FM16: “The Academics” – part XXXV – Seventeen years with AB

Hi all, this is the last part of my FM16 AB save. You were able to read the last season summary and story about regen Nichlas Meyer in recent time and this part is about club changes during the long seventeen years with the club. 

We started as semi-proffesional club and ended as the best Danish club and part of the Champions League knockout stages.

the academics default

It all started in 2015 when I took charge of this club. We were semi-professional club in third Danish tier. We have won promotion straight in the first season from 2. division to the NordicBet liga.

We stayed in NordicBet liga for another three seasons before promotion to the Superliga. We finished 7th in the two first seasons in top flight, second in the third season and we won our fist league title in the fourth season in Superliga. There were another nine league titles in next nine years…


When 2015/2016 started club had balance about -£200K. During last seventeen years we made big step forward as we had more than £100M. We had no money for transfers at the start and we had more than £150M before the last season.

Finances_ Finances Summary



At the start of this save we had three coaches including goalkeeping coach and fitness coach and one assistant manager. The coaching team was bigger and bigger during the save including reserve and U19 team.

Before the last season we had 24 coaches for Senior Squad, 5 coaches for Reserver squad and 14 for U19 team.

The most famous coaches during the years were Cesc Fabregas, Dennis Bergkamp, Michu, Thomas Sorensen, Lasse Schöne, Miroslav Klose, Jon Dal Thomasson, Kasper Schmeichel, Urby Emanuelson or Magnus Wolf Eikrem…

There were also two coaches – Nicolai Hogh and Rasmus Hansen. These two players were in the squad at the start of the save and I signed them as a coaches after their retirement.

Save stats, league history and records

I think it’s not needed to write many words about it. The most important thing is that we won ten league titles in a row and 11 domestic cup trophies in overall. We were also twice in the Champions League Semifinal and once in the Europa League Final where we lost on penalties.

During last three seasons of this save we were unbeaten and we finished this save with 131 matches without losing. It was from 13th October 2028 until 9th May 2032. We also have a record of 84 wins in a row.

Superliga past winners 2015 – 2032

During 2024/2025 season we were able to keep 11 clean sheets in a row and we had 108 points from 36 matches in two seasons in a row.

DBU Pokalen past winners 2015 – 2032

As one of the main goal of this save was to produce many our own players and young players in overal I can pleased that during last ten seasons of this save we had more than 15 players in national teams. Mainly in Denmark national teams but there were also players in other european national teams.

We also build a new stadium 19,212 capacity and we build Top Youth Facilities and State of the art Training Facilities.

We produced many young players for the whole country and also sold (too) many players to the bigger european clubs for huge many.

ab rekonstrukce stadionu

Kits history

I created many custom home and away kits for this save thanks to Smart Shirt Designer 2 and there is a small overview…


My stats

Same as players or coaches there was progress by myself during the save. I started with the low attributes and finished with some “20”.




Memorable players & icons

There were many players during this save abouth I could write many words. As I wrote Nichlas Meyer was my most favorite player.

I also want to mention Alexander Tved Hansen. This midfielder came to our club in 2019, became captain for more than ten years and played more than around more than 300 matches.

Sergei Eremenko were great player as I wrote earlier in this post and one of legends is also defender Lars Sorensen who was in our club for ten years and he provided many important assists.

I can’t forget about Thomas Randrup who was in our club from 2016 same as Nichlas Meyer or Martin Hansen who was voted European Golden Boy twice. Goalkeeper William Thorhauge was also great servant for many years despite he was no our no.1 he was patient and reliable.

Players who were in the club for many years had to play the last match of this save in the starting XI. (rounded) It was emotional end of save especially when Nichlas Meyer scored the winner and Lars Sorensen was PoM…


FM16 is over for me and I want to thank you for your support here and on Twitter. It was very good choice as I really enjoyed this save.

If you would like to read all the parts, you can jump here to the Academics save category.

Thanks for reading, @KeysiRensie.



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  1. Bravo and well done! Amazing career you’ve had in Denmark. About that, can you tell me how the Superliga progressed in terms of UEFA coefficient? In which position is now?

    Can’t wait to see what team you’ll chose for FM17.

  2. just read through the posts in this save, fantastic journey! Love your attention to detail and well… that predilection to club romance 🙂 great stuff

    1. Interesting you found this save after a couple of months. I think this will be one of my most favorite save for many years. I really enjoyed to go up not too fast and build everything like I wanted…I will start save like this in the future more than once again for sure 😉

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