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Well, you know I’m a little bit afflicted on Set Pieces. I love them from my childhood. Always love to remeber times when I was a schoolboy and my father was a member of coaching staff of my youth team in our small town.

We always tried to create new set pieces together with him and some of my teammates and we gave them names after our favorite girls from school.

It was very funny when we played match and some of us shouted a random female name before throw-in or free kick and the opponents had no idea what’s going on. We all knew what routine we use when we shouted “Zuzana”, “Tereza” or “Petra”.

In the Football Manager world we are able to create up to three Routines for Throw-ins, Free kicks or Corners and I tried to create some during FM16 time and I try to create some with the new version as well.

During my life I was always the taker of Set Pieces so I know what is good and what I can expect from opponents in different situations. This is probably the reason why I’m not happy with the limited options in Set Piece creator in FM.

Despite that we are not able to place more than one player in some positions you can create some successful Routines.

I created another Free Kick Routine – the Short one. This routine could become a magic if you have suitable players for the most important role(s) on the pitch.

Football Manager Free Kick

There is a taker, of course 🙂 Which other roles are there?

  • Stay Back – 2x – for the basic reason if we lost the ball after bad attepmt.
  • Stay Back If Needed – 1x.
  • Go Forward – 2x – centre backs with good attributes of Jumping Reach, Heading or Strenght.
  • Disrupt Wall – 3x – players who are moving around the wall or stay with the wall.
  • Stand With Taker – the most important role for this Routine.

The most important attributes by SI for the Stand With Taker role are Crossing, Dribbling, Passing, Technique, Anticipation and Decision.

They really are. But I think I’m not the only one who think that very important attributes for this are also Finishing, Long Shots, Concentration and First Touch.

This player has to decide what he will do. If he will cross the ball to penalty area, if he will finish by himself or if he will try to make something else. The most important is he can not lose the ball as there would be counter attack. (watch the gif of bad attempt below)

In our example from my Reading FC save you could se Tarique Fosu decided to make himself famous as he scored beauty goal after shot from outside of the penalty area.

Football Manager Free Kick

You can also see there are no players with Disrupt Wall duty as game probably decided that there is no wall if there are only two players before the taker.

If they were there it could be also very useful for this routine because they can help to the player with the ball with passing or they can make more space to him for shooting or they can make harder view to goalkeeper.

The Routine works great in this occasion as you can see in the video as well but I have to say I don’t have the best suitable players in my Reading squad as there should be better players for Stand With Taker role but I’m sure I will find him or develop him 🙂

In case you will use this routine don’t be afraid there will not be always goal after this routine. You will probably see many free kicks which will be taken and player with Stand With Taker role will make cross or he will pass the ball to another player to the side. If you find the ideal player for it could be like that.

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Thanks for reading, @KeysiRensie.


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  1. Hi,
    can you tell me what’s happened when you have more then one Routine installed? Does the FM then automaticly decide which Routine he will use?

      1. when i load a set piece i only see one on the tactic screen, i have a few saved in my folder does the game just use them, out of the folder?

        1. Nope. Load first one, then click on “Create New Routine” and then you can load the second one. Repeat it with the third one as well and then you will have loaded all three routines.

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