#FM17 | Player & Staff Role Search Filter

There it is! Same like in previous years I made Playr & Staff Role Search Filter for new Football Manager game. I made it mainly for myself but I decided to share it with you again. 

Both of these two filters were downloaded more than 20K during FM16 time as it was shared also via fmscout.com.


Filters contain all Player and Staff Roles including key attributes and positions. There are some new staff roles in Football Manager 2017 like Sport Scientist or Data Analyst and more.

If you click on each role in staff or player you can see the key attributes highlighted but it not happen when you click on new roles so I made filter just only for position not with key attributes.

Neither Sport Scientis nor Data Analyst have any required attributes. Their duties are fulfilled through their presence alone.

Player Role Search Filter DOWNLOAD

Staff Role Search Filter DOWNLOAD


Filters are very easy to install. Download the file -> just drop that file into the following location: C:\User\Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\filters. Create the folder “filters” if it doesn’t exist.

When you load up Football Manager 2017 go to the “Scouting” screen -> “Player search” and click “filter” on the right. Then “manage filters” -> “import”.

Then select the file. You should be able to select filter and see a list of every player roles. All conditions starts at 12 and with Realistic transfers option is ticked. You can easily change this in Show Filters pop-up window.

If you will have any questions about this or some issues, let me know.

Thanks for the support, @KeysiRensie.



A Football Manager addict and lover for many years. You can follow me on Twitter or in Football Manager Slack – #fmrensie channel.

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  1. Would it be possible to put these onto steam as this is my 1st season at having a go at this FM2017. I would be so grateful and because my dad has to do it! (Doesn’t know what he’s doing if I’m really honest. If you could do step by step’s I would be so grateful, He’s of old school and he thinks I’m cheating) Regards Thank You so much. Please don’t reply to email otherwise my dad go mad because I got in his email and sent this would you just put on your page any reply I’d be grateful, still trying to soften up my dad to letting me have an email address! I think you works is good as well as some of the others.

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