Fredensborg – Where Division 1 football WILL be played!

There are a few quotes in football that people remember. Take for instance Kevin Keegan’s glorious ‘I would love it if we beat them’ rant. Well it appears my ‘We can’t fail to win this title’ has made that list.

After cruising through 8 months of the campaign three things have happened.

  1. Having heard my quotes the players all want new deals to become actual paid players.
  2. The performance levels have dropped by around 30%
  3. Leeds United chose a different manager and then publicly belittled me saying I was never on their radar. (I will one day have my revenge).

First game of this update was against FC Svendborg, a side with only 3 wins to their name and a team we should have steamrollered. 

Fredensborg 0-1 FC Svendborg

One of the poorest performances I’ve laid witness to, we looked lethargic and even though we created enough chances to win the game we were a shadow of our normal selves.

Aarhus Fremad another side struggling in the league were up next and once again we weren’t at the ball game and fell behind. This time we struggled to a 2-1 victory thanks to a late winner from Jimmy Mayasi. Things were definitely not right.

Something needed to change, more teams were approaching the club for my services and the players who had done so well this campaign were now themselves getting tapped up for moves. We offered a few semi-pro deals out to key players and promised others would get theirs once the season ended.

Sometimes a bit of money can turn frowns upside down.

Fredensborg 5-1 Vejgaard

The boys were back and delivered a crushing win. Mads Falck who has been superb this year nets his 18th and 19th goal of the season, he has thrived playing just behind the front two.

Im going to consolidate the final 10 games into a quick update as there was no suspense or final day twists, quite simply we were too good.

Fredensborg went on to blow away the rest of the league by winning 9 of those remains 10 matches, drawing the only other game.

final fixtures
We broke nearly every team record, most wins, highest points, most goals scored and least goals conceded in the leagues history. It wasn’t only team awards though as Mads Falck broke the clubs records for most assists, most goals and most man of the match awards.

title win

So now we look to the future, half the squad is wanted by clubs higher up the food chain both here and abroad, I’m not sure how we can compete. Taking time out to look at the two teams who had been promoted last season showed just how tough it was going to be, Avarta had won just 6 times and finished rock bottom with Naesby finishing just two places higher. 

To compete we would need to not only keep our better players but bring in players with similar attributes if not higher. Players like Jimmy Mayasi, Mads Falck, Anders Nielsen and Eric Nissen must be kept if we are to fight relegation. And what should I do about Alfred Austin, out for the next 7 months with injury but out of loyalty should I offer him a new deal.

All of this with a club £10k in the red, offering very little in terms of a wage budget and a loyal crowd of 94 spectators.

Should be fun……



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