#FM17: Custom Screen Views

I was asked about Custom Screen Views for Football Manager 2017 same like for FM16. I always make them for myself but there it is…

Same as last year these views are for 1600×900 resolution as I don’t have a big screen resolution of my laptop. They work great in Full mode and Windowed mode of Football Manager. It also works with “Maximised Borderless Windowed” (with this you will play FM like in Full Screen mode but it’s easier to go to another opened programme like browser or desktop etc.) 

I just only want to say that if you have bigger resolution you can add some more fields. If you have a smaller resolution you probably will not see all fields with this views. There is one very useful tool which can helps to you with column align.

If you click on any column by right-mouse button there will be menu in which you can Insert/Replace or Remove concrete column. But there is also Auto Size This and Auto Size All Columns. It’s useful if you do not want to specify the size of each separately.

Squad Screen View

Squad screen is very important to me and I want to have the most important columns at the first sight there. You will find there Position Selected, Player Status Information, Nationality, Name, Position (General), Morale, Overall Physical Condition, Age, Value, Contract Expiry Date, Wage, Assistant manager’s opinion of this player’s current/potential ability, Goals, Assists and Average rating.

You can add another field very quickly when you click on the “+” at the right end of the screen. But it depends on your screen resolution, there is possibility that added field will not show because there is no space → Download.


NOTE: There is one more Squad Screen View as many of us have issues with “Auto Size All Columns” feature and many fields are not shown as they can’t fit to screen due to resolution.

I just tried to put some fields at the end and just found if you put “Player Status (General)” as the last field it could help to stop enlarging to the right side. If you put some more fields before the player status (general) and make auto size once more it will be sorted out much better. DOWNLOAD.


Opponent Squad Screen View

This view is intended to opponent squad screen. It’s similar as your squad screen but I use other information in concrete fields. There are basic fields like Position, Nationality, Age etc. But there are Apperances, Goals, Average Rating, International Caps & Goals as well. I also added to this screen Transfer Status so you can see at the first sight if some player is listed or not. There are Wage, Value and Contract Expiry Date.

You will there Morale and Scout recommendation. If you scouted some of players you will have Scout recommendation stright in this screen → Download.


Player Search Screen View

This screen I use when I am at all subpages of Scouting screen. You can see at the first sight Scout recommendation, Player Status Information, Name, Position, Club, Nationality, Age, Club, Morale, Condition, Contract Expiry Date, Wage, Value, Squad Status and Personality.

I added also Potential and Transfer Status at the end. You can also see on the picture there are also attributes of Teamwork, Work rate and Leadership. That’s because of my save with Reading. If you don’t want to use just delete it → Download.


Staff Search Screen View

This is equivalent of Player Search Screen View but there is some changes because saved Player Search Screen View is not available to use when you ar at the Staff Search Screen.

I use there these fields – Name, Age, Nationality, Personality, Preferred Job, Club, Club Job, World Reputation, Full/Part Time, Contract Type, Wage, Contract Expiry Date and Coaching qualifications. There are also attributes of Adaptability, Judging Player Ability and Judgind Player Potential → Download.


Pre-Match Screen View/Tactics Screen View

I use same view for these two screens. Because of my resolution there are not big amount of columns but I have the most important there. There are Position, Role and Duty Selected, Player Status Information, Player and info icon, Position, Assistant manager’s opinion of this player’s current ability, Suitability for role and duty, Overall Physical Condition/Match Sharpness and Morale.

In FM17 (same as in FM16) you can hide the pitch with players thanks to a button in the upper part of the pitch so you can add more fields and you will see them after you will hide the pitch → Download.


Schedule/Fixture Screen View

The last screen view is Schedule where you can watch your past matches or next opponents. There are fields Date, Time, Opposition, Competition, TV, Venue, Result Icon, Result, Goalscorers, Attendance and Weather. And that’s all. You can have there another fields like Stadium or Referee but I have not space for them due to a resolution → Download


How to install?

  • Download all screen views or individual screen view
  • Drop file(s) into the following location: C:\User\Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\views.
  • Create the folder “views” if it doesn’t exist.
  • When you load up Football Manager 2017 go to the “Squad” screen -> “View” -> “Custom” -> “Import View” -> Select concrete view and “Load”. Go to “View” -> “Custom” and select imported view. That’s all.
  • Repeat the same process at other screens



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