Klar who was transferred to Sevilla for 5.75M. Both with profit in a total of 5M.

Young midfielders Jason Ruffels and Arlen Reece, both bought last season, went on loan to Doncaster where they will be key players.

Our own regen Jan Cvancara and Czech national team player left our club to Wolverhampton Wanderers for 26.5M (up to 33M). It’s club record transfer fee received. And striker Antony Molloy went on loan to Betis.

In terms of new signings we bought young Dutch striker Mitchell Winter from Vitesse -> loan in PEC Zwolle. We also bought Swedish midfielder Tom Svensson from Fiorentina -> loan in Parma.

And the last signing is midfielder Semih Karaca from Real Sporting Gijón who played three years from Bolton so he had no issues with the work permit and I decided to keep him in the First Team and give him some playing time.

The winter transfer window was sad for me as one of my favourite players, right defender Tennai Watson, decided he wants to leave for a new challenge and he was not willing to discuss it.  He wanted permanent transfer but he went on loan to Zaragoza until the end of the season. Same as Alfredo Acuna who went to Betis.

I decided to buy young Scottish striker Allan Muir and he was sent on loan to Portsmouth immediately. And that’s all our business in this season.

Allan Muir_ Overview Profile

Reading Football Club_ Transfer History-2

We started this season with 4-3-1-2 formation once again but I knew I will change something during the long year.  At the start of the season, there were again two cup matches and we won Community Shield after a 2-2 draw and successful penalties over United.

We started this season with 4-3-1-2 formation once again but I knew I will change something during the long year.  At the start of the season, there were again two cup matches and we won Community Shield after a 2-2 draw and successful penalties over United.

European Super Cup was played in Coimbra this year and we beat Chelsea 2-1. That meant another two trophies at the beginning of the season.

The first half of the season was very good despite defeats by Manchester United, West Ham or Manchester City in the Premier League. We also lost to Barcelona in the Champions League Group Stage but we beat them 2-0 at home in the last match of the group and we move to the first place.

We only lost points with Southampton and Cardiff after two draws but you can see many green dots in the results screen bellow. We also beat BATE 9-0 in the Champions League Group Stage and set a new record of the club. 

We also played the FIFA Club World Cup and after wins over ES Tunis 3-0 and 1-0 over Corinthians we were crowned champions once again. To be fair, I gave some playing time to backup players as this competition is not much important to me.

Reading Football Club_ Senior Fixtures

January was a good month as we beat Chelsea in the EFL Cup Semi Final and progressed also in the FA Cup. And during this time I decided to change or try a new formation. Not too much different but it was a change.

I decided to drop shadow striker to DM slot and changed almost all player roles so we started to use 4-1-3-2 formation with a limited amount of team instructions. I will write about the formation later in next post so don’t worry you will miss it 😉

Pasted image at 2017_05_08 05_11 PMWe played with it against Southampton at home for the first on 9th February and we won 3-0. I decided to test it also in Champions League against Inter in Knockout stage and we won 2-0 away. Looks good, I thought and kept it.

It resulted in 6 wins and 6 clean sheets in a row. This ended in a match against Cardiff as we were 3-0 up and then conceded after the penalty kick and scored an own goal. But we won 4-2 and our good form continued.

It was another perfect season and after we played all matches in hand we moved to the first place in the Premier League table and we kept this place until the end. We won the Premier League after three years and our goalkeeper Luke Southwood kept 20 clean sheets in 38 league matches.

Premier League_ Overview Stages
Premier League 2028/2029

The end of the season offered also two finals. We beat West Ham on penalties in the FA Cup Final and we played with Manchester United in the Champions League Final. It was our 7th Final in a row and after the boring match against United, we needed another penalty shootout.

  • Loader scored!
  • Busquets missed! 1-0
  • Emmanuel and Jesus scored. 2-1 to Reading
  • Fuck… MacDonald missed, Alaba scored. 2-2
  • Cooper and Escobar scored. 3-3
  • Barrett and Marciano scored. 4-4
  • Cuate and Kameni as well. 5-5
  • Carpenter! 6-5
  • Hackett scored. 6-6
  • Fogden to 7-6!
  • !!! Southwood denied Sagara! Reading won the shootout 7-6!!!

2593587a24ca09430a114464c1ea5c32 (1)

Reading v Manchester United_ Overview Overview
Champions League 2028/2029 Final
Reading Football Club_ Senior Fixtures-2
Results of the 2nd half of the season

As it stands we won seven trophies in a single season once again. There will be sad end of this season as two of my players decided to end their careers – captain Jordan Obita (35y) and striker Dominic Samuel (35y).

I expect other players from the original save will want to leave for a new challenge maybe but I will do my best to keep them in our club.

Reading Football Club_ Competitions-2

As you can see in squad screen there is, for example, young Portuguese defender Fernando Rodrigues. He was a member of last year’s Youth Intake and he was promoted to the First Team after departure or Tennai Watson at the end of January when another right back Joshua Emmanuel played Africa Cup of Nations so this 16 years old defender played five Premier League matches.

Keeper Luke Southwood played most matches (61), Loader scored 31 goals, Walker 21 and Saunders 20. Liam Kelly scored 19 and made also 15 assists, another great season from this little magician.

Squad 2028_2029

In terms of club facilities – we have Top youth facilities and State of the art training facilities so we have the best options for developing our players. Finances are great as we have £670,616,413 in overall balance at the end of this season.

I have a £308M transfer budget and £5,2M wage budget for next season (£2,6M under the wage budget right now). But will I need it?

Thanks everyone for the continuing support there, on twitter or in FMSlack. I use my own channel there called “#mrkeysirensie” and I decided recently I will write a new post about Reading save (the typical season summary) not after every season. I want to enjoy the save more so you can try more regular updates in the FMSlack.

If you want to join us, let me know here or on Twitter where you can also find the invitation link from @FMSamo.

Feel free to ask about save if you are interested in something…

Thanks for reading!



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