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Throw-Ins. My most favorite set piece during Football Manager 2016 when I created some lovely Routines which worked perfectly. You know I really like set pieces in overall but Throw-Ins is probably my favorite because it could be very dangerous for your opponent if you can play it well. 

You can find other set pieces for FM17 or FM16 in this category.

Same as with another set pieces very important is to have the best-suited players for each role on the pitch.

Not only the taker – for long throw-in with higher Long Throws attribute for example – but also the rest of the players should have their attributes perfectly suited for their role.

Throw-In types

  • You can choose from four types of Throw In – Long, Short, Quick and Mixed.
  • The Long Throw In is great to use when you have some player with Long Throw and it will be more effective if he has “Possesses Long Flat Throw” as a preffered move.
  • The Short option of Throw In is good to use when you play with slower tempo or your team is wasting time more often.
  • The Quick Throw In is great when you play with a high tempo style or if you want to play fast. It could be a good weapon when some opposition player is unable to mark your player and I always to use this option when I play for counter-attacks.

I created long, short and quick routines last year but in FM17 I use only the short and long one. I did not have success with quick routine so far as my team lost the ball 4 times from 5 throw-ins in average.

The taker always send the ball to the opponent as other players was unable to be at their places. It was too fast for them and then it was dangerous for our team of course.

Long Throw-In Routine

We all know this Routine and most of us know that you have to have taker with high Long Throws attribute.

I made a changes from the last year version. There is only one player at “Near Post”. I always put there one of my strikers (as I play with 4-3-1-2). In my Reading FC save I’m lucky that both of my left/right backs have good long throws attribute so I can set them as takers.

It’s easier for me as I like to have full/wing backs as takers of throw-ins because they will stay at their side where they play and some other players do not have to leave their area.

Two players stay back – mostly central defenders. You can say that I should put central defenders to penalty area because of their heading skills but I do not use this routine primarily like others – long throw to penalty area, battle for ball and maybe some scramble before goal.

I want my players to find player at near post or at the place on the side and this player has to pass the ball outside of the box or make a cross into the six yard box where are other players. It’s not focused just only for long ball to the penalty area.

But it’s great if there is long throw around half-line and one of our midfielders or central defenders receive long throw and make a pass to the other side. It may accelerate the game.

Football Manager Throw-In

Four players are in penalty area (Go Forward) and there are always central midfielders, attacking midfielder and right/left back – depends from which side throw-in is.

For me, the most important player is the one with Lurk Outside Area instruction. He can receive ball straight from the taker and shoot or create chance for other player.

Football Manager Throw-In

He can stop counter attack after bad throw-in attempt.

He can help to other player who offer short option to the taker and he can wait for pass from some player in penalty area and shoot. Just like this …

Football Manager Throw-In

…or this what is my favourite one during FM17 so far.

The most common type of goal or scoring chance after this set up in my save is this example. Long Throw to penalty area or around this place to striker who then find the player outside/around the area and he shoots with his first or second touch.

Short Throw-In Routine

The second Routine is the Short one. It’s really easy to analyse what type of routine my team use in matches as you can take a look at some screenshots bellow…

Football Manager Throw-In

The main goal with this routine is to create goal scoring chances in or around the penalty area. It’s focused on combination and patient play.

As you can see there are again two players who stay back and our right defender is the taker of the set piece. One player is set as Lurk Outside the Area and one to Near Post.

It’s only the name of the role, if there is throw from deeper are this player is of course on the side and not at near post every time.

Three players go forward to the penalty area and the main change is tha two players offer short option to the taker.

In our example bellow Watson takes the throw and Swift and Anderson offer short option. Player with number 38 (Liam Kelly) should be more close to the taker but nevermind.

If you take a look at the movement of George Evans (Lurk outside Area) his movement is not 100% ideal as well as he goes forward to the penalty area at the start of the play but it was paradoxically his advantage because opponent’s player left his area and let Evans unmarked when he moves back outside of the penalty area.

As ball is in play, Anderson keeps the ball and he can pass it back to Watson or to Swift who moved more to the centre of the pitch or to the penalty area.

He decided to find one of the three players in the box. And after quick passes they found unmarked Evans and he scored with perfect shot.

There are many options how to deal with short throws as it always depends on players who offer short option.

I always try to put there players with high attributes of Decisions, Dribbling and Passing. But the Decisions attribute is the most important in my eyes because these players have to decide what they will do next.

This action did not end with a goal but it’s the perfect example of how fast the player (Byrne) has to think and decide what he will do.

There are many bad attempts of course. Same like with Free Kick or Corner Routines but I think these two routines work very well for me and I’m happy how it goes.

I’m not that precise person who would check every single Throw-In but if I have to give some recommendation it would be this – be sure you have right players in right roles/positions. If you will have central defender as player who offer short option there is risk he will loose ball or he will make a bad pass if he has not good enough attributes for this role.

If you set player with low attribute of Long Throws you can be sure 4 from 5 long throw-ins will be cleared by opponents or this player will deliver ball straight to the opponent’s player. And then you will have to defend counter attack. Trust me, I tried it 🙂

Same as in the previous version of the game I really miss more choices/roles on the pitch. You are not able to set player to the far penalty area corner or attack goalkeeper like in corner set up. It’s strange mainly if you consider there could not be offside after throw-in so that would be another option how to beat your opponent.

One last thing – It annoys me there are no stats “Goals from Throw-Ins” in Football Manager same as “Goals from Corners/DFKs/IFKs” in League Stats screen. It’s still very underrated set piece…

However, this is the end of this article about my two Throw-In Routines and we should be glad we can create at least these routines… I’m sure you will find some GIFs or videos of goals on my Twitter account in the future.


If you want to download these Throw In Routines the link is bellow. You have to put files to this directory: C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\set pieces. In game you have to go to Tactics/Set Pieces/Throw Ins and Load Routine(s).

The game will rotate your routines during the matches automatically.

Thanks for reading, @FMRensie.


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